How to Apply for a Visa for India. Tourist Visa For India in 2022!

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Applying for a Indian Tourist Visa Online Form is no longer hard! As of 2020 there became 3 tourist visas for India you can apply for – 30 Days, 1 Year, 5 Years.

How much does a visa for India cost? The costs seem to change a lot but right now the 30-day e-visa for India is $25.00 USD and the 1-year e-visa for India is $40.00 USD.

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Here is a step by step guide of how to apply for a visa for India online so you can get an e-tourist visa for India no matter where you are from. This is how to get a visa for India from UK, how to get a visa for India from USA, and every other country!

Tourist Visa for India

This is a breakdown of the e-tourist visas for India that are on offer from the official India visa application website:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you read this post too much, I want to tell you now that if you are applying for the 1 month visa for India (aka the 30 day visa), you can only apply when you are within 30 days of going, so if your trip is more than 30 days away, bookmark this post and come back to it 30 days before you visit India!

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First off, have you got travel insurance for India yet? I am covered by World Nomad’s and I really recommend them for their great customer service, their choice of policies and the fact that they were created by travellers for travellers!

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There are 2 ways to get your Indian visa online:

1) The Official E-Visa website.

This is the official India e-Visa website to get your India visa on for all nationalities, and this blog post is going to show you how to go through the online India visa application.

2) An India Visa Specialist.

When you type into Google ‘how to get an Indian Visa FAQ’, you will come across other sites to the one above, they will tell you that this is how you get a visa for India, but they will charge you extra money on top of the standard visa fee because they are 3rd party sites.

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However, the positive of using third party visa websites is that they offer you assistance and make the visa application process easier.

I have been speaking to iVisa who offer visa services for India. I didn’t use them because I think the official site is easy to navigate and I’m going to explain how to use it below, but if you have any issue working the official system or you’re happy to pay a bit extra to get some assistance and help,

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