Why HubSpot Onboarding Is Less Important Than You Think?

HubSpot Onboarding
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While your team might be focused on the most pressing tasks, such as setting up your account, you may have neglected ‘less important’ aspects. These areas may have unforeseen implications later and slow down the adoption of the platform, preventing you from realizing the full value of your investment.

To avoid this, consider outsourcing the HubSpot account setup process to a professional. Read on for some tips on how to properly handle the HubSpot onboarding process.


HubSpot Offers Self-service Solutions:

A HubSpot solution partner will set up your HubSpot account for you, handle all the technical aspects, and provide onboarding training. This way, you don’t have to waste time watching tutorial videos or reading articles. A HubSpot solution partner can also build your dashboard and train you on using it, if you’d prefer.

The customer portal features the HubSpot platform for marketing, sales, and service. The HubSpot Marketing Hub prioritizes customer needs and pain points. The HubSpot Customer Success team provides help and support through email, phone, and live chat. The HubSpot Sales Hub automates sales processes.

It Offers Live Chat and Chat Bot Tools:

Using a live chat application like HubSpot is one of the most effective ways to convert website visitors into leads. It tracks website visitors in real time, identifies them as potential customers and lets you track their activity through its dashboard. It also provides you with the option to set notifications to alert you to new website visitors.

Marketing automation software like HubSpot can also help you automate your customer service. You can now set up automated communications to ensure that your customers get what they need whenever they contact you. The conversation history and customer data from both systems can be synced through your Chatbot. Adding live chat bot tools to your marketing automation process will streamline processes and reduce manual agents’ work. Automated workflows and automated tasks will save you time and effort.

It Offers Deal Pipelines:

HubSpot onboarding offers deal pipelines to help your sales team manage and track deals. By automating templates and playbooks for your best prospects, deal pipelines allow you to focus on high-quality leads and minimize error. Besides ensuring the quality of leads, deal pipelines help your team to track deals and identify bottlenecks.

Set up contact status. HubSpot has options to designate contacts as marketing, non-marketing, or partner contacts. Default contact status is marketing, but you can customize the settings for each of these categories. Use non-marketing status for partner contacts, job applicants, and other contacts that are not actionable.

It Offers Reporting:

It tracks every contact interaction and aggregates this data to provide you with a 5,000-foot view of your entire tracked data. Analytics are also helpful for identifying larger trends and fundamental elements of processes, like what makes people buy or leave. Besides providing insight into the specifics of your onboarding process, this feature also gives you a detailed overview of the types of content that your prospects are engaging with.

After onboarding is complete, you can start nurturing website leads. HubSpot has integrations with hundreds of third-party providers and will transform paper-based proposals and contracts into digital assets. As these documents are converted, HubSpot will update their status and move onboarding tickets to the next stage.

It Costs Money:

The costs of HubSpot onboarding vary depending on whether you choose to work with a direct partner or an agency. Direct partners need to pay HubSpot three thousand euros to onboard their team and ensure site migration.

Non-direct partners can opt for HubSpot onboarding, although they will need to hire an agency. However, both options come with benefits, including customized training and ongoing support. In this article, we’ll look at some of the key costs associated with onboarding.