Best Sleepwear for Women: How Often Should You Wash Your Sleepwear?

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After a long day of work and other activities, the best thing in the world is to go back home, take off your bra, and put on some comfy pajamas. There’s no better feeling than when you do that. 

If you are going to spend one-third of your day in pajamas, you better choose the best sleepwear for women to spend that time in. Keep reading to find out how to wash sleepwear and how often to do that, so you can take good care of your precious sleepwear. 

Washing Sleepwear

Most people do not do this, but it’s the first thing you should do when washing sleepwear or anything else. Read the label!

Yes, sometimes it seems like the label is just there to irritate you and be in the way. But there’s a reason why clothing manufacturers are so diligent about putting care instructions on clothing labels. 

For example, flannel sleepwear should be turned inside out when washing, whereas silk pajamas should ideally be washed by hand.

Read through these instructions and follow them for your particular sleepwear item. Depending on the fabric that your luxury sleepwear is made of, you will have to wash it differently. 

Always wash your sleepwear in cool water though (especially if they are made of cotton), so you can avoid shrinkage and extend its lifespan. And use a good fabric softener, so you can get your pajamas even softer than they already are. This will allow you to sleep in cozy comfort at night and it will help you sleep better as well. 

You can wash your sleepwear with other items, but make sure not to overfill the drum with other items, especially tough clothing wear like jeans. Better to wash your sleepwear with other delicate items. 

How Often to Wash Your Sleepwear?

This depends entirely on when you take your daily shower. If you are taking a shower every morning and evening, because you are especially sweaty or your city is muggy and humid, then you have a bit more leeway with washing your sleepwear. You can wash it every 5-7 days, no problem. 

But if you take a shower in the morning, and not at night, and you feel like you are especially sweaty at night, then you might want to cut that period down to 3-4 days. This way you can still stay hygienic and not smell up the bed, disturbing your partner’s senses.

The Best Sleepwear for Women Need Special Care

If you are going to spend a bundle purchasing the best sleepwear for women, then you will want to spend additional time taking care of it while washing. This way you don’t end up ruining your precious pajamas or regretting every choice you’ve made until now. 

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