Engagement Rings: Learn About Them Before Buying The Perfect One For Your Partner

Engagement Rings
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An engagement is an auspicious occasion that people want to make memorable by inviting guests. The most important part of the event is the engagement ring, and you need to find the perfect ring for your partner. Choosing a beautiful engagement ring is a way of showing your love for her or him. You can visit a jewelry shop and purchase an engagement ring for your partner.

However, the job is not as easy as it may sound. A jewelry shop will showcase many types of engagement rings. You will find various contemporary designs, along with multiple classic engagement rings. So, the presence of so many options adds confusion. In this article, you will find a guide on choosing the right engagement ring for your partner. Nevertheless, you will know a few common options for classic engagement rings.


Types Of Classic Engagement Rings

As stated above, people may come across many types of engagement rings. However, a few classic designs are commonly found at jewelry stores. So, here is a guide to those classic engagement rings for you.

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1. Solitaire

The solitaire is one of the most popular designs for an engagement ring. The design is simple, though it possesses an unmatched elegance. You can find such engagement rings in all reputed jewelry stores. Ideally, the solitaire should be a diamond ring. The ring, made of gold, should have one big diamond right at the center.

Many people choose other precious stones instead of diamonds for solitaires. For example, you can try blue or yellow diamonds for the solitaire. In a few cases, people also choose rubies instead of diamonds for solitaire engagement rings.

Buyers also have many options for the base metal of the ring. For example, you can choose white gold instead of yellow gold. You can also go for platinum, which is costlier than gold.

2. Cluster

As the name suggests, you will find a cluster of diamonds in the center of this ring. Typically, a large diamond is placed in the center, while many small diamonds will surround the large stone to create a cluster.

The cluster is a classic engagement ring design for those who do not want a solitaire. The best thing is that you can customize the cluster of stones according to your requirements. For example, a Ruby engagement ring can be surrounded by a cluster of blue diamonds.

3. Pave

Pave is a simple yet eye-catching engagement ring design. The overall appearance of a pavé engagement ring is similar to that of a solitaire. However, there are some differences in the designs of such rings. Typically, the pave ring’s band has tiny diamonds embossed.

Buyers can customize the embossing effect according to their requirements. For example, you can emboss the whole band with tiny diamonds. Alternatively, you can emboss them partially on the brace. Partial embossing will make the price of the ring more affordable.

4. Cathedral

The elegant charm of the cathedral engagement ring is eternal, and thus the design has remained popular for ages. On its first appearance, a cathedral engagement ring may appear similar to the pave engagement ring. However, you will notice that the shoulders and shank of the ring look like the arches of a cathedral. Therefore, the metallic braces’ structural difference is the most significant difference between the cathedral and pave engagement rings.

The cathedral engagement rings should give a pristine vibe; thus, a white diamond on the top is the best option. You can customize the metallic base, and diamond brings more pristine vibes in combination with platinum.

5. Oval Halo

A big diamond makes an engagement ring eye-catching. However, you can enhance the diamond’s attractiveness by choosing an oval-shaped stone instead of a regular diamond cut. The oval halo engagement ring comes with an oval diamond at the center, which is the ring’s main attraction.

Besides the large oval-shaped diamond, you will find many small diamonds surrounding the big stone. The small diamonds create a halo around the center stone, enhancing the ring’s attractiveness and luster. An oval halo is an expensive option for engagement ring buyers since the ring comes with a large diamond instead of a regular diamond cut.

6. Three-Stone Engagement Ring

As the name implies, such engagement rings come with three stones at the center instead of one ring. The stones are typically arranged in a triangular shape, and buyers can customize the sizes according to their preferences and budget. Classic white diamonds in combination with gold or platinum brace will create a magical effect.

However, buyers can customize the stones to add color to the engagement ring. Instead of white diamonds, you can choose yellow, pink, and purple diamonds. Nevertheless, people can also select ruby, sapphire, and emerald instead of diamonds. The final price of the ring depends on your customization preferences.

Essential Things To Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is not all about picking a classic or contemporary design. The buyers must know a few crucial things, especially if you do not have much experience purchasing gold or diamond jewelry. In the following section, you can find a detailed guide on choosing a perfect engagement ring for your fiancée.

1. Do You Know About The 4Cs?

Buyers must keep the 4Cs in mind while shopping for an engagement ring from the jewelry store. The 4Cs stand for the four common factors for inspecting the diamond quality. In the following section, find a detailed discussion on these four factors.

  • Color: White is the most expected diamond color, though buyers can find multiple varieties. For example, you can find yellow, pink, purple, red, and many other colors. A black diamond is also famous, and the price of a black diamond is higher than a white diamond. The diamond’s color ranges between D and Z.
  • Clarity: The clarity of the diamond is another crucial factor, and high clarity stands for supreme quality. The clarity of a diamond depends on two things: blemishes and inclusions. Blemishes are surface irregularities, while inclusions are internal features.
  • Cut: The price and quality of diamonds depend on the cut, as it determines how the diamond will interact with lights. A fine-cut diamond will provide a fantastic sparkling effect. Nevertheless, it also gives flashes of color, referred to as fire.
  • Carat: Finally, checking the carat is the most important factor for purchasing diamond jewelry. A carat is a unit for measuring the diamond’s physical weight. A higher carat value signifies the rarity of the diamond, and the cost of such a diamond is significantly increased.

2. Check The Diamond Shapes And Cuts Carefully

A diamond looks attractive due to its shape and cut, and thus buyers should consider these crucial factors while purchasing a diamond engagement ring. Nowadays, diamonds come in multiple shapes due to the advent of advanced diamond cutting tools. For example, buyers can find heart, oval, square, rectangle, and marquise shapes for diamonds on engagement rings.

While purchasing a diamond engagement ring, buyers should not get confused between the cuts and shapes. While shapes represent the physical shapes of the diamonds, cuts determine how the diamonds interact with lights. You see the sparkling effect on a piece of diamond studded on an engagement due to its fine cuts. Diamond cutting is a matter of expertise, and a fine cut represents the superiority of high-end craftsmanship.

A glittering diamond costs more than other diamonds despite having the same Carat value. Moreover, shapes also determine the price of the diamond engagement rings. A regular pyramid shape is more affordable than other innovative diamond shapes.

3. You Can Upgrade Your Ring Later

Do you know that an engagement ring can be upgraded later? Upgrading means adding more features to the ring. For example, you may want to turn a simple solitaire into a pave engagement ring. Similarly, buyers can avail more such customization options from the sellers.

However, the provision to upgrade a ring is unavailable with all engagement rings. Only a few sellers come up with engagement ring designs that keep the conditions for accepting the upgrades later. So, buyers should inquire about the upgrading provisions before buying an engagement ring.

Options For The Stones And Metals

Buyers can find multiple options for choosing the stones and metals for the engagement rings. For example, you can choose ruby, emerald cut halo engagement rings, and sapphire instead of choosing diamonds. In traditional engagement rings, the ring’s brace is made of yellow gold. However, some choose white gold or platinum instead of yellow gold.

Jewelery Insurance And Warranties Are Not The Same

Jewelry insurance and warranties are not the same things, and many buyers do not understand this well. Jewelry insurance provides coverage against physical damage and theft, and buyers need to purchase such insurance policies from the insurance companies. On the other hand, a warranty signifies a period for replacing or free repairing an engagement ring if it gets damaged due to the manufacturer’s fault.


So, it would help to consider all the above factors when buying the perfect engagement ring. Choosing the best engagement ring will bring a beautiful smile to your partner’s face, which justifies the effort you put into finding an ideal ring for her or him.