What is the Need for Stamping Die for Metal Stamping?

Progressive die and stamping
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A stamping die is a complex tool, usually a male and female pair, to cut, shape, bend, or form a sheet of metal into a particular shape. A stamping die is also called a “stamping tool” or just “tooling” by many people. Progressive die and stamping are often called “tools” because it takes more than one stamping die and multiple steps to make the needed shape.

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Where Do Most People Use Stamping Dies?

Die tools for Metal stamping  are often used in the automotive industry. Almost every part of an automobile made from sheet metal is made in a metal stamping . These are also used in the consumer durables sector in items like home appliances, dishwashers and clothes washers, etc. Stamping  are also used in the construction industry, but only for a few sheet metal parts. They are also often used in the medical industry. You can use metal stamping dies for different things, but when it comes to automotive, they are by far the most important.

What are the Good and Bad Things About Metal Stamping Dies?

Progressive die and stamping are best when many parts need to be made, like more than 50,000 parts per year. It is possible to produce 60 or more sheet metal pieces per minute using stamping dies that have been properly manufactured; however, this is rarely the case. The downside is that to create pieces at this rate, you need to spend a lot of money on “tooling,” which can cost anywhere from $1000,0 to $500,00 on average. Also, this is based on the idea that a line of presses is available to run the tooling.

What Kinds of Stamping Dies are there?

The types of Metal stamping die are usually grouped by how fast they can make parts. It would help if you manually switched between stamping dies to use “choose and place” tooling. “Transfer” tooling, on the other hand, usually means that a set of stamping dies are connected by a mechanical (or robotic) system that moves parts automatically from tool to tool and from press to press in a line of press machines. “Progression” tools are the stamping dies that can make 60 or more parts per minute at the highest volume. They are called “progressive” because many smaller operations  are joined together, and a sheet metal strip “progresses” through each tool. The sheet metal strip moves the blank quickly from one stage to the next.


Because making Progressive die and stamping or a set of sheet metal tools requires a lot of money, any method that can reduce the chance of a malfunction or an unexpected problem is used as soon as possible in the design process. This simulation is used to verify and check the design of sheet metal stamping tools. It ensures that no unexpected problems arise and that the time and money spent will be worth it. 

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