Exposition Assignment: Descriptive and Informative Profile

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This task will give you practice recorded as a hard copy of a clear and instructive paper about a specific individual.

In a paper of around 600 to 800 words, make a profile (or character sketch) of somebody you talked with and noticed intently. The individual might be either notable locally (a legislator, a nearby media individual, the proprietor of a famous night spot) or generally mysterious (a Red Cross worker, a waiter at a café, a teacher, or a school teacher). That individual ought to be of interest (or expected interest) not exclusively to you yet additionally to your perusers.

The reason for this paper is to impart the distinctive characteristics of an individual through close perception and truth checking.

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To begin

One method for planning for this task is by perusing some entrancing person outlines. You’ll need to look at the new issues of any magazine that consistently distributes meetings and profiles. One magazine that is especially renowned for its profiles is The New Yorker. For instance, in The New Yorker’s web-based document, you’ll track down this profile of famous comic Sarah Silverman: “Calm Deprivation” by Dana Goodyear.

Pick a subject

Give a serious idea to a subject of your decision — and go ahead and request exhortation from family, companions, and collaborators. Recollect that you are not committed to picking somebody who is socially prevailing or who has obviously had an astonishing life. Your responsibility is to raise intriguing things about your subject- – regardless of how standard this individual might appear from the get-go.

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In the past understudies have composed phenomenal profiles on a scope of points from bookkeepers and store analysts to card sharks and shrimpers. Nonetheless, remember that your subject’s ongoing calling might be immaterial; Instead, the focal point of the profile might be regarding your matter’s contribution in some prominent involvement with the past: for instance, a man who (as a young) offered vegetable house to house during the Depression, a lady who met Dr. Martin Luther King. walked with, a lady whose family effectively worked with Chandni, a teacher who performed with a well-known musical gang during the 1970s. Actually, superb points are surrounding us: the test is to get individuals to discuss critical encounters in their lives.

A subject meeting

San Jose State University’s Stephanie J. Koopman has delivered a magnificent web-based instructional exercise on “Directing Information Interviews”. For this task, two of the seven modules ought to be especially useful: Module 4: Structure of meetings and Module 5: Conducting interviews.

Furthermore, here are a few hints adjusted from Chapter 12 (“Writing About People: Interviews”) of William Zinser’s book On Writing Well (HarperCollins, 2006):

Pick as your point somebody whose work [or experience] is so significant or so intriguing or so surprising that the normal peruser would need to find out about that individual. All in all, pick somebody who contacts some edge of the peruser’s life.

Before the meeting, make a rundown of inquiries to pose to your subject.

Get individuals to talk. Figure out how to pose inquiries that will evoke addresses about the most fascinating or distinctive in their lives.

Take notes during the meeting. On the off chance that you’re experiencing difficulty staying aware of your subject, simply say “Stand by it a moment, please” and compose until you get up to speed.

Utilize a mix of direct statements and outlines. To get the realities right, recollect that you might meet [or even meet again] the individual you talked with.


Your most memorable unfinished copy might be a word-handled record of your meeting session(s). Your following stage will be to enhance these remarks with graphic and instructive portrayals in light of your perceptions and examination.


In going from record to profile, you are confronted with the undertaking of how to concentrate your demeanor towards the subject. Do whatever it takes not to give a biography in 600-800 words: center around key subtleties, occasions, and encounters. In any case, be ready to let your perusers know how your subject looks and feels. The exposition ought to be based on direct statements from your point as well as genuine remarks and other enlightening subtleties.


Notwithstanding the overall systems you use when altering, really look at all immediate statements in your profile to check whether any can be abbreviated without forfeiting significant data. For instance, by eliminating a sentence from a three-sentence statement, it very well might be simpler for your perusers to perceive the central matter you need to make across.


After your exposition, give a concise self-evaluation by responding to these inquiries as explicitly as possible. ur questions:

Which part of composing this profile required some investment?

What is the main contrast between your most memorable draft and this last form?

What do you believe is the most awesome aspect of your profile, and why?

Which piece of this article may as yet be moved along?

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