Latest Easy Nail Designs for Girls and Women in 2021

colorful nail art designs
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Best and easy nail designs

Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish your nail in a unique way. Easy nail designs are what women and girls are looking for these days. It is a type of artwork that can be done on fingernails and toenails, usually after manicures or pedicures or whenever you want to. Manicures and pedicures are beauty treatments that trim, shape and polish the nails beautifully. Art on nails is very trending nowadays and there are many nail art styles in fashion and it’s very confusing to choose a perfect style for your nails.

What makes nude nail designs so exceptional and beautiful is it provides the wearer with a blank canvas to work from you can add flowers, stripes, your favorite colors, and everything in them. No matter what shape, length, or aesthetic you prefer or you love, there’s something here that is sure to spark inspiration with your beautiful nails. The beauty and prettiness behind this style are it helps your fingers and instantly elevates any outfit you’re wearing. If you’re sitting at home or waiting for your fresh new set, it’s time to find some inspiration with these trending nude nail design ideas. You will love these ideas.

Classic Nails

classic nail designs

For the days where you’re not sure what to wear or what we should not, the classic nude polish is a perfect choice in that case. This style elongates your fingertips and creates a clean line across your hands is beautiful. Choose a shade that reflects your natural skin tone best you can choose a shade lighter for a delicate look prettier, or something slightly darker for a high fashion twist. This manicure is so elegant and timeless that you can rock it with any nail length or style it’s a blank canvas that looks amazing on everyone that will rock.

Abstract Nail Art

best nail designs

Add a funky and cool twist to your nude manicure by painting a few extra shades on top? This abstract inspired art uses bold splashes of color and looks as if someone painted them with a large paintbrush with full concentration. Use fruity tones like watermelon and lime to create dimension within the neutral hues on nails, and throw in a crisp white shade to even it out. For best results, opt for a nail polish pen with a fine tip so that you can apply extra details for a more amazing look. You can run the pattern across your fingertips or save it for a feature nail and best look.

Black and white twist

easy nail designs

Put a fresh spin on the brightly colored manicure by adding color. This modern and pretty design allows the bright shade to be the hero of your nails or more classic, but let the neutral color help to create depth. Choose an inverted crescent pattern across your nail and paint the most dominant part in a vibrant hue and leaving the remaining part in a more subtle color on nails.

Jewel Detail

simple and easy nail art for toes

This cute and cool design is sure to knock everyone’s socks off, and for an excellent reason. This regal manicure takes the elegant nude color and throws a bit of sparkle on top of the nail, or a lot if that’s what you should prefer. Using colored crystal embellishments creates shapes and patterns across your nails in varying designs and sizes are such a beautiful combination. This luxurious style makes the tips of your fingers shine like tiny crystals and is worthy of any member of the royal family.


rainbow nail art designs

Rainbows are some of the most beautiful natural colors on the planet so why not showcase them on your nails in a cool way? This blend of bright shades and a beautiful nail tip base is a great way to add a pop of fun into your everyday manicure with a high fashion twist. Position the multi-colors across the natural placement of the crescent moon on your fingertips for a classy view. Whether you’re bringing this stunning style out for Pride month or every day, your day will shine a little bit brighter more.

Gold Glitter Tips

simple and easy nail art designs

Let everything you touch, turn into gold with this manicure. The nude and metallic bend work well for any special occasion, and it’s straightforward to replicate yourself and your nails. There are a few ways you can recreate this look the first is with glittery gold polish on your nails. After you have painted your nails with a good color, neutral shade, form a thin line along the tip of your finger with the varnished look.

If you prefer gold leaf it’s a great idea to find an artist who works with delicate materials beautifully. It is an excellent option for a wedding, party, or just a fun night out with friends.

Colorful Tips

colorful nail art designs

Take your nail game to the next level by adding an asymmetrical twist to it. This classic design is a modern refresh to a stunning French manicure. In a similar vein to the iconic style, opt for a flesh-flattering shade and add a bold white stripe to the tip and this is beautiful. However, unlike the traditional feels one corner of the end towards the center. It’s an easy way to elongate your fingertips and add some high fashion into your everyday look with something cool and simple.

French Manicure

toes nail art

The elegant French manicure has stayed in style since it first became popular and there is a reason why. The timeless design features a thin white line at the tip of the nail is a perfect look, leaving the shade across the rest of the finger. Not only does this style flatter in any event. You can choose any length or shape you had to prefer for this style it’s a universal option that works well for anyone in daily look.

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