What Makes The Quran Superior To The Other Divine Books?

What Makes The Quran Superior To The Other Divine Books?
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In simplest of languages the Quran is the superior book in comparison to other divine books because it is the last book. In simple language you know that the latest model or the latest version of the books are always better than the past.


Direct word of Allah

Compared to the past books this book is the direct word from Allah. It has been directly conveyed to Mohammed peace be upon him and then told to the humanity through him.

Memorized by all

1 amazing thing about the Quran is that even if you lose all the Quran in the world still you will be able to write the Quran from the scratch as it has been memorized by the world. It is in the Arabic language which means that it is understood by the people who knows the Arabic and also at the same time can memorize it from the mind. This is not the possibility in other divine books because they are not in the way which can be memorized and if they are lost then you will not be able to recreate them.

It has scientific facts

When you are talking about the Quran then not only it is going to be providing you the divine instructions but also it has the scientific facts which can be proved in the 21st century. You can say that this book has the most scientific facts and the latest one compared to be the past divine books. No wonder many non-Muslims are reading this Quran and reverting to Islam by reading that it is the book from ALLAH.

It confirms the previous books

Many verses in the past divine books have told that the new book will come which is going to be the ultimate book. Even in the Quran it has been told that the past books were also from Allah. In the Quran it is told and it makes it divine and also the ultimate book for the whole humanity and the superior book from the other divine books that it is revealed to the whole world. The other books were for unlimited amount of people and for a limited time but the Quran is for the whole humanity and till the last day of Earth. It means that if you want to achieve the hereafter then this is the only book you can read because the last books have been gone obsolete and now the new instructions have been told.

Easy to understand

Without learning from Online Quran Academy you might get confused in the start but, eventually you will find it easy for you. When the word of Allah has been revealed to the world then of course it is going to be in the language which is going to be understood by the people in the normal way. There are normal instructions in the Quran which can be understood by every layman but also they are some versus which can be very poetic and needs the detailed understanding. This is the reason the Quran is the divine book and the most superior book because it is understood by the whole humanity even if you are not very much learned in the Arabic language. For example the Bible was in the Hebrew and the Hebrew languages not understood by all the people and not understood in the normal way and that is why you need to read the translation of that. And you can know that every translation is going to be different so that is why the Quran is superior to the other divine books.

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