Are Marketing Automation Consulting Services Worth Your Dollar?

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Marketing has certainly come a long way in the past few decades.  Whereas we used to be focused on creating large billboards and the works to appeal to customers and build a brand identity.  Now, though, it’s all about online advertising. 

This shift has had some pretty big implications for businesses, for sure.  There’s a lot of moving parts involved in marketing, and keeping track of them all isn’t exactly the easiest thing.  Some of it, we wish we could just make happen automatically without someone needing to babysit it.  Emails are a big one that I can think of, there.

As crazy as it might sound, it actually is possible to automate certain aspects of the marketing process.  There are companies out there that can offer you consultations on how to do so, as well as monitor and handle quality control as it’s implemented.  While there are certain risks that come with automating, which you can learn about here,, the reward seems to be worth it.

Sometimes, Marketing is Monotonous

Like was said above, a lot is involved in digital marketing.  Lots of things have to be handled at once, and sometimes it can get boring, to say the least.  There are a lot better uses for an employee’s time than to manually type in every single customer’s email address on a newsletter release, as just one example.

That’s why that sort of thing is an ideal candidate for making autonomous.  Additionally, though, this can be applied to things like hitting “post” on social media pages or any other materials that you want to have sent out to your audience.  Human eyes aren’t needed for every single little thing, there.

How Can a Consultant Help, though?

Even the most seasoned marketing professionals can benefit from having another opinion or set of eyes to examine the campaign they’ve proposed.  This rings true for deciding what sorts of tasks to automate, as well as how that’ll be implemented on a company-wide scale.  So, that’s where marketing automation consulting services can potentially come into play.  

What do they bring to the table, though, that you can’t already do with your current marketing team?  Typically, these sorts of consultants specialize in a field.  In this case, they’re going to be experts on automation in particular, and that sort of knowledge can be invaluable.

Obviously, general marketing expertise is great to have.  However, for stuff like this especially, there’s something to be said about that specialized know-how.  They can determine where it would be most effective to implement automation, for one thing.  Additionally, though, they may be able to assist in organizing other channels in your business to streamline the overall process along the entire way.

If your business already has a large marketing department, it may not seem necessary.  However, this sort of consulting service can reduce the stress on that department and make their lives easier in that they don’t have to spend hours on mundane tasks like typing in email addresses and the like.  Then, they’re able to focus on more important matters instead!

Is it Worth it?

As a whole, there is an understandable level of skepticism and caution afforded when artificial intelligence gets involved with business practices.  After all, sometimes errors can occur, and a human eye may have spotted it.  Of course, that’s why quality control is so critical if you do intend to implement something like this into your marketing strategy.

Further reading can be found on this page as far as the implications that automation has on a campaign.  However, in regard to whether or not it’s worth it, the answer does appear to be a clear “yes.”  You see, statistics and studies demonstrate that for most businesses, when they decide to start automating a part of their marketing campaigns, they notice a sizable percentage increase in their profits.

Maybe that seems strange to you.  Think about it this way, though – as was mentioned above, when a marketing team doesn’t have to focus on the small, monotonous tasks, they can turn their attention to more important things instead.  From there, higher levels of productivity are bound to follow. 

When those productivity levels are raised, better attention to detail can be afforded for other digital marketing campaigns that your business is planning to release.  They’ll be able to focus on things like getting more conversions and sales, which increases revenue!

So, even though consultants do add an additional business expense, more often than not it pays for itself.  When those conversions are boosted, sales will be too.  You’ll be able to reach more of your target audience with the extra resources, too, just adding onto the positives here.  So, if you’ve been considering using automation, why not give it a shot?