Tips When Designing Custom Upholstery Furniture

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There are many things to consider when designing custom upholstery. Choosing the right type of fabric, colour, and size for your furniture is vital. But how do you choose the right accent pillows? Listed below are some tips for designing custom upholstery. Follow these steps to create your perfect furniture. You’ll love the final result. And you’ll have the satisfaction of designing it yourself. Whether you’re creating an entire room or just a few pieces, here are some helpful tips.


Fabric colour

If you’re having trouble choosing the perfect fabric colour for your upholstery Dubai furniture, it might be time to start looking at other options. Consider the colour scheme of the room and the overall mood. A bold sofa and chairs with neutral colours could be a great balance. Contrasting patterns can add a fun twist to an otherwise neutral space. You can also incorporate custom upholstery to reupholster your existing pieces in fun patterns.

When choosing a fabric, you need to consider the scale of the print as well as its layout on the selected frame. A big print should not cover a small chair. A multicoloured print will have the greatest impact, but it should also work with the interior theme. Similarly, you should avoid fabrics that have very large prints and are too light. It is important to choose a fabric that will last for many years.

Fabric type

If you are planning to create your own custom upholstery furniture, you will first need to determine what type of fabric you want. There are two types of upholstery fabrics: natural and manmade. Natural fabrics are the most expensive and are made from natural fibres. While wool can last for several years, Affordable Housing Financing  you may want to consider wool blends to make them a little easier to maintain and clean. Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, are man-made and are often cheaper than natural fabrics. For example, acetate was developed as a cheaper imitation of silk. It has good resistance to soil and mildew but tends to wear out quickly and fade when exposed to sunlight.

Natural fibres include silk, rayon, viscose, and nylon. These materials are usually cheaper than synthetic fabrics, but they have similar properties. Compared to natural fibres, synthetic fabrics can be more durable and stain-resistant. If you plan on using the furniture frequently, you may want to consider engineered fabrics, which are a mix of polyester and rayon fibres. These materials are durable and have many benefits, but they are best suited for occasional or light use.


When designing custom upholstery furniture, you should think about the space it will occupy and the style you want to create. Buying furniture from the store limits your creative design ideas and may not match your preferences. However, custom upholstery furniture can meet your needs and tastes. Listed below are some important dimensions to remember when designing custom upholstery furniture. Also, make sure to communicate the seating placement to the upholstery company. This will help get an accurate quote.

When designing upholstered furniture, take into account the style and size of the space. For example, if you are planning on buying a dramatic winged chair, a gold leaf wood finish will enhance the shape of the wings. The size of the room and the dimensions should match to give your design the look you want. You can also incorporate unique details to enhance the style of the upholstered furniture. For more comfort, consider using a leather or suede seat instead of fabric.

Accent pillows

There are many design elements to consider when selecting accent pillows for custom upholstery furniture. They should complement the existing design in the room. For example, a designer rug can be paired with a vertical print on the pillows . Contrasting patterns can add visual interest, too. If the rest of the room is a solid colour, it’s safe to go with that colour. Texture elements, such as piping or tufting, can add visual interest, too.

Using accent pillows to complete custom upholstery furniture is an art form. Although many designer projects seem to use throw pillows in random places, it’s better to use them in an orderly fashion. They should match the rest of the room’s elements, including the size and shape. If you can’t decide, consider choosing a combination of two or three accent pillows that complement each other. If you’re designing a sofa, consider placing a middle pillow. This will provide comfort for everyone on the sofa.

Fabric treatment

There are several ways to customize the fabric treatment of your custom upholstery furniture. The treatment of the fabric can be made to repel stains and water while ensuring durability and appearance. For example, a knit backing will increase the durability of lighter-weight fabrics, allowing you to use more durable materials. Another option is a fire coating. Some fabrics require specific fire ratings, and California requires upholstery fabrics to pass a smoulder cigarette test.

If your custom upholstery furniture is to be used in a home with children, you must choose fabrics that are resistant to stains. Choose solid colours that will blend well with other accents, and avoid patterns like plaid, polka dots, and chevron. If you have small children or pets, avoid using delicate colours. You must also take good care of your custom upholstery furniture, so it lasts for years without showing any signs of wear and tear. However, if you want to experiment with patterns, you can mix and match different fabrics.

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