What Are The Special Characteristics Of A Good Tractor?

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Using a tractor is far easier than choosing a tractor which is according to our needs and convenience. And with the increasing demand for tractors, the agricultural market is loaded with top-class models, like Swaraj 744 to provide the best performance. Therefore, although it doesn’t matter whether the tractor has a variety of specifications, it has to work as per our requirements. For example, using a powerful 4wd tractor above 50 HP is not practical in a garden or orchard, as those places require a mini tractor. Thus, it is crucial to utilise a tractor which is designed in such a way that fulfils all of the farming needs. 

Points To Consider Which Represents A Good Tractor

Below are the characteristics that make a tractor beneficial and suitable for the field. Also, this blog provides all the essential information regarding the specs of a tractor, which fits perfectly with the farmer’s requirements, like the excellent Swaraj 744, which is a perfect farm machinery. Making a good tractor starts while keeping in mind the following points.  

Horse Power 

This characteristic defines the power of a tractor, and “HP” is the general abbreviation for this specification. Horsepower denotes the power generated by a tractor’s engine, and numerous tractors are available with a huge HP range. Therefore, a smart farmer will choose a tractor with a suitable HP for his farming needs.

Driver Comfort

The farmer does not pay attention to the driver’s comfort, and when he drives the tractor for 8 to 10 hours, it is known that he did not pay attention to these things at that time. There is no problem in sitting for the driver. There is no problem in applying the brakes. There is no problem while changing gears.  

Diesel Consumption

We need to consider the consumption of diesel because the farmers’ income is decreasing. Diesel prices have started touching the sky. It is crucial to remember that tractor diesel does not eat much.


Transmission is an essential component of a tractor for proper functioning. The purpose of the transmission is to transfer power from the engine to the wheels of the tractor. The transmission system consists of a clutch, gear and propellor shaft. Moreover, there are various transmission types, such as sliding mesh transmission, constant mesh transmission, synchromesh transmission and others. And we have to choose the transmission, which works according to the field terrain. 

Braking Ability

The brakes are needed to stop the vehicle, and without a proper braking system, the safety of a vehicle is compromised. Hence, there should be a high-quality braking system installed on the tractor. However, the braking system of each tractor differs according to the type of brakes equipped in them, like oil-immersed brakes or dry disc brakes. Although both types of brakes are equally effective, a smart farmer will choose oil-immersed brakes as the wear and tear are less in comparison to dry disc brakes. 

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is another important factor determining the quality of a tractor. It defines the space between the ground surface and the lowest part of the tractor’s frame. The tractor will not function adequately on rough roads if there is insufficient clearance. So, a farmer will prioritise using a tractor with high ground clearance. 

Easier Handling

Handling a tractor should be easy, and a smooth steering system does this. In addition, the farmer should be able to control the tractor without using much force. So, many tractors have different types of steering, such as mechanical, power or hydraulic steering, and among them, the power steering column is most recommended for better driving control. 

Quick Attachment

The tractor can be used in the field as solo machinery, but with the attachment of various implements, it can accomplish multiple agricultural tasks. Therefore, acquiring a tractor that can quickly and effectively operate any powerful attachment becomes essential. 

Accessories – Hydraulics, PTO & Three Point Linkage

The tractors should have high-quality hydraulics for lifting tasks, and the PTO is needed to power the farming equipment. Additionally, for trolleys and haulage, a good three-point linkage is required. So, the accessories also play a vital role in a good tractor.

We buy tractors in which more features have been given, but we should keep in mind what the market price of our tractor is? How is his service provider? Its parts are easily accessible in the market. Not every farmer can keep a tractor for a long time. It has to be sold when it gets old. So we should buy the same tractor which is running in the market because there are many companies which sell tractors but are not able to provide service. So, we should always buy a tailor-made tractor for our farm.

I hope this blog will help you purchase a good tractor that will fulfil all your farming needs. Stay tuned for more such blogs regarding the agriculture and farming sector.
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When you’re looking for information, it can be hard to determine which quality websites are worth your time. This is where our loxail and sarfes informational website will help you; These websites offer their readers helpful and in-depth articles about different topics! You can visit if you’re interested.

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