What are Custom Pillow Boxes?

custom pillow boxes
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Custom Pillow Boxes – Many styles and designs are available in the market but if you follow the same style then it doesn’t make a good impression. So to build yourself a unique one, you have to be more stylish and be a tough competitor. In that way, the custom pillow boxes with window die-cut options will make them more stunning and appealing to buyers. On the other side, the pillow style is like a hut that can be uplifted with the help of a handle. Even more, you can customize your brand logo and tagline of the brand on the custom pillow packaging. Thus style is quite impressive that will boost your product sale. 


How are Custom Pillow Boxes Made?

Our experts are aware of the customizing method of the custom pillow boxes. We know which paper helps create the perfect look of the box. We use 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, and 24pt paper sizes to create the perfect packaging. Thus get the stunning design of the boxes that is a custom pillow box to make it more stunning and eye-catching. On the other side, we use eco-friendly material that will keep the product safe from outer hindrances. We customize the pillow packaging in an outstanding manner that will help us in creating eth perfect look. 

  • Cardboard: this paper is quite effective as it can easily mold into various sizes and styles.
  • Corrugated: its e-fluted layer is impressive that gives the packaging more strength in getting the perfect look of the box
  • Kraft: this paper is helpful for the protection of low-weight and one-piece products. 
  • Cardstock: this material is also helpful in making our sturdy boxes. 

Do Printing is Possible on the Custom Pillow Boxes?

If you are paying for something, then it is your right to get all the details for that thing. So, our company always prefers to gain the trust of the customers and that we think is quite impressive for the clients too. in that way, we just want to tell them, that if your packaging is not attractive, then it might give you a shock. Nobody will prefer to buy your product due to the lack of an impressive box. So, the most impressive style and design among all the boxes are custom pillow boxes that can even customize in window die-cut shape and with a handle. So, if you want to make it more stunning, you have the option to apply different colors. Our printing experts will help you in getting the best color such as:

  • Digital: digital printing makes the custom boxes more appealing as you can customize different themes.
  • Offset: this type of printing is also impressive and cheap as compared to others.
  • CMYK: these four major colors contain various shades of every color that is impressive and can be selected by the client to get that specific one. 
  • PMS: when the four basic colors are combined with the Pantone matching system it makes the color combination more appealing. 

Get Custom Pillow Packaging at Wholesale

We know that you are concerned about the rates of the customization of the sleeve boxes. But we know that everybody tries to avail the afford ale offers that keep them tension free. So if you are among one of them, then customboxeszone is the best one that can help you in that matter. Hence, our experts are incredible that creating the perfect looks of the customized pillow boxes at cheap prices. Our rates are quite affordable and impressive which will help you to get your favorite designs. 

  • Discount: in the meantime, clients can discounts to meet their needs on time.
  • Sales: on special occasions, our company provides the clients with special sales offers. So to get that offer on time, you need to be interacting with us. 

Use of foiling and lamination

You need to be more strategic to make the custom boxes more stunning and vibrant. The latest machinery has modified the ways that help the customizing companies in making the custom boxes more demanding. Conversely, the pillow boxes have another level of appreciation from the clients because of their impressive looks. Besides that, various options are available that convert the dull packaging into an alluring one. One of the most elegant options is lamination and foiling. You know the product needs to be safe in the packaging. That’s why getting the sturdy packaging that assures the safety of the product, must be your priority. In that regard, gloss/matt lamination will make your packaging more stunning and valuable. On the other side, the use of silver/gold foiling brings a fascinating venture to the customized pillow boxes.

Why us?

Customboxeszone.com is one of the well-organized companies that customize the stunning and valuable designs of the boxes. One of the most stunning designs of the box is the pillow box which is quite attractive and appealing. So, if anyone wants to customize the stunning design for a better presentation of the product. In the meantime, our experts are quite hard-working that know how to make the custom pillow packaging more stunning. You can get free shipping, fast delivery, and free quote and design offers as we. So get us on the board and become a witness to your rapid success.

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