35+ Simple And Easy Hairstyles For Girls Latest in 2021

low bun simple hairstyle for girls
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Latest simple hairstyles for girls in 2021

Whether you are getting ready for school early in the morning or glamming up late for a date, we have the perfect and simple hairstyles for girls that are super easy to do and will leave you looking glamorous and ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

We have all been there: You woke up with absolutely zero time to even run a comb through your hair and you have to be somewhere in a flash. Or maybe you simply want no part of getting into a wrestling match with your hair. Don’t sweat it just try one of these crazy-fast and chic! Hairstyles and you will be out the door in no time. Okay, if you have not done them before, they might take a couple of minutes, but practice makes perfect, right? Trust us; the results will save you so much time and energy.

We have 35+ simple hairstyles for girls that can be achieved in minutes and are super easy to do. In just a few simple steps, you can quickly transform your limp, frizzy, or bedhead hair into a non-basic beauty look. From various takes on a top knot bun to a super easy crown braid, the effortless style options are endless. Ahead, watch these beginner-friendly styles, suitable for every hair texture and length, that’ll be sure to make you look put together even when your hair decides to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Welcome to your week of really great hair days.

Back to school is a time filled with newness: a new school year, new classmates, new school supplies, new back-to-school wardrobe, and, of course, a new look. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to revamp your go-to hairstyles for school. Unfortunately, with news feeds filled with braids that make rocket science look easy, finding looks that actually save you time becomes a real challenge.

We scoured our new feeds to find the latest hairstyles you can actually do before your 8 a.m. class. Read on for cute hairstyles for school anyone can try even if you oversleep.

1. Modern Messy Bun Simple Hairstyles for Girls

modern hairstyles for girls

Wearing an off-duty messy bun will make even the most knotted hair look instantly polished, with very little effort required.

2. Twisted Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

half up hairstyles for girls

This hairstyle looks so sophisticated, but it’s also super easy to do. It will become your go-to party look in no time! Part your hair at a diagonal. This will help distribute your hair evenly on both sides. Take the front portion of your hair on both sides and twist them backward, pinning them in the back. Spray your hair with heat protection spray. Curl the rest of your hair away from your face. Spray with hairspray and brush through the curls to make them look more natural!

3. Half-Up French Twist Simple Hairstyle

french hairstyles for girls]

Next on the list of simple and easy hairstyles for girls, we have a half-up french twist. Switch up your typical half-up, half-down by securing your strands into a French twist.

4. Braided Twist Simple Hairstyle

braided simple hairstyles for girls

This twist is so easy to do and the results are super regal. First, lay your edges. Use gel and a toothbrush to get your baby hairs under control and then wrap a scarf around your head to let the gel set. Flip your hair forward and then, starting from the back, braid your hair forward into one large braid until you reach the end. Sweep your hair around to the right side of your head and find a secure spot to tuck the ends in. That’s literally it! You’re done!

5. Side Braid Simple Hairstyle

side braided hairstyles for girls

Once you master the side braid, you will be unstoppable. Seriously, any time your hair just isn’t laying the way you want it to, just swipe it over in a braid and you will be out the door in no time. Part your hair to one side and bring the rest of it over your shoulder, opposite the side of your hair part. Comb the hair that frames your face into a curved swoop and bobby pin the section to your side. Repeat on the other side. Spray hairspray onto the bottom half of your hair. Braid your hair, smoothing out each section as you go. Tie it with a clear elastic.

6. Twisted Halo simple hairstyle

twisted hairstyles for girls

Quickly tuck away your curls and coils until you are able to get around washing day with this beautiful twisted halo style.

7. Pony with Box Braids

ponytail with braids hairstyles for girls

Keep your hair out of your face all day with this adorable look courtesy of Seventeen graphic designers. First, lay your edges. Check out look two to see how to do this. Put your hair into a high ponytail and use an elastic band to secure it into place. Make sure there are no loose braids! Get a scarf and wrap it around the band and tie it in the back and you’re good to go!

8. Low Bun simple hairstyle

low bun simple hairstyle for girls

A simple bun is a perfect hairstyle for every event and also easy to get. Forgo your bedhead with this simple, slicked-back style.

9. Crossover Low Ponytail

latest simple hairstyles for girls

This pony is super casual and super cute, as well as easy to do! Part your hair down the middle. Leave two pieces sectioned off at the front. Secure the rest of your hair in a low pony. Spray the front sections with hairspray to lay down any fly away. Take one section and cross it over the hair elastic to the other side and secure it in place with a bobby pin. Repeat with the other section of hair. Make sure the bobby pins are really tucked in so they’re as invisible as possible.

10. The High Puff Simple Hairstyle

new simple girls hairstyles

On days you just can’t be bothered, sweep your hair into a voluminous high puff. This is the perfect style for days-old hair.

11. Twisted Pigtails

latest hairstyles for girls in 2021

Next on the list of super easy and simple hairstyles for girls, we have twisted pigtails. This twist literally on a classic is so adorable and super easy to do! Part your hair down the middle and separate it into two sections. If your hair is frizzy, spray it with some water to make it easier to twist. Starting at the scalp, twist your hair until you get to your ear and then secure the section with a hair tie to create a pigtail. Repeat on the other side!

12. Half-Up Top Simple Hairstyles

hairstyles for girls simple in 2021

These are very simple hairstyles that you can get. If your bangs or layers are too grown-out or getting in your way, simply gather the front half of your hair into a top knot

13. Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

waterfall braid hairstyles

This is super clean and professional, making it the perfect look for a job interview or day of classes. Part your hair down the middle. Section off a small portion of your hair on the right side and split it into three equal parts. French braid the section for about an inch and a half of length. Then continue braiding, but instead of grabbing a new piece of hair as you do with a French braid, drop the one you were working with and grab a new one behind it every time you’re working with the part of the braid closer to your face. Continue until you have reached the back of your head and then bobby pin the section into place. Repeat on the other side.

14. Half-Up Simple Hairstyle

simple hairstyles for girls new year

Repurpose last night’s messy texture with an easy, out-of-your-face inverted style.

15. Double French Braids

new year hairstyles for girls

This look will stay put all day, no matter what you do, making it a great ‘do for a long day of shopping, classes or just hanging out! First, lay your edges. Apply an ample amount of moose to the palm of your hand and run your fingers through your braids from root to tip. Starting from your hairline, French braid your hair and secure the end with an elastic band. Repeat on the other side!

16. The Textured Ponytail

girls ponytail hairstyles for new year in 2021

With just a little added texture, a voluminously tousled ponytail is anything but ordinary.

17. Belle-Inspired Braid

little girl latest hairstyles

This hairstyle is inspired by Belle from Beauty in the Beast. Who knew it was so easy to look like a princess? Part your hair down the middle. Separate two sections in the front and pull the top half of your hair into a high ponytail, leaving the rest of your hair and those front sections down. Twist the front sections and pull to the back of your head and under the ponytail, securing them in place with bobby pins. Take all of your hair and fishtail braid it to the bottom.

18. The Scarf Style for Curly Hair

hairstyles for girls with scarf

No time to refresh your curls? Simply style your hair with a beautiful scarf or head wrap.

19. Twisted Side Bun

side bun hairstyles for girls in 2021

This look is great for a nice event like a dance or a date! Part your hair on whatever side you prefer. Starting on one side, use a brush and gel to slick down your hair and then start lace braiding from the scalp, only picking up hair from the side of the braid closer to your face. Once you finish the braid, secure it with a clear elastic. Repeat the process on the other side. Once you get to your ear, switch to a regular, three-strand braid. Then, secure with a clear elastic. Put your hair into a low pony, combining your braids into it with a hair tie. Gather the hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

20. The French Twist Pony

french twist ponytail for girls

Now we have one of the most attractive and simple hairstyles for girls. Trust, this hybrid of a low ponytail and a modern chignon is actually way easier than it looks.

21. Jasmine-Inspired Hairstyle

new look hairstyles for girls

This look is super glamorous and perfect for a date night. Place an elastic headband on your head as if it were a crown. Twist the front section of your hair until you get behind your ear. Tuck it into your headband and secure it with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side. Take part of the back section of your hair and twist it in a loop up toward the ceiling. Tuck that into the headband. Continue with the rest of your hair, using hairspray to secure it into place.

22. The Low Pony for Short Hair

low pony for short hair

Trying to style your hair in its in-between stage can be difficult. So opt for this sleek low pony for short hair.

23. Space Buns Simple Hairstyle

trending hairstyles for girls latest

This look is super fun and perfect for a night out with your friends! First, lay your edges. Check out look two to see how to do this. Start by parting your hair down the middle and securing each side with an elastic band. Twist or braid each section from root to end. Wrap the section around the elastic until it creates a bun and then tucks the loose ends under. Do the same thing with the other side.

24. The Scarf Style for Straight Hair

scarf hairstyles

Take the attention away from your three-day-old hair by incorporating a scarf into your long pony.

25. Dutch Braided Bun Hairstyle

braided bun hairstyles for girls

This romantic bun is perfect for a date or a party! Pull your hair into a high ponytail. Brush your hair down as much as possible to tame any hair bubbles and fly away. Divide your ponytail into two sections. Braid each section all the way down and secure with elastics. Wrap the braids around each other in opposite directions and secure them with bobby pins.

26. Simple bun for Fizz

simple bun hairstyle for girls

If you are dealing with frizz, deviate from a top knot or a messy bun with these cute little space buns.

27. The Bobby Pin Hairstyle

best simple and easy hairstyles for girls in 2021

If you have fine hair and want an easy upgrade that won’t fall flat and secure your strands away from your face by pinning your hair with styled bobby pins.

28. The High Bun with Curly Bangs

high bun with curls

Have fun with your top knot by incorporating curly bangs. A little fringe never hurt anybody!

29. The French Braided Bun

simple and easy braided bun hairstyles for girls

Revamp a childhood classic by gathering your French braids into an effortless bun. Give your basic pulled back pony a bit of personality with a no-nonsense braid or a bubble ponytail using elastic bands. For more stories like this, including celebrity news, beauty and fashion advice, savvy political commentary, and fascinating features.

30. Double French Braids

Double braided hairstyles for girls

Give your hair a breather with this style. Part your hair down the middle from the front to the back. Run a dollop of Shea Moisture 100% Extra Oil through your hair on both sides to add extra shine and nourish your hair while it’s in braids. Separate your hair into three sections and French braid on both sides.

31. The Side-Swept Curls

side swept curls

Quickly switch up your wash-and-go or twist-out by sweeping one side of your hair into a clip.

32. Barrette Pinned Side Part

girls hairstyles for short hairs

Add a little quick sparkle to your look by clipping in a few shiny barrettes. Part your hair down the middle with a comb, spray your hair spray to create some natural waves, and then pin some barrettes down the side about an inch and a half apart.

33. Slicked Back High Pony

girls ponytail hairstyles for long hairs

Elevate your typical ponytail for school by adding height and shine. Run a dollop of the John Frieda Frizz through wet or towel-dried hair. Use a comb to evenly transfer hair into the elastic at the crown of your head. Secure the elastic.

34. Silk Headband

Hairstyles with head band for girls

Skip the shower this morning with this look. Brush hair back out of your eyes, then wrap a printed scarf, like the Printed Scarf, around your head and tie to secure. If your hair is thin, backcomb a few pieces above the crown and comb the hair above to tease the area. Spray with to secure volume.

35. Braided Low Ponytail

braided low ponytail for short hairs

Low ponies are our favorite laid-back hairstyle. Separate your hair into three sections and French braid from the back of your head. Secure with elastic in a low pony. Wrap a section of hair around the elastic and pin to secure. Curl bottom pieces of the pony for extra sophistication.

36. Braided Bun Simple Hairstyle

latest bun hairstyles with braids for girls

This simple and easy hairstyle is recommended. Elevate your day-to-day hairstyle for school with this classic look. Part your hair down the middle and French braid both sides down to the base of your neck. Wrap each side of the hair in a bun. Secure with elastics.

37. Side Part Loose Waves

side part hairstyles for girls for long hairs

Simple and easy hairstyles for girls are what every girl is looking for. Loose curls are much easier to achieve than you think. Start by parting hair far down one side. Grab large sections of hair and curl. When finished, shake hair loose and hairspray immediately after.

38. Low Ponytail Simple Hairstyle

simple hairstyles for girls and women in 2021

Give your hair a spa day by leaving it in a simple low ponytail. Gather all your hair at the base of the neck and secure it with a pattern to add a little flare.

39. Half up Half down Braided Bun

half-up half down braided bun hairstyle

The half-up-half-down hairstyle is the best way to fake an elaborate look. For this hairstyle, simply grab three sections of hair on both sides and braid. Take each braid and bring them together in the back. Bunch remaining hair into a bun and secure with elastic.

40. Top Knot Simple Hairstyle

hairstyles for girls and women simple and easy

The top knot is our tried and true hairstyle to get us through everything from late nights studying for exams to oversleeping our alarms. Gather all your hair at the crown of your head. Comb out all bumps and secure with elastic. Wrap the ponytail around the base and wrap elastic around. Pin bun to head with bobby pins to secure.

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