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The media does not necessarily specify a specific mode of communication. Some types of new media, such as an online newspaper, are “old media” in the form of a traditional printed newspaper. Other new media is completely new, such as a podcast or smartphone apps. It becomes more complicated to define when you consider that the definition is constantly changing with the advancement of technology.


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New media refers to any type of neutral news website communication that uses electronic technology – such as the Internet or mobile phones – to reach a wider audience. The term “new media” was coined by Marshall McLuhan in the 1960s and 1970s, who believed that any form of communication could be considered “new” if it did not exist before its time.

There are different forms of new media: books (e-books), journals (e-journals), magazines (e-magazines), newspapers (e-newspapers), and radio stations (e-radio stations). New media include social networks, online video games, and online television channels such as YouTube.

The most important feature of the new media is its speed; The ability to reach large audiences for emergency interactions; And the ability to change the way we think about things in society.

Approved advertising

Thomas Garzoni’s Woodcut depicts a megacity purloiner before the invention of the review in the early 17th century, in some centralized aggregates sometimes authorized bulletins and order-approved advertisements were promoted. The first recorded use of a systematic courier service to deliver written documents was in Egypt, where dictators used couriers to deliver their judgments to local homes (2400 BC). Julius Caesar regularly preached his heroic deeds in Gaul and began publishing authorized proclamations called Acta Durna after the fall of Rome. These were engraved on the abstract or tombstone and posted in public places. In medieval England, administrative announcements were made to the sheriffs for public display and reading at request.

Particularly approved advertising couriers are respected in Vietnamese culture, among the Khasis in India, and the Fox and Winnipeg societies in the American Midwest. The Zulu region used fast runners to spread the word. In West Africa, the news could be spread by riots. For the most part, news broadcasters have almost been associated with holders of political power.

The rise of newspapers

The rise of paper from China to Europe and the rise of the printing press preceded a breakthrough. With the proliferation of the printing press in the 1500s and the emergence of new markets, news changed from a realistic and precise economic report to a more emotional and freewheeling format. (Therefore, personal newsletters with important intelligence were used by those who needed to know.) The first newspapers appeared in Germany in the early 1600s. Relation to Fürnemmen und Gedenckwürdigen Historien, since 1605, recognized as the world’s first official ‘newspaper’; Although not a ‘newspaper’ in the modern sense, the ancient Roman Acta Durna served a similar purpose around 131 BC.

The new format, which combines incoherent and perhaps dubious reports from many remote locations, has created a radically new and boring experience for its readers. Different styles have emerged, from single storytelling to compilation, overview, and personal and impersonal types of news analysis.


The development of the electric telegraph, which frequently travels along road lines, enables news to travel long distances briskly. That Henry Clay and Theodore Frelinghuysen were named by the Whig designee.)Telegraph networks have enabled new attention. News, in the hands of centralized string services in major metropolises. The ultramodern form of these was inspired by Charles- Louis Havas, who innovated the Bureau Havas( latterly Agence France- Presse) in Paris. Havas was started in 1832 using the French government’s optic telegraph network. In 1840 he began using suckers for communication in Paris, London, and Brussels. Havas began using the electric telegraph when it came available. 


There is no doubt that the communication process has chang now, over time different media have been introduced and are currently used to share views from people around the world. New media does not have to be social media, like microblogging or the like. The main difference between the previous forms of media and the new medium is that when using any type of news on social networks it is possible to talk with people beyond the limits of geographic barriers. We hope that these tips are enough to help you resolve this issue. More