Top Influential Business Women in Business History

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Many of the most influential business women in history are women. Some women, such as Janice Bryant Howroyd, Oprah Winfrey, and Mary Barra, have overcome adversity to create a name for themselves in the business world. These women also helped change how we live and view ourselves and others.


Eliza Lucas Pinckney

Eliza Lucas Pinckney is regarded as one of the first female entrepreneurs in the United States. She began working on her family’s plantations as a young girl. Her father was an upper-class colonist in the Caribbean interested in botany. Pinckney focused on making her family’s plantations more profitable. She also conducted experiments in the growing of indigo.

At sixteen, Pinckney began managing the three family farms. She worked to develop new ways to grow indigo and helped it become the second most important crop in South Carolina. Her father later returned to the Caribbean to continue his farming endeavors, and she took over the plantations.

Eliza’s father sent her seeds from the West Indies, and she began experimenting with them. She grew many different crops, but indigo seemed to hold the best promise for success.

Mary Katherine Goddard

Among other accomplishments, Mary Katherine Goddard is credited with being the first woman to publish in the United States. In addition to publishing her weekly newspaper, Goddard helped her brother establish and run publishing and printing businesses. Upon Sarah’s death in 1770, Mary Katherine continued running the business. The company published the Philadelphia Chronicle and the Philadelphia Gazette.

The war affected the printing business, and Mary Katherine Goddard began running a bookbinding business to supplement her income. She even accepted food from her subscribers. Despite her efforts, however, she faced numerous problems. Initially, she was subjected to threats from troublemakers who wanted to control what she printed. She also encountered harassment from radical members of the Whig Club.

Mary Katherine Goddard continued to run her business until she died in the early 1800s. She left her mark on the printing industry and the post office.

Nicole junkermann mary barra

General Motors CEO Nicole Junkermann is a true pioneer in the world of business. She is the youngest woman to become CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Despite her young age, she put in long hours, devoted herself to the company’s growth, and pushed for a change in the company’s culture. Today, she remains committed to improving the lives of her employees.

Junkermann has spent most of her career in the tech world and was once the founder of the online gaming company Winamax. She later sold the company and managed a venture capital fund for United in Sports. In addition to her current leadership role, she has held several other leadership positions at Google and Microsoft.

Junkermann’s early exposure to the corporate world has helped her to achieve success. She began accompanying her father on business trips when she was just a child and acted as an interpreter. This early exposure to commerce, she believes, is one of the reasons she became a businesswoman.

Lydia Pinkham

Despite her humble beginnings, Lydia Pinkham is considered one of the most influential businesswomen in history. She was a woman who believed in the power of advertising, created a patented medicine, and embraced the role of motherhood. She influenced generations of American businesswomen and showed how business and social reform could work together. The American businesswoman died in 1883 and is considered one of the most influential businesswomen in history.

Lydia Pinkham was the first American woman to earn a million dollars. She had modest means, but the amount was still impressive. According to Burton, her company made $300,000 a year at the time of her death, with half of that going to advertising. After her death, she was succeeded by her son Daniel Pinkham. Together, they built a successful business, and sales grew to three million dollars per year by the decade’s end.

Pinkham aimed to make women’s lives easier by addressing their concerns about their health. She believed that only women could understand the problems faced by women. That’s why she targeted women directly with her advertising and products. She thought that women could solve their health problems by using a remedy, and she wanted to make medicine more accessible to women.

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