What’s the Hottest Mini Messenger Bag Color This Season?

What's the Hottest Mini Messenger Bag Color This Season?
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Messenger bags have it all – we wouldn’t be surprised if this is the bag that makes all other bags jealous. You could be on a full day trip to the zoo and a messenger bag would have your back, carry all the essentials while not being so cumbersome that you have a backache by the end of the day. You could just need to pop to the grocery store and guess what..a messenger bag is the perfect companion.

Perhaps the most challenging decision for people with this type of bag is the color. Which is the best color for you, your outfits, the future, etc? You don’t want to be the only one with a strange colored bag, do you?

Messenger bags: a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns for every taste and style. But there’s always that one shade that steals the spotlight each season. Drumroll, please. This year, burgundy takes the crown as one of the hottest mini messenger bag colors. Time to make a stylish statement.

Burgundy, the wine red darling or oxblood sensation, is a shade that’s been on the rise, captivating hearts. It’s the chameleon of colors, effortlessly dressing up or down, making it the ultimate choice for any occasion. So, whether you’re conquering the office, ticking off your to-do list, or hitting the town with pals, a burgundy messenger bag is the epitome of style and functionality. Cheers to that.

Burgundy has become the go-to color for mini messenger bags. Why? Because it adds a sassy splash of color to any outfit, turning heads and stealing the show. It seems to find that balance between adding color yet not being so dramatic that people can’t stop looking at it (in a bad way!). If your wardrobe is a fan of the neutral squad – black, white, and grey, a burgundy bag will do the talking and give your look a stylish boost. It’s not just a match for navy, olive green, and mustard yellow; it’s the life of the color party. Perfect for those who like to experiment with bold combinations.

You’ll find a whole range of materials available these days because of the bag’s popularity. Some love canvas, others love leather or suede. Each material gives a unique look and feel to the bag, so you can choose the one that matches your style. A burgundy leather messenger bag exudes sophistication and elegance, while a suede messenger bag adds a touch of texture and bohemian flair. Canvas bags are more casual and laid-back, perfect for everyday slay. Maybe you deserve to treat yourself and get multiple colors? Don’t tell your partner that we gave you permission.

Other Colors to Consider

  • Mustard yellow: This fabulous and lively shade adds a burst of color to your ensemble, guaranteed to brighten up your winter wardrobe and leave you feeling like a fashion maven.
  • Emerald green: A deep, rich hue that effortlessly elevates any outfit from drab to fab. It’s the secret weapon that effortlessly complements neutral color and adds a sprinkle of sophistication to your look. Get ready to turn heads with a touch of luxury and a dash of elegance.
  • Blush pink: This soft, feminine color is like a whisper of elegance, perfect for those who prefer a subtle and delicate touch. It’s as versatile as a chameleon, effortlessly complementing any style or outfit.

Treat yourself to a messenger bag this year because it truly has it all!