Learn how to get India Medical Attendant Visa

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When someone is traveling in order to receive the medical care they need, they often require assistance along the way. When going to India to get medical treatment, it’s easy to take an attendant along.

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All patients need to do is have their Medical Attendant Visa for India companions apply for an India visa for a medical attendant. These visas aren’t hard to get and they will ensure that the patient has all of the care that he or she needs throughout a stay in India.

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Who Can Get the India Medical Attendant Visa?

Travelers can apply for both an Indian medical visa and an India visa for medical attendants online. All a medical attendant needs to do is fill out the e-Visa application, wait a few days, and they should be able to travel alongside the person who is seeking out medical care.

Travelers who have themselves lived in Pakistan or who come from Pakistan, or whose parents or grandparents lived in or came from Pakistan, will need to get their India visa for medical attendants directly from the Indian government. They cannot apply online even if they hold citizenship from another country.

An India medical visa or an India visa for a medical attendant won’t be approved right away. Most people receive a reference number, which they can use to look up the status of their application. Within a few days, they should receive email notification that their visa to India has been approved.

People on an India medical visa or an India visa for a medical attendant can enter the country up to three times within 60 days. If the medical treatment is longer than that, they can get a different visa through the government.

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These visas cannot be transferred, extended, or converted into another type of visa. . Up to two medical attendant visas can be issued for every medical traveler. This allows children to travel with both parents or one patient to make sure that he or she has all the care they need, while still allowing rest for their attendants.

Getting an India medical attendant visa is straightforward. It shouldn’t take much time at all before travelers can safely and legally accompany the patient to India.

What is Needed to Get The Medical Attendant Visa

To get a medical attendant visa to India, travelers need:

  • A passport from an approved country that expires at least 6 months from the time they arrive in India.
  • A photo of themselves that meets specifications.
  • A photo the passport page that contains all of their personal information.
  • Proof that they are accompanying someone seeking Indian Medical Visa care.
  • A valid credit card to pay the fee for their visa to India.

What Will be Needed Upon Arrival

Once they get to India, they will also need:

  • The passport they used to apply for their visa.
  • Proof that they can cover their expenses in India.
  • Proof that they are accompanying a medical traveler.
  • At least two clear pages in their passport.

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