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Thinking approximately residing in Canada? By now you could have heard a variety of accurate things approximately the Great North. But does Canada actually stay up to all the hype? Well, it can not be all that awful living in Canada for the reason that united states has one of the maximum naturalization prices within the global. This approach that approximately 98% of new immigrants do no longer regret their preference of shifting to Canada.

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But every united states has its highs and lows and Canada is not any specific. The precise information is that during Canada’s case, and similar to in authentic Canadian spirit, for every ‘horrific’ there’s a silver lining. In this weblog, we discover five little-acknowledged pros and cons of living in Canada.Getting quotes for can be time consuming, confusing, inconvenient and disappointing. Have a 10/10 experience instead with Roof Buddy

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1. The Weather


If you don’t realize but, Canada’s climate patterns are extraordinarily unpredictable. You can depart domestic inside the morning while it is a sunny 25-levels Celsius and go back in freezing five-diploma climate. For this motive, it’s usually an awesome idea to layer clothes and take an umbrella with you just in case. Your weather app may also be your new first-class friend while you stay in Canada.

The climate in Canada reaches extremes. In the wintry weather, it is now not just cold, it’s certainly bone-chilling with a temperature of -20 tiers in a few areas. Throw heavy snowfall and Chinook winds inside the blend and you’re left with the fortunate mission of shoveling thick icy sludge off your car at 7 am. In summer, the temperatures are a median 20-30 stages however in sure regions, like Ontario, it’s additionally very humid and your garments experience like dangle wrap towards your frame.

For immigrants residing in Canada from countries with tropical climates, it’s quite difficult to evolve to Canada’s extreme climate styles.


If you immigrate to Canada from a rustic where snow is almost a delusion then residing in Canada which turns into a wintry weather wonderland will most definitely take your breath away. Snow-covered lawns, roofs, and mountains – it takes some time to get used to.

You’ll additionally get to take part in amazing and specific winter activities that humans come from a ways to revel in like skiing or snowboarding off a snow-capped mountain, skating on a frozen lake, canine-sledding and even building a snowman. Taking up an action-packed interest in Canada is certain to pump your blood and hold you heat. If no longer, there’s usually a Tim Hortons close by for a cup of warm cocoa.

2. The People


It’s no longer just a stereotype. Canadians truely are extremely friendly, humble, polite, and apologetic people by means of nature which makes it very clean to make new pals and invite your acquaintances over for dinner. Canadians also are very welcoming to learners and immigrants of all races, ethnicities, and cultures. Canada is, in the end, a proudly multicultural state.


In some nations and cultures, speaking directly and albeit isn’t seen as a terrible issue. However, in Canada, you could encounter as ‘rude’ or ‘bossy’.

For instance, your professor may phrase a assertion as a query to make it appear much less harsh: “Would you want to post your essay?”

Whereas in other nations, the identical statement could be positioned greater immediately: “You need to submit your essay nowadays or you’ll pass over the closing date.”

3. Credit Score


When a brand new immigrant movements to Canada, they do not convey over their credit records from their vintage united states of america. This can be pretty inconvenient if you’ve built up a very good credit rating and would like to spend money on belongings, follow for a loan loan or a credit score card right away.


The accurate news is that fundamental banks in Canada provide newcomer applications which encompass a credit score card with a low monthly restrict and even financial institution loans.

Even higher: If you didn’t have a good credit score again to your old us of a (naughty), you get to start on a clean slate whilst you stay in Canada. Now, don’t forget to pay the ones bills on time.

4. Free Universal Healthcare


Canada is consistently ranked as one of the nations with the quality healthcare device within the global due to its care and nice. The established healthcare device known as Medicare is one of the important motives for the us of a’s excessive fine of existence and high-quality overall health.

Canada strongly believes that all of us has a proper to identical and terrific healthcare. Although Medicare is tax-funded, Canada allocates a massive portion of its annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on healthcare compared to other countries. In reality, Canada can pay a mean of extra than 6,000 CAD in keeping with Canadian, everlasting resident, or even a few non-residents.


Many novices to Canada don’t understand this but there’s a 3-month waiting length before you can apply to your public medical health insurance card in Canada and access any unfastened healthcare services. For this reason, it’s crucial to get private health insurance at some point of this interim.

Canada’s widespread health care handiest covers medically necessary healthcare. That way, in case you want an operation you’ll be protected however in case you need braces or prescription glasses, you’ll must pay for it from your personal pocket or you may do what every body else does – get personal health insurance to cowl the gaps that Medicare doesn’t.

5. Exploring Canada


Exploring the huge, stunning usa is something you should do whilst you stay in Canada. It might take you all the time and an afternoon to see and experience all of the wonders of Canada but it’ll be worth it. Canada is every traveller’s dream vacation spot with its remarkable natural surroundings (Banff National Park, Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls), European architecture (Quebec City), small maritime cities and limitless museums, eating places, fairs, and parades.


Exploring Canada may additionally come with a hefty rate tag. Domestic airline tour in Canada is enormously very costly. Some say it is cheaper to fly from Toronto to a metropolis within the USA and then to Vancouver as opposed to taking an immediate flight from Toronto to Vancouver. This is basically because of the fact that there may be little to no opposition amongst airways.

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