Want to Get a Smooth Head Shave? Here are the Steps to Follow!

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A multitude of different reasons may lead men to hold a head shaver and start shaving their heads. Some of the common reasons include fashion, experiment, lifestyle, or just to cover a bald crown. According to several notable research studies, men with fully shaved heads look stronger, sturdier, masculine, taller, and more attractive than men with heads full of hair.

Watching Hollywood stars flaunting their sleek and shiny domes at red carpet events may influence you to believe that head-shaving is an easy task. However, the truth is that shaving your head completely smooth is not a quite easy task. The entire shaving process involves a lot of challenges.

First, it’s hard to glide a bald shaver on much of your scalp area. Next, the spherical shape of the head can make it difficult for you to see what you are doing. Furthermore, shaving your head would require time, patience, effort, and practice.

Now, before you give up your decision on head shaving or come to an abrupt conclusion, we are here to discuss the most effective and essential ways to get a smooth shave. Following these useful steps will help you achieve a sleek and shiny dome, further allowing you to flaunt your new hairstyle and appearance in front of your friends, relatives, and family members.

#1. Trim Your Hair

It’s very essential to cut or trim your hair to a workable length before shaving your head completely bald. Because any uncut hair strand that is longer than a few millimeters may risk your hair follicles to forceful pulling or unforgettable tugging while trying to actually glide down the head shaver on your scalp.

To cut down long hair strands and reduce hair to a manageable length, you may use electric hair clippers from a reputed brand. Or you may use a quality trimmer to quickly trim your hair. Once you complete trimming your hair, feel your scalp for bumps and moles before shaving.

#2. Soften Your Hair

Shaving off your hair during or immediately after softening the hair follicles can help you get a smooth shave. Cleansing your scalp with warm water or wrapping your head with a hot towel before shaving softens hair bristles and makes it easier to cut.

A warm-water cleanse not only softens the hair but also relaxes the scalp and opens the pores, helping you to get the smoothest and most frictionless head shave possible. Furthermore, it removes leftover hair clippings that could otherwise clog the blades of a shaver.

#3. Choose an Ideal Shaving Tool

Selecting a head-shaving tool completely depends on your shaving needs, preference, budget, and one that works best for your scalp. But still, men get confused between razors and electric shavers. With advanced technological developments across the globe, the market is overloaded with a plethora of shaving options.

Manual razor or electric head shaver – which is an ideal tool for shaving heads completely bald? This is an age-old debate that men usually fall prey to. However, ensure to choose a shaving option that is slow and methodical. That said, electric bald shavers are more easy, convenient, and safer to use than a traditional razor.

#4. Select the Right Form of Shaving

If you pick a manual razor to shave your head, then make sure to select a multiple-blades cartridge razor for getting a close and safe head shave. These razors usually come with 3 to 5 blades and a flexible head. The more the number of blades incorporated in the razor, the less will you require to glide the razor in a specific area more than once. But remember, you can use a manual razor only for wet shaving.

On the other hand, using an electric shaver allows you to opt for both wet and dry shaving. You can simply use a powered shaver while taking a shower or on-the-go before a party. There’s no need to use shaving creams, gels, or foams to get a smooth and safe shave. Branded head shavers can help you achieve an even and smooth head shave without causing any nicks, cuts, scalp irritation, or razor burns.

#5. Use a Quality Aftershave Solution

Once you complete shaving your head smooth and nick-free, make sure to wash your scalp thoroughly to get rid of leftover creams or gels. Next, pat dry your scalp and check if any ingrown hair is still left to be shaved. If not, apply an aftershave solution on your entire scalp. Basically, treat your scalp exactly you treat your face after shaving.

Aftershave solutions are great moisturizing agents that keep the scalp moisturized, hydrated, and shining. It’s very important to moisturize your scalp to keep it away from wrinkling and age spots. Also, protect your scalp from the sun’s rays to avoid sun burns, cancer, and other scalp-related issues.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read the entire blog, you know the essential steps to follow before holding a manual razor or an electric head shaver. Thoroughly following all the aforementioned steps of head shaving can help you achieve an even and smooth head shave.

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