What Are The Best Psychometric Tests To Use For Recruitment?

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These days everyone wants to get savvy, being a recruiter accompanying your organization with the best candidates can be the prime motive. It is worth noting psychometric testing can differentiate the best from the rest. Various types of psychometric tests are used by over 80% of Fortune 500 firms in the USA even about 70% of the hundred all-time top firms in the UK use it. These days Universities and colleges spend a lot of time training students. It teaches them how to master the art of face-to-face interviews. But, relying on the interview technique as the only source of assessment is not a great idea. The interview process can be a bit subjective with employers assessing skills and experience quietly. In the selection process much gets left just by replying to gut instinct. The word psychometric refers to the measurement of the mind. Choosing psychometric testing during the recruitment process employer exemplifies a better evaluation of the candidate.

Besides, the process will secure the best fit for the role. There is a reason why psychometric test gets used for selection and recruitment. One reason is that the results get correlated with high job performance. Psychometric testing gets used by Information Technology firms, management consultancies, financial Institutions, Civil service, police forces, and more. Even countries like India are more prone to adopt the use of psychometric tools. A psychometric test can measure a range of attributes. It includes critical reasoning, motivation, and personality profile. It will help prospective employers to find the best match of individuals for a job eventually that creates a healthy working environment.

Here is a list of the top 5 psychometric tests. Firms across the country would make use of it in their recruitment and selection process.


Personality profiling

An individual’s personality should be consistent across the context. Employers use personality assessments to compare potential employees’ scores against the given job requirement. Replies of the employee can suggest whether they have the attributes that line up with the job role of the firm. It’s worth mentioning that there are no absolute right or wrong answers to a personality test. Most firms use personality profiling as the first step in the recruitment process. In companies like Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, it gets carried out after analysis of specific abilities of the employee. Firms like Procter and Gamble, and KPMG will conduct competency tests as a part of the recruitment process. It is nothing but a personality test.

Verbal reasoning assessment

It is one of the most frequently used ability tests conducted by firms today. A verbal reasoning test gets used to assess an individual’s comprehension and understanding skills. There are different types of verbal reasoning tests available in the market. The simpler verbal reasoning test, sentence completion, and analogies get used to assess graduates, managers, and professionals. In a reasoning test, we present a short and simple passage of text. Instead of measuring simple Vocabulary recognition, such a test will aim at evaluating an individual’s ability to think constructively.

Numerical reasoning

A numerical reasoning test measures an individual’s ability to interpret. It will analyze a logical conclusion based on numerical data presented in tables and graphs. The numerical reasoning test that most firms use didn’t get designed to measure an individual’s mathematical ability but it is designed to assess the ability to use numerical data as a tool to make decisions and solve problems.

Employers will use the result of the numerical reasoning test to learn the extent to which an individual is capable of efficiently identifying critical business-related issues.

Learning agility assessment 

A Learning agility assessment test is a commonly used psychometric test that measures the candidate’s suitability based on their responses to work-related scenarios. A learning response every company wants from their employees. This test is designed to assess individual thinking in the face of difficulties and critical situations. It assesses the way individuals think and gives the company a fair idea about what sort of employee the person will be. Whether the applicant has the potential to be a future leader or not. Learning agility assessment gets planned to its functions such as customer service, IT, sales, job levels, team leader or manager. In this test that can measure situations, judgment has about 16 to 20 questions on the work-related scenarios. Unlike other ability tests, these tests are not time-based. Other firms that make use of this test include Cancer Research UK, Bank of America, and KPMG.

Logical reasoning test

It will assess an individual’s Inductive and deductive abilities. It is in line with the individual’s ability to use critical thinking skills to draw conclusions and identify essential facts. This test will have nonverbal content. It needs a candidate to manipulate and interpret pictorial and numerical patterns. Citigroup’s logical reasoning test includes a more targeted skill set. It has a verbal and pictorial test, specially taken by applications into Technology operations and HR job roles. This test gets used during the application process. It gets conducted by professional services and consulting firms. Firms like Morgan and Stanley, Procter and Gamble, and Ernst and Young are among those. It makes use of a logical reasoning test in its selection and recruitment process. Tests are supplied by units like Kenexa, Pearson, SHL, human system technology, and more.


Psychometric tests are used for recruitment and selection purposes. Still, it correlates with high job performance. There is a lot of debate on the value of psychometric testing in the corporate plan. Those who use it believe that Learning agility assessment and Psychometric tests can get a brief outline of the candidate’s strength, character, and walking style. Those who don’t use it, prefer the old-school method of person-to-person interaction over a paper-pencil test. We would say that a psychometric test is vital for the process of a firm and its recruitment cycle. It will make the process of recruitment smoother and improved. It will help but not drive the process of recruitment in any firm.