What to Expect When You Book a Luxury Apartment in Dubai

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‍If you’re looking for the best luxury apartment in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place! Apartments in Dubai are becoming increasingly popular with property investors looking to cash in on the city’s growing demand. With this increase in demand has come an increase in prices as well. Fortunately, there are still a handful of affordable options if you’re looking to invest and not spend much money on your new pad — but how much should you expect to pay for a luxury apartment rental? 

If you plan on investing in an apartment as opposed to living in it long term, look for places near city centers or business districts so that it won’t be too inconvenient when it comes time for maintenance work or repairs. To find out more about renting an apartment as an investment, read our article on that topic here


What to Expect When You Book a Luxury Apartment in Dubai

When it comes to luxury apartment rentals in Dubai, you’ll find a wide range of price points and types of units available. From lavish 5-star properties to luxury condos, the options are almost limitless. As an investor, you’ll be looking to rent an apartment that’s been recently renovated and is close to the city center. This will allow you to reap the benefits of being an early adopter of the city’s latest developments, as well as provide you with a place to live that’s a convenient distance from the office for much less than a regular price would cost. 

Costs and pricing

When it comes to renting an apartment in Dubai, you’ll see two common pricing structures: per month and per day. While this may sound like a small difference, it can make a huge difference over time. Why? It’s the difference between paying a lump sum up front or receiving a bill every month. With monthly rentals, you’ll be charged a set price each month, while per day rentals are billed by the hour. There are a few factors to consider when looking at costs and pricing. First, you’ll want to make sure the rental property you choose is in a desirable part of Dubai. While there are a few less expensive areas of the city, they’re generally further away from the city center and less desirable when it comes to amenities and location.

What to expect in a luxury apartment

While the specific details will vary depending on the luxury apartment you choose, you should expect a few things when renting a luxury property. To be clear, these amenities don’t necessarily apply to just luxury rentals in Dubai — they’ll likely be found in any luxury property you rent. – Fully fitted kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and an island where you can enjoy your morning coffee or have dinner with your loved ones. – Stunning décor that’s modern and sleek, but also complements the local architecture and culture. – A well-equipped gym, sauna or pool, tennis or squash court, or any other amenity that can help you relax and unwind after a long day at work. – A state-of-the-art security system, CCTV, and 24/7 access.

Key features you’ll find in a luxury rental property

– Gym – Fitness centers are becoming increasingly popular in Dubai. You can now find a wide range of fitness classes, from yoga and pilates to barre and boxing, as well as cardio and strength training. Since the city is a melting pot of cultures, you’ll also find a range of classes that cater to people of different ethnicities. 

– Kitchen – One of the most important features of any rental property is the kitchen. If you love to cook, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll find fully equipped kitchens in almost all luxury rentals. You’ll have all the appliances you need to prepare delicious meals, and you’ll also receive a cookbook to get you started. 

– Pool – Dubai is known for its sunny weather, making pool rentals a must. You’ll find a variety of pools you can use for swimming, water sports, and relaxing. 

– Tennis Court – Tennis is a popular sport in the city, so you’ll also find a variety of courts where you can play.

Things to look out for when renting an apartment

– Location – This is the most important factor when renting an apartment in Dubai. You want a location that is close enough to downtown that you can walk to work, but far enough away that you aren’t directly in the city’s busy traffic. 

– Maintenance – Make sure you ask about and understand the terms of maintenance and repair agreements. This can be a lifesaver if something breaks and you don’t have the money to fix it right away. 

– Safety – It’s important to remember that these rental properties are technically owned by someone else. As such, you should feel comfortable knowing that the building is well maintained and maintained with safety in mind. 

– Security – Safety should be your main concern when renting an apartment, but you should also make sure the building you choose is properly secure. Find out what measures have been taken to make sure that the building is safe and free of crime.


Luxury properties have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years due to their high-end amenities and prime locations. They can be expensive compared to a standard rental properties, however these tend to be pricier for a reason: they usually have more amenities than regular apartments do and that leads up to their higher price tag. Given the demand for luxury rentals in Dubai, you’ll likely be able to negotiate a lower rate than you’re quoted. This is because there is a high demand for luxury apartments in Dubai and many people are willing to pay top dollar to live in this burgeoning city.