Buying Gifts for a Woman in Your Life

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There is a lot you can get for any woman in your life, whether it’s a friend, wife, mother, sister and so on. We Are feel good inc does great sunscreen and after-sun gel for the adventurous Aussie woman who needs decent protection from the sun rays, you might choose something more personal like jewelry or pictures, or something more general like chocolate or flower. The key is to think about or find out what it is they like to do, for someone who loves to cook, a new kitchen gadget or cookbook is great, but for someone who hates being in the kitchen, that is not such a good choice. Here is a mix of options some more expensive than others to give you some ideas.

In no particular order, some great ideas are as follows

  1. A holiday to somewhere they have always wanted to go but have not made it there yet, or to somewhere they love and have been longing to return to. Somewhere in Europe, an African safari, a shopping trip to New York or London, exploring ancient ruins and treks in Mexico and more. There is a lot of the world to see and enjoy!
  2. A beautiful piece of jewelry. There are a number of options with jewelry and it depends on their taste and who they are to you. Martha Jean does some fabulous Australian-designed and made pieces that are well worth exploring.
  3. Rather than a relaxing holiday, you might take them on a sporting or adventure holiday, skiing in the Alps, diving in the Caribbean, golfing in Scotland! They can combine something they enjoy doing with a country they have never seen before.
  4. Go on a picnic lunch with them bringing a fancy hamper full of their favorite foods, some wine, and head to a favorite beach, or a favorite lake and enjoy the scenery as you have a good day together.
  5. Sign them up to receive a monthly delivery of something they love. Monthly fancy chocolates, wine, cheese, mixed hampers, there are so many different options you can choose from nowadays. 
  6. You do not have to take them far away for fun on the water. Take them to explore the coral reefs, give them a hamper with We Are Feel Good Inc goodies, and arrange for a nice meal by the coast.
  7. Something practical but within an area they enjoy. For example, a gardener would love a new set of tools, a nice galvanised watering can, someone who does not garden would not! Someone who loves to cycle would enjoy a new bike, or cycling accessories.
  8. Sometimes people are hesitant to give gift cards because they seem so impersonal and uncreative, but most people like to get them as long as they are for somewhere they already visit often and shop from. It might be for a favorite restaurant, clothes shop, a local gardening center and so on.


Whether you choose something by Martha Jean or choose something other than jewelry this is your chance to let that person know you are thinking of them. You do not have to spend lots of money to make an impression. There are lots of ideas online and lots of great sites online where you can browse a range of different products and companies.