Types of Women’s Sandals You Should Own

Women’s Sandals
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Do sandals dominate your wardrobe? Do you still wish to get more of stylish women’s sandals to upgrade your fashion closet? Indeed, women’s sandals and flip flops get over all the confusion. With Novo Shoes NZ, you can get access to a huge collection of the latest designs for women’s sandals online that can be a part of your fashion closet while allowing you to be fashionable wherever you go.

When you choose sandals consider investing in orthopedic sandals for women, because comfort is the topmost priority. LifeBalance offers an impressive selection of top-quality women’s sandals that are available in a myriad of sizes, colours, designs, and patterns. Choose from the assortment of attractive sandals for women that are immensely flexible, comfortable, and versatile for everyone.


Different Types of Women’s Sandals

Flip Flops

Most people around us would not consider wearing sandals as a part of the daily wear. However, when you choose comfortable flip flops, you can wear them to any occasion or any location you go. You can wear these comfortable footwear pieces both outdoors as well as indoors. Flip flops are available in both heeled as well as flat options. And if you’re looking to find some of the best flip flops on the market, check out viaunochile.cl! Here you’ll find a variety of options that will fit your needs and style.

Both men’s as well as women’s sandals are available in a wide range of patterns and colours to maximize fashion and comfort. With Novo Shoes NZ, you can get access to different types of sandals for women that are easy to wear and supremely comfortable. You can be assured that these flip flops will last for a longer period.

Wooden Sandals

There is immense variety when it comes for ladies’ sandals. In the modern era, classic wooden sandals are also becoming increasingly popular as they are hitting the fashion market across the globe. Wooden sandals are quite a fashion trend amongst the youth. It is because these footwear options offer them a great opportunity to connect with the nature.

There are several health benefits of wooden sandals as well. People nowadays prefer having eco-friendly, sustainable products for everyday use. These sandals will allow you to relax while providing ample balance to your feet. Wooden sandals also enable you to get rid of unwanted pressure on the feet -effective in treating diseases related to the feet.

In addition to its health benefits, wooden sandals for women are becoming the latest fashion icon for most fashion divas out there.

Tatami Sandals

Whether you are in search of optimum comfort or style, top-quality material, or feel, tatami sandals for women have all the core features according to your needs. These footwear pieces are immensely simpler to wear while offering a great alternative to the regular wedge shoes.

A classic tatami sandals might not be perfect for everyone’s taste. However, the shoe trend has become quite popular amongst modern women due to the overall unique features. These are lightweight sandals and deliver great support to your feet. Moreover, it is also easier to maintain them.

Leather Sandals

Leather sandals for women have been doing rounds for quite a few years. You can still spot several high-end celebrities adorning and flaunting them. Leather women’s sandals can be slightly on the luxury and extravagant side -especially if you are in search of top quality and design standards.

Before investing in classic leather sandals for women, it is recommended to look into the overall quality. These can be a great option for women who love traveling a lot and are in search for something durable and sturdy.

Rope Sandals

Rope sandals have an impressionable history that dates back to the time of the Japanese era of the land of Nara during the 12th century. These can be worn with or without socks -depending on your preference. It is one of the most comfortable types of footwear to wear -especially if you are headed to a beach.

The overall flexibility of these sandals delivers maximum freedom to your feet while feeling great when you are shuffling through the sand.


Bring home the best pair of sandals for women from a leading online store like Novo Shoes NZ. Here, you get access to an impressive selection of the best-in-class sandals that are perfect for all occasions.