What Is the Three-Bites Rule and How Does It Help You Lose Weight?

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“Do you want to lose weight? “Go on a diet!” advise social network users. But how can those who cannot strictly limit themselves in food become slimmer? Experts suggest using the three-piece rule. What is this rule and how to apply it? Let’s talk.


Thin and Fat: How Excess Weight Appears

Obesity is recognized as a serious disease, and the statistics are getting worse every year.

There are many reasons for being overweight. And the main one is regular overeating with minimal physical activity.

The human body needs a constant supply of nutrients, water and oxygen. With food, we receive the energy necessary for the functioning of internal organs, metabolism and cell renewal. We spend a significant part of it on mental and physical work. But despite these costs, excess weight may appear. The main factors influencing excess body weight gain are:

Nutritional features – high calorie food, large volume of incoming substances.

Reduced physical activity – a minimum of walking, climbing stairs, cleaning, fitness, sports games. Sedentary lifestyle.

Each person has his own trigger foods – those that are difficult to give up. For many people, these are seeds, chips, soda, and sweets. As a rule, this is “junk” food that does not bring any benefit to the body. But it is saturated with additives and flavor enhancers, which cause a surge in receptor response in the body, which is quite difficult to stop. By eating such food in large quantities and not observing the principles of moderation when planning a menu, a person regularly exceeds the permissible calorie allowance.

To stop weight gain, it is necessary to create conditions for energy balance. The energy supplied from food must be equal to the energy expenditure. And here diets seem to be a good option. But they don’t always work.

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What Is the Three Piece Rule?

The three-bite rule is one approach to mindful eating. It helps you pay more attention to your food intake in order to better control your nutrition and feel full faster.

It’s important to be clear: “Am I really hungry? Or am I just bored/sad/anxious/unpleasant/chilly/uncomfortable and I decided to eat it and get my next dose of endorphins? Or maybe my body is asking for moisture or is it lacking protein/vitamins/minerals?”. If you are still hungry, take your time, create a pleasant ritual out of food. Drink a large glass of warm, unboiled water, maybe with a slice of lemon. Savor every sip. Set the table, arrange the cutlery, arrange the food beautifully on the plate and slowly inhale its aroma. Slowly, like a taster.

Place a small piece of food in your mouth, try to feel the temperature, consistency, and variety of tastes in one piece with all the receptors on your tongue and cheeks. Chew slowly (make at least 30 chewing movements), generously moisten each piece of food with saliva and do not drink anything.

Focus on three of these bites. During this time, your brain will put you in a calm mood and give neural signals to all organs of the gastrointestinal tract to begin secreting enzymes and hormones necessary for healthy digestion, including the satiety hormone leptin.

Further eating will be more measured, which will help you not to overeat. Your gastrointestinal tract will produce a sufficient amount of digestive juices, food will be properly digested and thus bring maximum benefits to your health.

The three-piece rule will be useful for people prone to overeating and for those who want to develop healthy eating habits. In the modern world, there is often not enough time for a full meal; we eat on the run, with gadgets or while watching TV. As a result, the brain does not receive a signal of saturation in time. And people don’t feel pleasure from eating and because of this they overeat.

What Else Do You Need to Do? 

The three-piece rule is one of the tools for improving eating habits, but it is not the main one. To achieve and maintain a healthy weight you should also:

Create a healthy menu. It is advisable to have a minimum amount of industrially processed food in your diet. Convenience foods, sauces, sausages and confectionery products contain much more calories than simple natural foods. When choosing food, ask yourself: did our ancestors eat this?

Eat a varied and balanced diet. If the basis of your diet is natural products – vegetables, fruits, legumes, fish, meat, dairy products, cereals and greens – the risk of gaining extra pounds will be much lower.