Top 7 Tips To Boost Low Testosterone Levels Quickly

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Testosterone is a male-dominant hormone produced in the testicles. Besides the testicles, the male body’s adrenaline glands produce testosterone in smaller proportions. Similarly, the women’s ovaries generate a much smaller quantity of testosterone hormones compared to men. While its importance is low-key in women, testosterone is responsible for developing multiple masculine traits like a deeper voice, facial hair growth, and muscle-building in men. 

Moreover, sex drives and the quality of sperm in men strongly rely on testosterone levels. Unfortunately, due to the contaminated foods and unhealthy lifestyles, testosterone levels are depleting in men and causing problems like physical dysfunction, disease risk, and compromised sex life. Luckily, there are ways through which both men and women can boost their testosterone levels. Alternatively, you can always search for a trt clinic online and consult an expert. Please keep reading this article to discover the top seven tips to quickly fire up low testosterone levels.  

  • Top 7 Tips To Boost Low Testosterone Levels Quickly 

Practice Exercise And Weight-lifting  

Surprisingly, exercise can prevent you from multiple lifestyle diseases and boost testosterone levels too. One study affirmed that physically active men had a higher level of testosterone. Moreover, in the elderly males, because of exercising, there was an increment in fitness levels, testosterone levels, and reaction time. Another recent study highlights that increased physical activity impacts testosterone boost more than calorie deficit in men. Besides this, resistance training like weight lifting showed promising effects on testosterone levels in the short and long run. 

Prioritize Protein, Fat, And Carbs  

Your testosterone levels essentially depend on what you eat. Hence, you must be more thoughtful about your calorie intake and balanced diet. Protein intake helps in fat loss and increases testosterone levels. Additionally, carbs can cater to testosterone boosting during resistance training. Interestingly, a few healthy fats also benefit testosterone growth in the body. Thus, a balanced meal based on whole foods can be the ideal option for those finding ways to ace their testosterone level.  

Bring Down Stress And Cortisol Levels  

Cortisol is the hormone responsible for triggering stress in the body. Cortisol and testosterone act like the two ends of a seesaw: one goes up, the other goes down. Therefore, a stressful life can give rise to cortisol levels, which might cause weight gain and storage of unhealthy fat besides negatively impacting testosterone.  

A healthy instead of stressful lifestyle is mandatory to have optimal health and hormonal balance in the body. Therefore, stay away from stressful life events as much as possible and try to accomplish mental peace.  

 Enough Exposure To Sunlight 

There are multiple reasons why Vitamin D is one of the world’s most popular vitamins. Research shows that Vitamin D acts as a testosterone booster besides offering various health benefits.  

This 12-month study proved how supplementing 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily increased testosterone levels by around 25% in all the participants. For sucking up vitamin D per day, you should get enough exposure to the sunlight. Plus, to accomplish your vitamin D goals, you can also rely on some trustworthy supplements 

Sleep Peacefully For At Least 7 to 8 Hours 

Quality sleep is equally paramount for boosting your testosterone levels, as a nutritious diet and regular exercise. The ideal sleep hours differ from person to person. However, one study revealed shocking results: sleeping less than five hours daily reduced testosterone levels in young, healthy men by 15%.  

On the contrary, another study disclosed that for every additional hour of sleep, testosterone levels increased by 15%. That said, for overall sound health and sufficient testosterone levels, an individual must sleep for seven to nine hours daily.  

Intake Natural Testosterone Boosters  

Ashwagandha is an Indian-discovered herb with proven research to help men boost their testosterone levels. A clinical study proudly celebrates this herb’s effect on infertile men, as, after its intake, researchers found a 17% increase in testosterone levels and a 167% increase in sperm count.  

Moreover, another study suggested the effects of Ashwagandha on cortisol levels (pushed it down by 25%). Besides this, Ginger extracts also help boost testosterone levels. Hence, supplements with these herbs can be a great way to give it a shot. Not all, but a few natural testosterone supplements are science-backed. Thus, ensure to choose your products wisely.   

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle  

Several other factors impact your hormonal levels, including testosterone too. For instance, a healthy sex life ensures sufficient sex hormones and testosterone levels. Besides this, high exposure to Bisphenol-A (BPA), parabens, and other plastic-found chemicals might impact testosterone levels negatively.  

Undoubtedly, recreational or medicinal overuse of alcohol and drugs also tamper with testosterone health. On the contrary, living a contentful, happy, and cheerful life might help you boost testosterone in your body.  


Testosterone levels are linked to increased disease risk and premature death in men and women. Moreover, in men, testosterone levels start declining between the age of 25 to 30 naturally. Nevertheless, a certain testosterone level is vital for women besides estrogen and progesterone for overall sound health. Therefore, everyone should be strategic about infusing ways in their daily life that can boost their testosterone levels. And we hope that this list of seven tips proves helpful to you in every way.  

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