Vasectomy: A Permanent Solution To Your Contraception Needs

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A vasectomy is one of the most popular male birth control methods around the world, with millions of men undergoing the procedure each year. It’s considered to be highly effective and it’s completely reversible, but there are some important things you should know before deciding to go ahead with a vasectomy procedure, including what to expect from recovery, how it might affect your sex life, and more.


Reasons You Should Get A Vasectomy:

-It’s a permanent birth control method and is often covered by insurance. -A visage, depending on the procedure and doctor, is relatively low risk and has fewer complications than other methods of birth control. -Having children is not always something you may want in the future, but if it happens, vasectomies are reversible. -If you’re looking for birth control as protection against pregnancy, condoms can be effective as well with proper use. -Some men don’t like how condoms feel or cause them to lose sensitivity during sex. In this case, a vasectomy might be an option that allows you to still ejaculate and enjoy sex without the worry of pregnancy.

Reasons You Should Not Get A Vasectomy:

You might think that the number one reason not to get a version is a pain, but I think it’s much more than that. It’s a serious surgery which means downtime and potential complications. That’s a lot for some people. Secondly, we have the risk of regret later down the line.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Going Ahead With It:

The procedure has few and low risks and is highly effective, but you may have some questions before going ahead with it.
1) What will happen during the procedure?

2) Can I change my mind after having a vasectomy?

3) How long does the sperm remain viable in my system?

4) Is there anything I should do afterward?

5) How much does it cost?

6) Do I need another form of birth control for now?

7) When can I have sex again after having had one done?

Risks Associated With Getting This Done:

Unfortunately, no procedure is without its risks. Side effects are more common with vasectomies and can range from swelling and discomfort during the first couple of days following the surgery, to bleeding or infection. However, most of these side conditions can be resolved by contacting your doctor. In rare cases (1% or less), it’s possible for sperm production in the testicles to resume. This means that pregnancy may be still possible after the vasectomy – so don’t stop using other forms of protection right away! But if you want something that’s close to 100% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies? A vasectomy is your best bet.

Where You Can Get It Done?

There are many places where you can get a vasectomy, but it’s important to do some research first. Costs vary from place to place, and the size of your insurance coverage can also be a factor.
1) There are clinics that will offer payment plans or offer low-cost services for those who don’t have the money upfront for such an expensive procedure.
2) A qualified physician who is certified by the American Urological Association is highly recommended; some health insurance companies might even cover the cost of treatment.

Recovery Time (Do’s And Don’ts):

– DO wear loose-fitting clothes or underwear for comfort
– DO keep the scrotum elevated
– Don’t pick, pull at, or scratch stitches. They will dissolve on their own and may be removed by your doctor in his/her office. If you experience any of these symptoms (painful urination; fever and chills; vomiting blood) contact your surgeon immediately.

Overall benefits of having this done:

-Prevents pregnancy 100% of the time (if done correctly). -Happens in 15 minutes on an outpatient basis. -Does not affect hormone levels or sex drive. -Costs less than other permanent birth control options such as female sterilization and vasectomy reversals. -No effects on erection, ejaculation, orgasm, or testicular size.

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