Apex Launcher: Best Device Personalization Tool

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We are all aware that Android dominates operating systems because it provides countless customization options. And a sizable portion of it consists of mobile launchers. A useful tool, an Android launcher gives you the freedom to customize your home screen and the list of all your apps. The demand for the Android launcher stems from the fact that the default launchers are only as good as the judgment of the phone’s maker and the cellular service provider, which is insufficient to meet users’ needs. In order to satisfy our need for home screen and device customization, we, therefore, need an app launcher for Android.

Thankfully, Apex Launcher is a fantastic Android app launcher that can handle the majority of your customization needs. Let’s explore Apex Launcher in more detail and learn what makes it the top Android launcher app.


Apex Launcher: What is it?

One of the top Android launchers, Apex Launcher offers a variety of options for customizing your home screen. The launcher with the most customization options can completely change how your device looks and functions while also providing you with a wealth of features and functionalities that can increase how productively you use it.

What you get from the Android Apex Launcher app is:

Customization of the user experience: The app offers free icon packs and themes to allow users to customize their phone’s interface. The launcher gets a boost from fashionable 3D transition effects.

App Lock: You have the option to secure and protect your data with the launcher app in addition to customizing your device. Apps can be hidden and locked using the app’s app lock feature.

Efficiency and Quick Speed: The fastest Android launcher, Apex Launcher streamlines all of your operations and provides quick searches with gesture functions.

Backup & Restore: With Apex Launcher, you can choose to back up and restore all of your settings. Data is automatically backed up and restored by the app to speed up your work.

Apex Launcher Specifications

1. Personalized Themes & Icon Pack Center: This app unlocks different grid sizes for the app drawer, as well as unique icons, themes, and labels for shortcuts and folders. As a result, it is a perfect fit for the home screen that can be customized. The sophisticated theme engine also aids the user in discovering fresh, fashionable themes with glitzy transition effects.

2. Efficiency:  Launcher that gives it additional merit. The home screen, drawer, and dock all have infinite and elastic scrolling options. The scrollable dock supports up to 10 icons per page. The user can navigate more easily and conveniently with drawer apps thanks to the title and install date sorting. Use the Gesture Operation feature, which allows you to use pinch, swipe up/down, and double-tap gestures, if you are more adept with touch screens.

3. Support for Multiple Devices: The app is made to perfectly meet the needs of smartphones and tablets.

4. AppLock: As was already mentioned, this app has an advantage over rivals due to its privacy-related features. You can choose to set privacy protocols with a password or pattern, and you can alter the app lock mode and lock time.

The lock can be configured for the Gallery, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other apps. Even images and videos in the gallery can be hidden.

How Do I Use the Apex Launcher?

Launch the app after downloading it from the Google Play Store. When you arrive, a tutorial will be presented to you; this can be skipped. You can then make Apex Launcher your default browser following that. After configuration, you can make the device as unique as you like. For instance, long press an icon and drag it over another icon to create a folder. Additionally, you can long-press on desktop icons and folders and select edit from the popup menu to change their icons’ names. The app asks the device administrator for permission to lock or turn off the screen at will.

You can even choose the Apex Launcher Pro version, which has more features, to get more out of it. You must first install the Apex Launcher app on your device in order to use the paid version of the Android launcher app. Then, you have the option of selecting either the three-month or lifetime plans.

Features of the paid version of Apex Launcher Pro include:

  • Dynamism in drawer customizations
  • Unread notification counts
  • Simple icon gestures
  • Extra gesture choices
  • Further transitional effects
  • Enhanced support for folders
  • Options for advanced widgets

Costs for Apex Launcher Pro

  • for three months, $2.41
  • $8.35: Continually

Apex Launcher App Review: MAD Verdict

Apex Launcher is unquestionably a fantastic launcher app for Android devices, and thanks to its practical features, the app has been downloaded millions of times since it was first released. The Apex Launcher app, however, falls short in every way. The Apex app was briefly put on hold after its initial rollout, and when it was brought back, it was nothing special. The small size and lack of customizability of the app’s icons made it all but impossible to use.

The widgets feature was later removed, Yahoo was used for searches, and the home screen pages were changed. All of these elements essentially reversed the app’s progress.

The update also unveiled a platform for app partnership recommendations, which rolled out the red carpet for advertisers despite the pain it could cause users.

But despite all of these flaws, Apex Launcher is still one of the most widely used launchers for Android. With new updates, the app should soon regain its prior notoriety.


I hope that by now everyone is aware of the apex launcher. If you enjoyed our post, please share it with your loved ones.

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