4 Secret Techniques to Create Amazing Office Experiences with Custom Acrylic Letters

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The experience of going inside an office space starts outside on the street. Office administrators must take steps to shape visitors’ experiences long before they walk through the front door.

  • Are there marked signs outside the building telling visitors they have arrived at their destination?
  • Are there signs inside the elevator helping visitors determine which floor to go to?
  • Once they’re on your office floor, are there signs telling visitors which room they need to visit?
  • Are there branded signs at the entrance of your office space greeting each visitor upon entrance?

According to office design experts, all these factors contribute to the overall office experience of visitors, employees, and customers. That’s why investing in eye-catching signage is so important. Well-designed and well-placed office signs can shape your visitors’ experiences and give them good impressions about your company.

Custom Acrylic Signs: A Simple Solution

Top business executives use acrylic letters (also known as Perspex letters) to create such inviting office experiences. These letters are highly durable – whether you use them indoors or outdoors. Their glossy surfaces and eye-catching designs make them the perfect office or building signs. Want to transform your office space with customized acrylic lettering?

It’s very easy. Just find a reliable seller who offers advanced customization features. Custom print your company’s logos, motto, etc., on the letters. Order the letters and install them on office walls, windows, doors, elevators, etc. Here are 4 secret techniques on how to create amazing office experiences with these custom letters –

  1. Conduct Site Surveys

Don’t install your acrylic stickers before conducting site surveys. A site survey is an in-depth assessment of a location where these letters will be installed. For example, let’s say you want your custom acrylic letters to be installed in your office’s reception area. To conduct a site survey, you’ll have to take the following steps –

  • Note which spaces in the reception area need to be transformed with the stickers. Is it the door right in front of the reception area or the walls behind?
  • Note the colour preferences.
  • Assess the focal walls where the signs will be installed.

Based on these assessments, create appropriately acrylic signs & letters. Make sure the designs of the letters complement the location where they’re installed.

  1. Peel & Stick

As the name suggests, peel & stick acrylic letter comes with easily removable adhesives. They’re super-easy to install. Users only need to peel & stick – no special installation tools are required. Custom letters cut from premium-quality cast acrylic sheets always score well in the performance and durability metrics.

  1. Metal-Like Finishes

Although acrylic feels like plastic, it can look like expensive metal if users select classy metal-like finishes for their letters. Select glossy, metal-like finishes to make your brand name, tagline, logo, etc., appear classier.

  1. Keep Upgrading the Letters

The best part of working with visually appealing acrylic signs is that they’re cheap. Office admins can customize various sets of these signs and letters. Use the signs periodically to keep your office’s interior décor fresh. Choose from different acrylic styles and shapes. Make your office look ultra-elegant without spending too much.

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