Everything You Need to Learn About Hermes Bags

Hermes Bags
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Women’s fashion is incomplete without top-quality handbags, and most women are picky about choosing a handbag. Besides checking shape, size, color, and other details, women also pick a handbag according to the brands. If you are looking for a posh handbag from a well-known brand, Hermes could be one of the best options. 

Hermes is one of the leading luxury handbag manufacturers in the world. The manufacturer is known for its unmatched craftsmanship in crafting women’s handbags. Additionally, buyers can find classic and contemporary handbag designs from this brand. If you are passionate about handbags, you would love to know the history, interesting facts, and popular types of Hermes bags.


The History of Hermes Bags

Thierry Hermès, the founder of Hermes, began his career by crafting harnesses. He started the harness manufacturing business in 1837, and his dedication and craftsmanship helped him to find recognition in this industry. In 1880, he started manufacturing saddles with his sons.

The success in crafting saddles and harnesses encouraged Hermes and his son to manufacture various other things. For example, Hermes began manufacturing sacs, silk scarves, and other women’s fashion accessories. Soon, they launched Hermes handbags for women, eventually becoming popular worldwide.

In the beginning, the company launched two types of women’s handbags. The Birkin was the first-ever handbag launched by this brand, while the Kelly was the second handbag type launched by Hermes. Today, buyers can find multiple handbag options from this manufacturer. Overall, more than ten handbags for women are available from this company.

Different Types of Hermes Bags

Besides being an important accessory to carry necessary goods, handbags are essential to complement your dresses. Therefore, women should pick a handbag that matches their dresses. Hermes has multiple handbag types, which you can pair with contemporary and conventional dresses. In the following section, you will find a guide on the different types of Hermes handbags.

  1. The Hermès Birkin

Do you know that an experienced craftsman spends more than 40 hours manufacturing a Hermes Birkin bag? The unique saddle stitching on Birkin handbags cannot be replaced using a sewing machine. The craftsman has to learn to use two needles simultaneously to produce such a bag ideally. Besides giving a unique appearance, the stitching is crucial to adding firmness to the bags.

In 1983, Hermes’ creative director met actress Jane Birkin accidentally in an airport. Birkin was carrying a straw tote bag, and she opined that no leather bags were good enough to match her style. The creative director of Hermes promised her to produce something that would match her expectations. So, this was Hermes’ first attempt to produce a handbag. Since the idea of manufacturing this bag came from Jane Birkin, the bag was named after her. Today, the Birkin is a classic Hermes handbag design and is in high demand worldwide. 

  1. The Hermès Kelly

Hermes Kelly Bag is the oldest and most sophisticated handbag brand. Initially, the company had launched purses named after the princes Grace Kelly. Later, the company introduced handbags with the same name.

The buyers will find two classic versions of Kelly bags: Kelly Retourne and Kelly Sellier. The differences are not easy to understand if you are a new Hermes bag user. You will find differences in stitching if you pay attention carefully. Kelly Sellier has visible stitching with pointy edges, while Kelly Retourne has soft and non-visible edges.

Another difference between the two types of Kelly bags is the material. Both bags are made of leather, though Retourne feels softer and is more compatible with casual dresses.

  1. The Hermès Constance

The Hermès Constance is a versatile bag you can comfortably wear on your shoulder. A functional H-clasp brings more user-friendliness to such bags. Catherine Chaillet is the designer of the bag, and she was pregnant when designing it. She named the bag after her daughter’s name, Constance.

Buyers can find mini and micro models of this Hermes handbag. Nevertheless, they can also find a rectangular model named Elan. If you are looking for a stylish and sophisticated handbag, the Hermès Constance is a terrific choice.

  1. The Hermès Picotin

Hermès Picotin is another classic handbag that is inspired by horse feed bags. The bag’s minimalist design makes it suitable to be used as a horse feed bag. The wide and round bag ensures that you accommodate all the necessary items without facing any hassle.

Typically, the bag comes with a grained leather texture, though the leather feels soft. You can use the bag for any casual occasion, as it complements casual dresses beautifully.

  1. The Hermès Evelyne

Hermès Evelyne is a luxury handbag that you can pair with contemporary party dresses. On one side, you will find that perforations form an H-shape. The presence of perforations benefits the users in many ways. Firstly, it improves air circulation inside the bag. Secondly, the bag offers excellent space to carry multiple items.

Initially, the Hermès Evelyne bag was designed to carry horse grooming equipment. The spacious design ensures that grooming equipment is easily accommodated in the bag. However, it is now converted into a luxury handbag for women. Buyers will find four generations of Hermès Evelyne bags, and each generation carries a few unique features.

  1. The Hermès Garden Party

The Garden Party handbag from Hermes is an attractive tote bag that you can easily pair with your casual dresses. The bag is also suitable for those who are planning a vacation. You can keep many essential makeup and grooming items in this bag during your vacation.

Buyers will find four sizes and three colors available for the Garden Party handbags. The overall minimalist design of this bag makes it attractive. Moreover, it also facilitates ample storage space to organize your crucial items easily.

  1. The Hermès Lindy

Lindy is a perfect handbag for corporate women who have to attend various corporate parties or events. You can pair the bag with semi-casual dresses, though it also looks good with casual dresses. The name of this handbag comes from an African dance form known as Lindy Hop.

Hermes manufactured the first Lindy bag in the 1920s. Typically, you will find two external pockets with this handbag. Additionally, you will find two zip closures on the top of the Lindy handbag. The available versions of this handbag are Lindy 26, Lindy Mini, Lindy 45, etc.

The Significance of Horseshoe Stamp on Hermès Bags

Hermes bags are famous for their unique designs, materials, and top-notch stitching. But there are certain features that even the most ardent Hermes lover may not know. For example, you will find a horseshoe stamp on the bag, and you probably do not know its significance.

Hermes Bags
The Significance of Horseshoe Stamp on Hermès Bags

The horseshoe stamp denotes a special order bag; thus, you will find the stamp on only a few bags. Nowadays, the company does not produce special order bags. However, it has kept the horseshoe stamps on the special ordered bags of the past. As a result, you will find the stamp on a few Hermes bag varieties.

Some Surprising Facts about Hermès Bags

If you love Hermes bags, you would love to know a few surprising facts about this handbag. In the following section, a few exciting and lesser-known facts about Hermes bags have been discussed.

  1. Hermes Was Not a Bag Manufacturer Initially

Hermes did not start the journey as a bag manufacturer. The company was established to produce high-quality saddles and harnesses. Later, the company started manufacturing handbags. However, Hermes never changed the logo when they started manufacturing the handbags. The horse and carriage logo remained the same as the handbags. Even today, the logo has not been changed to retain a strong and trustworthy brand identity.

  1. An Ecommerce Pioneer

Do you know that Hermes is an eCommerce pioneer in Europe? In 2001, the company launched an online store that sells luxury fashion items. At that time, it was one of the earliest eCommerce ventures in the world.

  1. The Birkin Bag Was Not Supposed to Be “Birkin.”

In 2015, Hermes faced accusations from PETA regarding handling crocodiles poorly. The most popular Birkin bag came under immense controversy after this episode. Some reports also claim that Birkin had requested Hermes to omit her name from the bag. Later, the company signed a contract with PETA and allowed the PETA representatives to attend the annual ethics meeting.

  1. The History of Orange Box

Hermes bags are packed in a standard orange box, which is tied with a brown ribbon. However, the box’s color was cream before World War II. During the war, there was a shortage of materials. As a result, the company had to change packaging colors. However, the new packaging turned out popular among the buyers, and the company did not change it since then.

Hermes is a leading brand in manufacturing top-quality handbags for women. Besides fashion enthusiasts, well-known celebrities love to purchase bags from this seller. Besides quality and durability, Hermes bags stand as a status symbol. Carrying the bags from this brand will boost your confidence to a significant level.