The Top Ten Hair Extension Tricks

Hair Extension
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Every woman knows that the ultimate confidence boost comes from putting on a set of hair extensions. 

Nothing can compare to the sensation of long, thick, natural-looking hair extensions that match your own hair precisely. 

But could you style your hair with extensions? By improving your hair extension techniques, you may make the most of your extensions by generating fresh looks and concealing imperfections.

Here are our favorite five hair extension hacks:

1. If you wish to wear your hair in a ponytail, clip your extensions upside-down. 

This may sound strange, but it will enable you to brush your extensions upwards for a clean, polished finish free of visible lumps.

2. To hide blunt ends, braid the bottom half of your hair. 

When using hair extensions, it’s common to see short, blunt layers underneath, especially if your hair is thick. 

These shorter hairs can be best hidden by braiding and pinning them out of the way.

3. Clip your hair extensions to a hanger to make styling your extensions easier. 

Using a hanger can eliminate the hassle of styling your natural hair with clip-in extensions

The day before you plan to wear your hair extensions, style them so that the look will have time to set and last.

4. Before clipping in your extensions, backcomb your roots. 

Some hair types benefit from a little backcombing before clipping them in. Backcombing improves grip and reduces extension slippage.

5. Store hair extensions in a storage bag. 

Your hair will last longer if you protect your hair extensions from dust and dirt. They will also be ready to wear when you are.

6. Sleeping With Your Hair Extensions in a Braid or Ponytail

Be careful to sleep with your hair extensions in a braid or ponytail, whether you use clip-in or tape-in extensions. 

The reason is that extensions aren’t able to absorb scalp oils, as well as natural hair does. 

They can tangle much more easily as a result.

7. Wash Your Hair Extensions

This is one of the most important of all hair extension hacks. From time to time, you need to remember to wash your hair extensions. 

Hair extensions become dull-looking and odorous as styling chemicals, dust, oil, and other debris accumulate.

When you wash your hair extensions, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Or it may cause damage.

8. Use the Correct Hairbrush

It might be challenging to brush your hair when wearing clip-in or tape-in hair extensions. 

The cause is that conventional brushes have a propensity to tug at the roots, frequently yanking off extensions. 

Purchase a hair extension brush instead; it will feature tiny nylon bristles that are looped so they won’t pull or catch on the extensions.

9. Air-dry Your Hair

Try to avoid using a hairdryer; blow-drying damages your natural hair and cooks up hair extensions like a microwave. 

If you must speed up the process of drying, use a hairdryer with heat settings turned off to avoid damage. Or apply heat protectants; this may be time-consuming.

10. Brush All Tangles and Curls Out After Each Use

Wear your straight hair extensions to a curly, tangled state? Before starting a new style, brush out the curls and tangles. 

Use a paddle brush with straight hair extensions, a wide-tooth comb, or a detangling brush while the hair is damp, and use a hair conditioner when working with curly hair.

Final Words

We hope you’ve picked up a few tricks, too. 

Please share any undiscovered hacks you may have with us in the comments section.

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