Looking for Professional T Shirt Printing Singapore

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Over recent years t-shirt printing and printing, in general, has moved forward quite a lot thanks to advances in technology. It also helps that more people are happy to wear t-shirts now than ever before. They are no longer just clothing to be worn underneath something, for sportswear or very casual only places. Now they are across cultures and countries and can be found in all colors, sizes, types and prints. Tshirts are even a way people can express themselves. Using tshirt printing Singapore can be a way you show what movies you like, what band you have seen, send messages, make political or social statements, or just become extravagant. Where once it was a very complicated and tedious process without certain equipment, now there are more options and alternatives to just screen printing. It means businesses that once might not have been able to afford to get oriented business shirts and such can now.

How to order custom printing

When you decide you want custom tshirt printing Singapore you will need to choose the type of shirt, the colour of the shirt and then what text font you want, what you want it to say and any images or graphics you want on it. You will be the one who decides where those things go on the shirt. Most printing services offer either a designer to help create something for you or images to choose from. It is not a case of you can find any image online and then get that printed. It needs to be the right type of file, there are copyright considerations and it needs to work for your needs. Then you can set up everything you want, each element and what type of printing service you want them to use for it, after talking with them about what would best meet your needs.

About screen printing and embroidery

There are a few printing options now but screen printing remains a popular one, especially from businesses where there is more to order. Ordering in bulk with screen printing costs less. Screen printing is where ink is pushed through the screen using a squeegee and through a stencil. The more colors there are in the image the more screens are needed to create out and the longer it takes to set up and so the more it costs. That is why printers suggest limiting the colors on the design. 

Embroidery is no longer a thing done by hand only. There are machines that can do it but the cost is per stitch so the larger the embroidered image the more it would cost. That is why embroidered images on shirts tend to be for additional details, flourishes and such. The thing that needs to be embroidered first needs to be digitized so the machine can then read it and produce it.

Take a look online

A great place to look when you want experts for t shirt printing Singapore is online. Check the services they offer, whether they have the images or designer you want, have experience and look at their prices.