The Best Photo Printers for 2022

The Best Photo Printers for 2022
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If inkjet printers are now accessible to the general public, some devices specialize in specific prints. This is the case with photo printers, models that are essentially used to take your pictures. Here are three tips to help you choose yours.


Tip 1: make sure it is easily transportable

This is the great advantage of photo printers: they are portable. They are indeed small in size, rarely exceeding 1.5 kilos. They can be connected wirelessly to a mobile device, and therefore do not need a cable. They are therefore easy to take with you. But the dimensions can vary greatly. If you wish, make sure that your photo printer can fit in your backpack for example.

Kodak Mini 2

The Kodak brand offers a photo printer whose format is designed to be stored anywhere. It offers a square design, more practical. With its 13 centimeters long and 7 centimeters wide, and especially its weight of 238 grams, the printer is discreet. Running on a 620 mAh battery, it can be connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For this, a micro-USB port allows to recharge it in 90 minutes.

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Tip 2: Choose a model with a high DPI

Of course, when choosing a photo printer, you will expect to have a nice image quality. For this, refer to DPI, or PPP in French. This indicates the resolution of the image, expressed in pixels per inch. On laser or inkjet photo printers, 300×300 DPI allows to obtain a good image quality. But according to your expectations, you could look for a device with 400×400 DPI.

Canon Selphy CP1300

The Canon Selphy CP1300 is very well positioned in the segment of portable photo printers. It has a resolution of 300×300 DPI. But it also receives a technology of printing by sublimation. This allows you to produce photos that are resistant to wear. Compatible with Windows and with Android and Apple mobile devices, it is easily controlled thanks to a 3.2-inch screen.

Tip 3: Look for additional features

If multifunction printers are rather fixed models, some portable devices can receive additional features. Scanning and copying may be available depending on the model you choose. Also, take the time to look at the different settings available. For example, your photo printer may be able to handle different types of paper.


The E72753 is the perfect example of a cheap photo printer. It is a portable printer that can also scan. Thus, despite a weight of 400 grams, the device can make custom shots, with Instax Mini films sold separately. In addition, it is 100% nomadic, since it works without wire or battery. Thus, it is the device on which you will connect it which will provide the necessary energy.


Photo printers can be chosen according to criteria similar to those of a classic printer. The available resolution, the printing method are part of it. However, the weight, the dimensions or the type of feed are much more important.

What you should know about a photo printer:

Why not print my photos on a conventional printer?

It’s true that many stationary printers can print photos. But these are more difficult to move around. Also, you need to make sure beforehand that the printer can print on photo paper. Often, color laser printers and professional printers cannot.

How to choose the size of paper for your photo printer?

The choice of paper is important. The manufacturer will tell you which format is compatible with your camera. In general, it will redirect you to the photo papers it sells. But other brands of photo paper may also be compatible.

What are the advantages of a battery-operated photo printer?

The main advantage is clear: you can print outside, far from any power outlet. But beware: batteries usually only last for a few dozen prints at most. Make sure you have a backup battery to print more.