How to ensure the safety of visitors?

How to ensure the safety of visitors?
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In the process of visitor visit management, whether it is an enterprise, an institution, or a community, managers hope to quickly provide visitor registration and efficient personnel management through effective means.

 It enables every visitor to realize functions such as automatic reservation, face-free passage, self-service operation, etc. Regional managers, hope to see the visitor’s visit record, visitor statistics, data analysis, and other functions.

 Existing problems:

  1. Data traceability problem

Prevent outsiders from entering and leaving at will, and solve the problem of visitor management and registration, which is not easy to trace.

2. Harassment issues

The interviewees were frequently interrupted by phone calls.

3,Identity verification issues

The traditional visitor system can only read the visitor ID card information, cannot realize the validity and security identification of the visitor identity, and cannot realize the unified binding of personnel, certificates, and photos.

 The traditional handwritten registration is completely unable to meet the needs of modernization, so this requires a new intelligent visitor management system to achieve accurate identification of visitor identities and effective access management. So, what is the new generation of intelligent visitor management systems, and what are their functions?

 Use an intelligent visitor reservation management system. Personnel needs to enter and exit the Flap barrier gates by identifying faces. Using face recognition, on the one hand, can improve the efficiency of entry and exit, on the other hand, it also scans and registers the visitor’s face to ensure the authenticity and uniqueness of the visitor’s information. The access control system is also networked with the public security department, which can identify blacklisted personnel and upload alarm information to the public security organ’s alarm platform.


  1. Visitor query function

Description of visitor inquiry function: After logging in to the system, you can inquire about the visiting situation of a visitor through different conditions such as “visitor name, ID number, telephone number, entry and exit time”.

2. Visitor statistics function

Manage the school visitor name, respondent name, ID number, and other information. Add visitor, check out visitor, and export visitor report.

 3. The function of uploading visitor information to the public security system

The system uses the Internet to upload real-time visitor data to the visitor management platform established by the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

 4. System data background management and maintenance function

Basic data such as the information of the interviewed unit, department, personnel, and parameter configuration can be logged in the background through the administrator role for data maintenance.

 5. Visitor reservation and review

The owner opens the visitor reservation and sends the QR code to the visitor to fill in the report, the visitor completes the report, sends it to the owner for review, and sends it to the visitor’s all-in-one machine after approval.

 6. Visitor blacklist management and early warning push

The system can pre-set the unit’s custom blacklist. When the blacklisted personnel tries to enter the unit, the system will automatically pop up a dialog box, prompting the security to block the visit of the blacklisted personnel.