Latest Black Hairstyles For Men To Try in 2021

Long Top Short Sides
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Black Hairstyle for Men has become a hot and ironic topic especially in 2021. Like other body parts, hairs are also an important characteristic of your personality. Hair reflects the personality of an individual. It enhances your facial features and can make you look young and pretty. Hairstyles increase the sophistication and attraction of your physical appearance. If you chose the right hairstyle, it can improve your look. Haircuts save the hairs from being damaged. Regular haircuts make the hairs able to look fresh. Long hairs are the oldest ones and so they look rough and lifeless. For such hairs, you must regularly cut your hair. Our collection consists of a variety of Black hairstyles for men.


23+ Black Hairstyles for Men To Try in 2021

1.  Short and crisp

This shortcut is never out of fashion. It also looks amazing on almost everyone. It gives a clean and neat look. A short and crisp haircut needs less maintenance as compared to other hairstyles. Short and Crisp hairstyle is one of the most famous black hairstyles for men.

Black Hairstyles For Men

2. 360 Waves 

360 waves add dimensions to your hairstyle. This is the most popular black hairstyle for men who wish to keep possessions quick and fashionable at the same time.

360 Waves hairstyle

3. Hi-Lo Fade with Solid Line

Hi-Lo Fade with solid line is also one of the cool hairstyles. There is hi-low skin on the sides highlighted by the swaying line.

Hi-Lo Fade with Solid Line

4. Long Top Short Sides

This hairstyle has long hair on the top of the head and short hair on the sides. The long top short sides hairstyle is famous among young boys.

Long Top Short Sides

5. High fade Short Curls

Curls are in trend these days. It needs low maintenance as you need to get trims every six weeks just to give a neat look.

Black Hairstyles for men

6. High Top Fade

High Top Fade is the trendiest haircut, especially among black men. This style is best for individuals having curly hair, rough hairs, and tapering starts usually at the ear and leads up a few inches according to the length of yours and texture.

Black Hairstyles for Men

7. Medium Curls

If you want to have long curls then this hairstyle is the best. It requires less and easy care but as with other curly hairstyles, it also needs trimming undoubtedly. Frizzes are removed when you get regular trimming.

Medium Curls

8. Flat Top

As the name represents, this hairstyle has a flat top on hairs, and hairs are in a standup position. This hairstyle needs daily care and the application of gels and hair waxes. You need frequent trims to avoid raggedness and to give it a smooth and neat look.

Black Hairstyles For men

9. High Top with Shaved Line Up

Hairs are a little bit longer in length on the top of the head. You need to shave the sides. On the sides, you can have the shaved lines running around the head.

High Top with Shaved Lineup

10.  Template Fade with Line Up

This hairstyle has an even top. Template fade with line-up hairstyle is best to select even if you want a haircut for work, school, or a casual hairstyle. You can select template fade with line-up hairstyle as it is one of the most attractive and easy to maintain black hairstyles for men especially in 2021.

Black Hairstyles for Men

11. Fancy Neckline with Burst Fade

It is a mohawk version of hairstyle along with a combination of sleek drop fade. Line up in this hairstyle is so perfect and sharp.  It has a dense volume overall on the back of the head.

Fancy Neckline with burst fade


12. Low Fade with Twists

This hairstyle has small twists with low fade skin and lines up which is the most demanding and modern hair cut for boys.

Low fade with twists

13. Faux Hawk with Blonde Sponge Twists

The Head is covered with thick sponge twists from the front to the back of the head. The sides of your head will be faded. It gives a clean and stylish look at the same time. Known as one of the best black hairstyles for men.

Faux Hawk with Blonde Sponge Twists

14. Short Buzz Cut

In Buzz cut, all hairs have the same length all over the head. Buzzcut hairstyle has so much variety and you can select any style as per your choice. Every variety has different lengths and shapes which makes it a little bit different from one another.

Short Buzz Cut

15. Textured Waves

This hairstyle has multiple textures. It gives curly hairs a wavy shape. There is a mid-fade on the sides of the head which continues the twistiness and combines the cut. You can select textured waves hairstyle because it is one of the famous hairstyles among black hairstyles for men.

Textured Waves

16. Box Fade

In this hairstyle, there are small curls on the top of the head moving down back the head. The back of your head will have small trimmed hairs. Sides are also covered with trimmed hairs. There are sharp cuts on both sides of the head.

Black Hairstyles for men

17. Neat and Tide Top with Mid Faded Line Up

In this hairstyle, the top of the head is clipped with a size 2 maximum. Clipper 1 is used to tapper the side hair to make it look compressed. Trim the top of the head with clipper size 2.

Neat and Tide Top with Mid Faded Line Up

18. Faded into Curls

There are strands on nth top of the head along with the undercut that differentiates which is very elusive.  The sides are also faded with the lineup intact. To bring extra style you need not miss the back of your head with a minor tail.

Faded into Curls

19. High Top with a Line-Up

This hairstyle has an undercut with the sharpest lineup. You need to keep the sides faded but not skin faded into the beard which makes this hairstyle look different from others.

Black Hairstyles for Men

20. Lose Flat Top

Lose flat top looks casual and comfortable. There are no angular edges in this haircut which are seen mostly on other hairstyles. You can select a loose flat top hairstyle as it is one of the trendy black hairstyles for men.

Loose Flat Top

21. Line up with Short Fades and Curls

This hairstyle is adopted by the boys who want neat and trendy looks at the same time. It comes with lots of traits.

Black Hairstyles for Men

22. High and Tight Afro

This hairstyle has a deep and long top. The sides of the head both are shorter. The faded temple having a rapid sharp lineup makes it looks pop. You can select a high and tight afro hairstyle because it is one of the famous hairstyles among black hairstyles for men.

High and Tight Afro

23. Short Afro with a Disconnected Tapered Neckline

This hairstyle has a V-shaped neckline. There is a shaved line with a V-shaped neckline. Along with blended skin, you also need to keep the sides faded. The top of the head has a density of hair at maximum.

Short Afro with a Disconnected Tapered Neckline

24. Afro Drop Fade

It is a trendy and classic hairstyle.  If you adopt the haircut rightly, you can have an amazing look. It has dense hair on the top of the head and the sides are faded. Details are important because the lineup is also part of drop fade.

Afro Drop Fade

Haircuts for Black Men Latest|Hairstyles for Black Men 2021

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