How to Choose Between EDT vs EDP

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Believe it or not, fragrances are vividly powerful! They are undoubtedly one of the most exclusive essentials you can purchase. But every time you pay for a fragrance, there is a lot to unravel such as price, type, notes, and also how it blends with your skin. Yet there is one element you can easily grasp and that is the difference between two highly anticipated fragrance categories Eau de Toilette aka EDT vs EDP also known as Eau de Parfum. 

Have you ever asked yourself what is EDT, or what is EDP? You must have seen these combinations of letters on most fragrance bottles, both for men and women. But have you given a second to think about what is the difference between these two? 

In this article, we have discussed a few tips that can help you easily pick and differentiate between EDT vs EDP fragrances. 


What Does EDT Stand For? 

EDT stands for Eau de Toilette. The French meaning of EAU is ‘water’. The word De means ‘of’. And lastly, the French word Toilette means the process of dressing, and washing, or in simple words, it means“ assisting to one’s appearance for a special event”.  

What Does EDP Stand For? 

EDP is an abbreviation for Eau de Parfum which translates as ‘perfume water’ and it consists of a more concentrated amount of fragrance oils and essentials that define a scent. Eau de parfum usually lasts for a longer period and can be used more mildly than EDT (Eau de Toilette). 

What Is The Difference Between Eau de Parfum And Eau de Toilette?

The main distinctive difference between EDT and EDP is the concentration level. A typical Eau de toilette is concentrated between eight and twelve percent. On the other hand, a usual Eau de parfum has a concentration level between twelve and eighteen percent. However, the concentration level of EDT vs EDP can vary depending on the accords that are used. 

One thing that can’t change: it doesn’t matter if the concentration level differs from brand to brand, an Eau de parfum will at all times be more concentrated than Eau de toilette. 

Do EDT And EDP Have The Same Scent? 

If both types of fragrances are created using the exact notes, then yes, they might have identical scents, but not exactly the same. There are certain notes that can develop on the skin to be sharper, sweeter, or richer. Various concentration levels of the same fragrance can be utterly subtle. After all, this is the fun part, as it enables other ingredients or notes to breathe. 

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How To Pick between Eau De Parfum And Eau De Toilette? 

We all have at least once in our lives been carried away by the scent of coworkers, friends, or even family members that is too powerful, making it nearly impossible to focus on anything else. In order to avoid being that person, a little awareness about a perfume’s wearability goes a long way.  

For hot weather, we would recommend that you pick EDT as it is fresh, light, and easy to carry; a lighter-concentration fragrance is convenient to carry in the summer. Meanwhile, EDP works perfectly for evening activities and colder climates. As fragrance diffuses faster in dry air, so you will need perfumes of higher concentration that will stay for a longer period. 

Final Takeaway! 

Wearing the right scent is a balancing act and fine art! You can add a whole other level of self-expression without having the need to say a word. Before making your next perfume purchase, test both Eau de parfum and Eau de toilette. 

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