What is Bigo Live?

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Everyone in the world is experimenting with new platforms on social media due to their growing popularity. Many of them, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, are as captivating and compelling, but some, like BIGO live, are steadily gaining popularity. We’ll examine the BIGO live application and its specific features in this post as we examine the latest social media phenomenon.

Bigo Live: An overview

A growing new social networking site called BIGO Live allows users to effortlessly publish and broadcast their videos, as well as video chat with their peers. The app has millions of active users thanks to the numerous features and possibilities it provides, BIGO Live.

More than 150 nations provide BIGO Live, which is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, BIGO Live PC is available for users who want to access this service on a PC, and BIGO Live Lite is available for users of low-end gadgets.

 The ideal strategy to guarantee the greatest BIGO Live experience is to use the appropriate application in accordance with the requirements of your devices. Additionally, BIGO Live offers a smooth and excellent video quality with the use of cutting-edge technology, machine intelligence, and virtual reality.

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Established in 2014 by David Li and Jason Hu, Bigo Technology is a Singapore-based company that owns the live broadcasting service Bigo Live. JOYY, a Chinese business listed on the NASDAQ, owns Bigo Technology as of 2019.

The application incorporates unique machine learning and artificial. During live broadcasting, the AI characteristics are used to improve user interaction and satisfaction.  Viewers can give in-app gifts to their favorite broadcasters, and some well-known broadcasters work full-time for the app. 

Is Bigo Live safe?

BIGO Live is secure, and its cutting-edge technology makes sure that teenagers cannot access the service. The software is not intended for young children, as indicated by the ratings of 12+ on the Play Store and 17+ on the App Store. Because of this, it is advised that parents keep an eye on their children’s usage of the app.

The app has a minimum age limit of 16 to create an account, and its main users are gamers, wannabe performers, and content creators. However, young folks can manipulate the AI system to enter, particularly if they possess a burning urge for fame and recognition.

Bigo Live carries a large chance that certain user-generated material may contain harsh words, aggression, or sexuality, including seductive discourse and attire. Additionally, individuals frequently post graphic, exploitative, and harassing comments.

For tweens and teens, giving out personal information on an app is indeed not appropriate. A user’s perception of what aptitude and value are may be distorted by the app’s gamification system, which includes levels, ranks, and rewards for logging in every day.  These systems can also lead to addiction.

The software also makes it easier for adolescents to communicate with individuals who might be stalkers or abusers and encourage them to meet up in person. But, you can avoid this my putting in some efforts.

The following suggestions may be useful if your kids wish to talk about their lives and events in real time:

  1. Discuss any potential issues and the appropriateness of sharing information with them.
  2. Create a strategy for what they should do if they encounter offensive or disparaging comments.
  3. Establish policies for dealing with strangers, watching streaming content, and revealing personal data.
  4. Keep an eye on their online behavior using the app.
  5. Review the app’s privacy statement to learn more about the kinds of data that are gathered and shared.

Various In-App Purchases

While BIGO Live can be downloaded and used without cost, some in-app purchases are available to all users. Users enjoy free coins and XP in the app with the regular login bonuses and prizes. Additionally, there aren’t any in-app advertisements or promotional activities, which is a huge comfort for all BIGO Live customers as it allows them to utilise the software without interruption.

Users of the BIGO Live app can become VIP clients on the service by making these purchases. The VIP status permits them to access a variety of visual enhancements, photo filters, instant messages, and a lot more. 

The user has two choices with the aid of the in-game diamonds. These diamonds may be used to either improve their status or to make virtual gifts. The diamonds that are given to the various presenters on the BIGO Live app are later turned by them into “beans,” which can then be redeemed for actual money.

Interaction Methods

The BIGO Live application unquestionably gives its customers the option to live chat with their pals since it is an internet broadcasting and video streaming service. The app’s multi-guest rooms allow them to add up to 9 of their pals. Additionally, they can use various chat filters and effects while chatting for added fun and amusement.

Viewers can also interact with their preferred presenters during their live feed. The speaker does, though, have complete control over their streaming, access to it, and the methods they use to connect with their audience.

Finally, users of BIGO Live relish these PKs, or Player vs. Player, competitions among their absolute favorite broadcasters. They have the opportunity to win beans by taking part in all of these activities, which are made possible by digital gifts from their followers.


Gaming and entertainment-related content makes up the majority of BIGO Live’s offerings. Avid players view BIGO Live as another excellent streaming site, in addition to Twitch and Youtube, as online game streaming becomes increasingly popular over time. Daily connections to BIGO Live are being made by dozens of top players. In addition, there are influencers and content providers who consistently release enjoyable and amusing stuff for other people.In a few years, BIGO Live will undoubtedly become the latest social media phenomenon. With a plethora of users actively using the BIGO Live software and a ton of brand-new, original material, we can definitely see this platform being very popular among youngsters. The application’s 18-year-old minimum age limit, however, makes it crucial for parents to keep an eye on their children’s usage of the app. In addition, the application’s intelligent computing is there to assist users with their security worries.

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