Best Tips On Eid-ul-Azha Makeup For Girls In 2020

eid-ul-azha makeup for girls
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Best Tips On Eid-ul-Azha Makeup For Girls In 2020

In this article, I will show you some great makeup ideas and hacks that will help you to become a better artist. Make yourself beautiful and stylish on the big day by following these tips about  Eid-ul-Azha makeup for girls. After reading these tips you will come to know how to use contouring sticks precisely in order to make your nose appear smaller and shorter. You can also make your own liquid highlighter, some concealer mixed with some shimmery eye shadow. You can make the contouring stick for the summer using brown eyeshadow mixed with some melted Vaseline.

Instead of applying glue directly onto your false lashes, apply it on bobby pins. It would prevent it from looking tacky and will make it dry faster. You can clean your false eyelashes by placing them in a bowl file with soap washing up liquid. If you don’t have lipstick color that you like, you can dip your lip balm in some shimmery eye shadow gold, silver, red then apply on your lips.

Beauty Hacks That Will Actually work

How to select the right face foundation, apply long-lasting lipstick and mascara brush? The best makeup hacks show you how to enhance the beauty and to look beautiful. The best makeup hacks on  Eid-ul-Azha for girls are here for you.

Choosing the best beauty products could be a tricky job and require a lot of knowledge, For instance, it is really hard to select the best foundation formula for skin. We have tested various beauty products so you will be able to select the best one. Moreover, you will find the best beauty ideas and cheap recipes about beauty products.

Have you ever known the difference between a water-based foundation and an oil-based foundation? the oil-based foundation contains a lot of components that clog the pores. If you use a water-based foundation it will give your skin to breath.

Cool Makeup Hacks

We prepared a collection of cool makeup hacks that will totally change your looks on Eid-ul-Azha. These are not average makeup tips you know, these tips will help you to look flawless without breaking your wallet.

Top makeup hacks

  • First use a scotch tape is you have overhanging eyelids.
  • Use a tweezer which is the perfect tool to counter your nose.
  • Use a comb to clean your hairbrush.
  • Use micellar water to clean the mascara brush.
  • Teabags are the best treatment to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles. If you are out of face wash, replace it with olive oil.

Best Eye Make Up Tips For Little Girls

We have prepared an ultimate collection of beauty life hacks that you can effectively use at home without hoping to makeup the store! You can find Diy recipes of edible lip balm, an easy to make rose petal mask, and easily contour your nose with a fork to get perfect lines.

We really love making edible candy makeup as you can make the most delicious lipstick and lip balm out candy. Mix juicy fruit candy, orbit mints, vaseline, and food coloring into an open bowl, microwave one minute, and pour this liquid mass into an empty lips balm container.

You can use bottle caps to apply the makeup! don’t you believe us? try these hacks and share the results in the comment section.

If you are makeup sponge is worn off, don’t worry you can replace it with kitchen sponge!

You have so many makeup tools you don’t want to spend tons of money on organizers or they just don’t suit your personal taste? Create a DIY sushi roller organizer for brushes. If you have a huge collection of jewelry, create verticle storage for it!

Ayesha Omar Eid-ul-Azha Make Up Hacks 

Here is Ayesha Omar makeup look with one of the favorite make up artist Arshad Khan. Keep it light, simple and pretty, this makeup look can last you from morning till night and can be jazzed up by adding a darker lip color for the night.

aysha umar makeup

How To Look Beautifull on Eid-ul-Azha

As Eid-ul-Azhais is getting closer, people are doing preparation for this auspicious occasion, purchasing on animals and dresses, and ladies are worried about fashion and styles. Don’t get confused for that I am going to give you a few tips to look stylish, just follow these eid-ul-Azha makeup ideas for you. We have shared a beautiful and Eid special makeup look which is so quick and easy to apply.

Proper Cleansing:

The first step is cleansing before getting start your outer makeup. It is essential to deep clean the skin before makeup, for this do proper scrubbing and cleansing and moisturizing with some good quality and branded face kit.

 Eid-ul-azha make up for girls

Apply Base:

The second step is to apply the base after cleansing your skin. Apply primer on the face, it will make your face oil-free. Leave your face for minutes apply a face powder more under your eyes to hide the dark circles. Don’t use foundation for day time it may make cracks and patches and melt your make up. I will not recommend you to up all makeup on the skin, simple and basic make can make you beautiful rather than a lot of makeup.

Eid-ul-Azha makeup

Blush on & Bronzer:

Now apply blush little spread on the head, chin, chicks balance the make up a bit on the cheek. I will stop you to use bronzer due to dark complexion but still if you want to use then apply a little.

Eid ul azha makeup for girls

Eye Makeup:

The eye portion is more focusing part of the body to enhance the beauty if do proper makeup pon them. Use lighter shade on your eyelid and make edges to complete your eye with a dark shade. But keep in mind blend them naturally if you want a natural look. Use eyeliner of dark brown or roasted color in the day time and black at night. Enjoy the best of Eid ul Azha Makeup for girls and women at this coming big eid.

eid-ul-azha makeup for girls and women

Play with your Lips:

Highlight your lips with lip liner, should be matched with lipstick color, then apply lipstick to fill up the lips.

eid-ul-azha makeup for girls

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