Can Electric Longboards Get Wet?

Electric Longboards
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It’s essential to establish the correct record. Electric longboard can get wet. How they become wet can tell the extent to which they’re damaged due to water. For instance, riding a skateboard during the rain isn’t identical to submerging it into the water, which is different from leaving it out in the rain.


The Deck or Board

The skateboard’s deck is made up of wood. The wood may be soft and deform if it comes into contact with water. Even when it is dry, it’s possible that the board’s performance will not be as excellent as it was before it got wet. It could be that the skateboard doesn’t seem to have its crispness anymore.

It’s the Bearings and Bolts

When electric longboard become wet, their bearings may be unable to lubricate themselves, and the bolts may be rusty. If lubrication stops and the skateboard slow down, the paths lose their strength in the interior. The skateboard may not be able to move as quickly or smoothly as you’ve been used to.

  • Grip tape is a great way to provide your feet with grip on the board regardless of whether it is wet. However, it can be prone to losing adhesion with repeated drying and wetting. In the event of this, it will cause the tape to fall off the deck.
  • Skateboards can withstand water for a short period, but if they get immersed in water for too long, the wheels will become rusty. Made from synthetic hard rubber, skateboard wheels will have no problem being wet.

The majority of electric electric longboard are not waterproof. However, some of them are water-resistant. Water-resistant means that electric skateboards will not allow water in quickly. Therefore, your board will not break if you drive on a muddy road. However, if you skim over water puddles or even dip your board in water, there is a chance that water can get to the electric components.

What Happens If Your Long board Isn’t Waterproof?

Let’s discuss exactly what happens if your long board isn’t waterproof. The water from rain doesn’t cause any negative impact on the wheels. The wheels could get dirty. If it occurs for an extended period and continues to happen, there is a chance of damaging your wheel.

In addition, the wheels can lose their grip on the road after being wet. Don’t forget a safety pad and a helmet. In addition to wheel bearings, it does not happen to your bearings once they’ve become wet. The directions will begin to corrosion. If you clean the bearings following long boarding, it’s okay. If you don’t take the time to do so, the rust will hit your path, and the speed will begin declining.

However, there’s an alternative to ceramic bearings. The bearing constructed with ceramics is impervious to water and is also costly. However, all components of the approach must be made from ceramics. However, ceramic bearings should be renewed, oiled, or applied with the speed cream.

There is no exception for the board. If the board becomes wet, there’s the possibility of it breaking in half. This is why a particular treatment is required. The most effective drying method is to wrap the board in towels.

Final thoughts

No one will be content to see it pouring rain on our electric longboard while we’re out riding. It’s uncontrollable even if we have a weather forecast before the time; however, the weather will always change, as does how women’s moods. We can try to do our best to safeguard our boards from the water.


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