How to Improve Hair Texture and have Healthy Hair

How to Improve Hair Texture and have Healthy Hair
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Hair is known as the crown of your head and it is better to invest in some great products for the mighty crown of yours. All the different types of hair are beautiful no matter what. There is always the scope of altering your locks for a new change, sometimes there is the involvement of harmful chemicals that affect the hair and make them rough and dry. Therefore it is to keep in mind that to Improve Hair Texture and health back to the natural hair may be a difficult task but not impossible.

Just as the skin experiences many changes as you catch up with your age, sometimes hair also does the same and becomes brittle and loses its charm. During the course of life, there’s lots of pollution, stress, and an unhealthy diet which leads to many hair problems.

There will be notable differences in hair’s color, texture, thickness, or fragility from the years of bleaching, coloring, or using heat-induced tools. Now, it is up to you and the extensive research on natural hair care products for the betterment of hair texture.

  • Let’s dive deeper into the arena of hair to Improve Hair Texture.

What Is Hair Texture?

Hair texture is the circumference of the hair strands which is essentially the thickness. Mainly the different types of hair textures are fine, medium, and coarse.

Further, the hair texture determines:

  • The thickness of hair strands
  • How well the hair can hold a product
  • How much heat the hair can bear
  • How prone it’s to breakage

Let us focus on distinguishing between hair porosity, hair density, and hair type.

  • Hair porosity is the ability of each hair strand to absorb moisture and impart nourishment throughout. There is a water test for the porosity of hair strands, try it out and find your porosity.
  • Hair density is the number of hair strands present on your scalp. It’s of three types – low, medium, and high. You’ll be able to check your hair’s density by tying it in a very ponytail. The thickness of your ponytail can show you ways dense your hair is.
  • The hair type depends on the hair curling pattern that’s determined by the form of hair follicles. The hair type classifies as straight, wavy, curly, and coily, just as we all know.

So, no intermingling of terminologies.

  • Some of the organic and natural ways to Improve Hair Texture
  1. Healthy Diet

Vitamins A, C, D, and E, omega 3, iron, and protein are required by your hair to grow and shine. Food items rich in these nutrients and minerals deeply nourish the hair and strengthen the hair roots.

  1. Microfiber Towel

To Improve Hair Texture, one thing to keep in mind is friction that decreases the texture of hair A LOT! Replace cotton towels with microfiber towels and see the change for yourself. Microfiber towels have soft fabric and they don’t create any friction thus no harming the tips and no split ends.

  1. Hot Hair Oil treatment

Hot Oil massages with natural and cold pressed oils infused with indian herbs for hair care are very helpful for healthy hair. The mere act of head massage improves blood circulation and moisturizes the hair. On top of that, if you have a hot hair oil treatment, it feels like heaven for you and your hair.

  1. Yoga is good for health

Yoga as we all know helps to improve our body for the better. Yes, it also helps with hair. Yoga reduces stress and keeps a calm mind. It boosts blood supply to the scalp, which makes the hair strong and thick because of the circulation.

These are very simple things to keep in mind concerning hair texture.

We are not done yet, shhh! We will let you in a marvelous trick to boost hair texture naturally.


It is the most effective natural conditioner as a natural hair care that helps in nourishing the hair. You may either put it in your diet or on your hair as a hair mask. The enrichment of proteins present in eggs will help in cleansing the hair scalp. They are effective in treating hair damage, breakage, and split-ends. A bonus point is that it will leave your hair extremely shiny and bouncy. The non-bonus point is the egg smell, obviously. You may add banana, curd, aloe vera, lemon juice, etc. Not only will these enhance the properties but also contribute to the nourishment of hair. Aloe vera is a indian herbs for hair care natural ingredient that helps in providing nourishment to hair.

All these natural hair care and DIY remedies are effective to maintain the hair texture. On the other hand, inculcate Omega 3 and proteins as they are truly helpful for the hair texture along with indian herbs for hair care.