Everything you need to know before buying Motorized Blinds and Shades

Everything you need to know before buying Motorized Blinds and Shades
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Motorized or automatic window blinds are indeed a great option to upgrade your existing window treatments with. As suggested by the name, they’re a highly advanced and smart version of regular window blinds, which does imply the fact that they will be really favorable in terms of the usage. However, if you’re new to the usage, you’re meant to wonder whether motorized blinds are worth the investment or not?

No doubt it’s a great choice to purchase motorized blinds but there are few necessary things that everyone must understand before making a purchase of these blinds or shades. So, in order to make the decision easier for you, we will discuss all those essential factors that you need to know beforehand.


Major Things To Consider Before Buying Motorized Blinds & Shades

While this smart window treatment is more costly than normal blinds, they do offer a number of benefits, making them worth the choice. Let’s discuss all the factors related to these blinds one by one:

  • Working Mechanism

You can operate motorized blinds with the help of a wireless device which can be a remote or a smartphone application. There is a tabular motor attached to the roller of the blinds which can be controlled wirelessly. You can easily open and close the blinds by pressing the buttons available on the remote or app. 

  • Installation 

Motorized blinds require professional installation for perfect outcomes, which is to say that you need to take all the installation expenses into account as well, while planning on getting this treatment done.

  • Cost

We know the more convenience a product provides the more cost it will demand. So as the case with motorized blinds, their cost is higher than the normal blinds. But when you get to know the beneficial features provided by these blinds then you will find them totally cost-effective. An average price for these blinds start from $600 to $1200 and it can vary from type to type or brand to brand. 

  • Control Over Light & Privacy

Motorized blinds offer great control over light passage and privacy and they are the easiest to operate as well. They won’t consume any time of yours at all and will provide you with maximum comfort. This makes them a particularly best choice for personal spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. 

  • Safety

The cord or manual system of regular window blinds could be dangerous for the kids and pets. There are a lot of cases reported in which many pets and kids lost their lives accidentally while playing with cord and got stuck into the blind’s slats. So the motorized blinds don’t have such a thing which guarantees maximum safety for kids and pets. 

  • Reliability

Motorized blinds and shades are more reliable and comforting as compared to other window treatments. But as they are battery operated so you have to charge them from time to time for better usage. The average lifespan of motorized blinds is 3 to 10 years but it can be increased by taking proper care of them. 

Common Concerns And Questions Related To Motorized Window Blinds

How Are Motorized Blinds And Shades Powered?

Motorized blinds use lithium batteries to get power but there are also that type of blinds which have built-in rechargeable motors that can be charged via usb cable. You can easily plug the usb cable into an outlet whenever it needs to be charged. 

Are Motorized Blinds And Shades A Worthy Investment?

Yes, investing in motorized blinds will be a perfect decision because they offer convenience and comfort to people. It is also a worthy investment for the tall windows where you can’t reach for opening and closing the blinds. It would be a great choice for the room which has many windows that need to be opened and closed frequently. You can easily open and close all the blinds with a single command from a remote or mobile application.

Are Motorized Window Blinds Safe To Use?

Motorized Blinds or shades are the safest window treatment option to consider as they feature completely cordless designs. And in addition to being completely safe to use, these blinds also provide the advantage of protecting your living spaces even when you’re not home. Their fullest coverages keep intruding eyes at bay and if you pre-program their functioning, they can easily give off the impression of an occupied place. 


There are so many benefits of purchasing motorized blinds and shades from getting a comfortable living to control light and privacy maintenance. We recommend you to get these smart blinds for making your life convenient. There are a lot of options available when you go to purchase these blinds. So, before making any decision keep all the points in mind that we have discussed above and you can easily get the best window treatment choice for your places. 

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