5 Best & Free Ways to Convert Image to Text:

photo to text converter
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The OCR(Optical Character Recognition) is one of the easiest ways to convert the image to text files. It saves a lot of our time to type the scanned documents and utilize them to negotiate with the clients. The OCR(Optical Character Recognition) software extracts text from images and makes time searchable text files. Sometimes there is critical information or data inserted in the image files, we need first-hand information. 

The OCR software algorithm makes it possible to convert images to text. We can find the most reliable information from these images. These OCR software can extract text from various image file formats and readily convert them into the text file format which is quite useful for business purposes. We can convert the PDF files into the text files by the photo to text converter which can be used for further utilization.

We are presenting 5 Best & Free Ways to Convert Image to Text:



Nanonotes are one of all kinds of business document converters. You can convert photos to text to all kinds of information with the Nano Notes OCR software. You can extract the data from invoices, tax forms, bank statements, etc. The Nanonotes have a feast API response time and photo to text converter online ability and are able to convert most types of images into the text format.

2:Adobe Acrobates:

Adobe Acrobat is another free OCR system for conversion of image to text files. It is usually used to convert the PDF files and images into searchable text files. The Adobe Acrobat OCR provides you with an easy option to cutting and paste the text into other applications for further use. You can export the photo to text converter files into the Microsoft Office.

3:Abbyy Cloud Reader:

The Abbyy Cloud Reader is an OCR tool that recognizes a complete printed or handwritten documents file into the text file. The Abbyy Cloud Reader can detect more than 200 languages, around the world. The OCR system supports the mobile devices and the desktop PCs,it has special features of the REST(Representational State Transfer). It can convert the data into the XML and provide liary for Java, .NET, iOS, and Python. It has tremendous applications and has efficient speed to recognise most of the languages around the world.

4:OmniPage Ultimate:

The OmniPage Ultimate OCR software converts the photo to text converter documents. It can convert the present the quality text of the scenned documents.It provide ready to use documents and you can integrate your applications with the mobile and printer readily.It support wide range of applications like MIcrosoft Office, HTML etc.It recognize more than 120 languages around the world.The OmniPage Ultimate have one the fast processing speed of converting the image to text files and brilliant for business applications.



The OnlineOCR recognizes the image to text from the PDF documents and from the images. It provides you a speed of 15 images to the text format per hour. It support more 46 languages and these language include English, French, Chinese etc. The OnlineOCR  handles the BMP(Bitmap),PNG(Portable Network Graphics), zip files, etc. You can integrate the OnlineOCR with different applications like mobile devices, printers etc. 


The most of the OCR system and specially designed for specific purposes. When you are converting the image to text, you should recognize your necessity. For example if you are converting the PDF files into the text files then the Adobe Acrobat reader is the best OCR system for you. The same way every OCR system is specially designed for a specific purpose.

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