Do Unicycles Have Helmet Laws?

helmet require for electric unicycle
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When you ride an electric unicycle, you must wear a helmet both to comply with local laws and to protect your head from injuries. Injuring one’s head is the most common injury associated with electric scooters, according to studies.

It is always a good idea to double-check local laws and regulations regarding electric scooters, as well as whether helmets are required. It is recommended to always wear one, even if it is not mandatory.

The helmet protects the skull, which is the most important part of your body, and therefore the brain. New scooters can hit speeds of more than 25mph, and a crash at these speeds won’t be pretty. You can sustain serious injuries even if you fall at a low speed.


Are helmets required for electric unicycles?

It is not possible to define a global standard, and each country has its own rules and regulations. Take a look at both the United States and Europe.

United States

The United States has only four states that either make electric unicycles illegal or do not have any laws governing them. Adult riders are not required by law to wear helmets when operating the device in any state. 

A helmet must be worn by riders under the age of 18 in contrast with laws that govern the use of helmets for adults. According to the list below, helmets are legally required in 10 states. The rest of the time, it’s not a legal requirement to wear one, even if it’s recommended for all ages. Look into a full-face helmet if you ride a scooter or electric unicycle with more power.


State Age requirement
Connecticut <16
California <18
Delaware <16
Louisiana <17
Massachusetts <18
Michigan <19
Minnesota <18
North Dakota <18
Oklahoma <18
South Dakota <18

When New York legalized electric unicycles, helmets were required for riders under 18. CVC 21235 was specifically written for electric scooters and also governs the use of helmets for young riders.


There are a lot of good bicycle lanes and red lights in European cities, so electric scooters are a great way to get around. In most large cities, electric unicycles can be rented. According to the laws, there is no unified position among European countries regarding electric scooters and helmet requirements.

Young people under 18 are required to wear helmets in some countries, such as Sweden and France. There are many other countries that do not require helmets for their citizens. In January 2022, Denmark passed a law requiring all citizens operating electric unicycles to wear helmets.

An electric scooter without a helmet may cause serious injuries

It is the correlation between crashes and head injuries that is driving helmet laws and the legalization of helmets to catch up with the personal electric vehicle movement and electric scooters in particular. Electric scooters can reach speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h), making them as fast as small motorcycles. Helmets have been required for small motorcycles for a long time as riding at these speeds can cause serious injuries if a rider falls off or crashes.

The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) provides national estimates of injuries that present to emergency departments across the country in a study published in JAMA.

From 2017 to 2018, electric scooters caused more than 40,000 broken bones, head wounds, and other injuries in the United States. The study found that only 5% of riders wore helmets and that 32% of patients had head injuries. 

Studies on electric scooters and helmets have been few, however, there is a good correlation between wearing a helmet and reducing the risk of brain injury when riding a bike instead. When wearing a helmet, bikers had a 52% lower risk of brain injury and a 44% lower risk of death in a published study of 6,000 bike-related injuries. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a helmet and, depending on the speed, even a full-face helmet to protect your face from injuries.

Helmet for electric scooter and unicycle 

As we examine each category of bike helmets, we will look at the best choices. Are you looking for a helmet for a more powerful e-unicycle that will run at those speeds? Check out the full-face helmet options. In the event of an impact, these types of helmets will cover your face and chin.

Electric scooters that fall at high speeds will most likely be facing forward launching over the steering column, resulting in a head-on collision with concrete.

Three best helmets for electric unicycle and electric scooter (For both)

Head injuries can lead to severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, and unintelligible speaking. This can cause severe trauma and result in death. Motorcyclists should not use a lightweight helmets to reduce this risk. A good bike helmet reduces the chance of serious head injuries while biking. It features a crushable foam layer to prevent direct head hitting during an accident.

There are many helmet standards that are based on the use of the helmet. This is similar to how motorcycle helmets can be certified to meet multiple criteria. Other safety measures are used to determine if the helmet is safe for use on a bike.

Some riders may find electric unicycles dangerous. This is why it is important to wear safety gear. You should protect your head when you use an electric bike for mobility purposes. The safety electric unicycle helmets can be customized to meet your needs.

If you plan to ride uphill, for example, you will need a mountain unicycle helmet. These helmets are designed to protect your safety. It is important to use them. These are the best-rated electric unicycle helmets on the internet.

OutdoorMaster lightweight unicycle helmet

Outdoor Master is a group of outdoor enthusiasts in Paris and New York. They provide fast-paced tools that are safe for their users. They allow users to explore the world with all of the security features provided by their devices.

Durable shield

The helmet’s reinforced ABS shell and thick shock-absorbing foam EPS foam make it comfortable and durable. This helmet provides maximum protection from crashes. It’s a lightweight unicycle helmet.

Extra removable lining

The best EUC helmet has a removable lining that can be adjusted to fit different head sizes. It can be washed quickly so it stays clean and fresh. It can become irritated and infected if it is sweaty.

JBM best helmets for unicycle

BM International provides top-quality athlete services to its customers. They are known for providing standard equipment worldwide. Good quality helmets for unicyclists with EUC certification are available. The company’s customer satisfaction and high-quality products make it a top seller.

Classic electric unicycle helmet

The electric unicyclist finds this helmet adorable because of its durable and strong shell. The inner side of the helmet is soft and can hold the head of a unicyclist. It is very efficient at absorbing external pressure and doesn’t give off any shock if the rider falls. It’s a very light helmet 2022.

Bell super best e-Bike helmets

Bell helmet is the leader in helmets for motorcycles and unicycles. Their helmets are strong and durable, allowing riders to reach higher speeds on electric unicycles.

They encourage and empower the next generation to push the limits. These helmets are ideal for mountain biking and racing. They are made from the finest materials. The best EUC helmet design is truly unique.

Outer design

This mountain unicycle helmet is made from the finest outer shell, combining progressive layering and in-molding technology. To make it more sturdy, it has an EPS foam liner. These best e-bike helmets 2022 have been specifically designed to provide comfort and safety for riders.

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