Simple And Easy Nail Designs Art Ideas For Girls In 2020

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Simple Nail Designs Ideas For Girls

fashion trend nail art has become a famous part of dressing doubt salons offer many gorgeous and neat working designs, but if you are interested in saving money, and you want to try creating these stunning designs yourself. Then make your practice more reliable and apply your easy nail art ideas. Here you will see various variety of easy nail art ideas. These amazing ideas will help to enhance the appearance of yourself. Its true friend nail on design makes your hand cute. These nail art ideas are helpful for girls. These nail art ideas are not complex. These nail art ideas are really beneficial for you. These easy nail art ideas 2020 are here with really unique materials.

easy nail designs

Cool Easy And pretty look Nail Art Ideas 2020

Check out these pretty look nail art ideas For your pretty nails.

This pretty and cool design is classy and simple to recreate. It’s all white and anything all white automatically takes an exclusive look. These easy fresh easy nail art ideas will help you a lot.

Materials which is required

  • White color nail polish
  • Thin color nail strips
  • Clear Polish

Step by Step some Instructions

  • Let’s begins by placing the nail strips over your nail making three Vs.
  • Then apply white color nail polish on the tip of your nail.
  • Apply a thin brush to fill in the white color between the Vs.
  • Gently peel off the stickers while the polish is still wet.
  • create a coat of clear nail polish to end.

easy nail designs

2.Lavender Circles Nail Art

This cute and cool nail art design is here for your pretty look, and it’s the sweetest combo out there. You can instantly brighten up your pretty hands with this cute design. Easy nail art for girls is really beneficial for you.

Materials which is required

  • New Lavender nail polish
  • Nude-gray nail polish
  • Rounded-hole nail art labels

 Follow the Step by Step Instructions

  • When nail dries place two round nail art labels on either side of the nail, leaving a space at the center.
  • Now apply a coat of the nude nail polish to the middle of your nail and gently remove the sticker while the polish is still wet.
  • When it dry and apply a coat of clear polish to finish.

easy nail designs

3.Leopard Print Nail Art Design

This chic nail art is easy to create with the patience yours. These leopard paints are will give attractive feeling to your hand. These new and trendy leopard paints are really will help you a lot. These easy nail art ideas will give you a fresh look. These trendy easy nail art ideas will make your hand look cute.

Materials which required

  • A nude nail polishes
  • Light brown-beige nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Nail art brush

Follow the Step by Step Instructions

  • For your base, make two coats of the nude nail polish.
  • Using a new brush, create uneven spots with the brown-beige nail polish.
  • Once nail dries, use the black nail polish to outline the spots, leaving gaps in the middle.

easy nail designs

4.Red and White Polka Nail Art

These pretty red and white polka dot nails look adorable and wonderful. These are so trendy easy nail designs that can be worn casually routine. You can also use a different color combination if you want to try something different. Follow these simple and easy steps. These cool easy nail designs art ideas are really amazing.

Materials which is required

  • White color nail polish
  • Red color nail polish
  • Nail art strips or tape
  • Dotting tool or toothpicks

Follow Step by Step Instructions

  • Paint your nails white for your base.
  • Place a nail strip of tape diagonally across your nail and apply the red nail polish
  • With some red polish on a clean surface, dip your dotting tool or toothpick in the polish and start creating dots over the white area.
  • To complete the look, top it up with clear polish for that glossy salon-like effect

easy nail designs

 5.Yellow Grapefruit Nail Art

Isn’t yellow such a happy color? Some of you girls may feel yellow nail polish is a little too intense, but let’s reject that. This grapefruit inspired nail art design is so summery and cute, you just have to try it!

Materials which is required

  • A yellow nail polishes
  • Pastel pink nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • A thin brush
  • Nail strips

Follow the step by Step Instructions

  • Paint your nails with the yellow nail polish for your base.
  • Place a nail art strip on the upper-base area of your nail and paint it using the pink polish.
  • Use white nail polish with a thin brush to create the lines over the pink area.
  • Apply a coat of clear nail polish to complete the look.
  • You can wear this design on your next beach vacation

easy nail designs

6.Minimal pale pink

If you want to apply your regular French manicure, then this design is for you. It’s got a very minimal pale pink base and just a few pastel shades of nail polish to go with it.

Materials which is required

  • Pale pink nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Light blue nail polish
  • Pastel orange nail polish

Follow the step by Step Instructions

  • Paint your nails using the pale pink nail polish.
  • To create the clouds, use a brush and start with the light blue polish by making vertical arcs as seen in the picture.
  • Repeat the process with the white and the orange nail polish.
  • Apply a coat of clear nail polish to set.

easy nail designs

7.Two-Toned Blue Nail Art

These nail art designs are so simple to create, and it looks very fresh and classy. You can use any two colors that you like to achieve this look and glam up your nails in a flash.

Materials which is required

  • A light blue nail polish
  • Dark blue shimmer polish
  • Nail strips

Follow Step by Step Instructions

  • Start by applying two coats of light blue nail polish.
  • Place a nail strip diagonally over your nail.
  • Apply a coat of the dark blue shimmer polish.
  • Top it up with clear polish to set!

easy nail designs

8. Four-Leaf Clover Nails

This four-leaf clover inspired nail art design is supers simple to create. If you are loving the pale yellow and green combo. The significance of the four-leaf clover is that it brings you good luck! That’s reason enough to try out this design.

Materials which is required

  • A pale-yellow nail polishes
  • Green nail polish
  • A thin brush

Step by Step Instructions

  • Apply a coat of clear nail polish, and you’re good to go!
  • Add white strokes to the hearts.
  • Use a thin brush and create hearts as seen in the image with green nail polish.
  • Paint your nails using the pale-yellow nail polish for the base.

easy nail designs

9.Dagon-Alley Pink and Yellow Nail Art

These colorful nail arts are a treat for the eyes. It’s trendy, vibrant, and young. You can pull it off casually and it will brighten up your outfit and your day

Materials which is required

  • Purple-pink nail polish
  • Yellow nail polish
  • Peach nail polish
  • Nail art stripes
  • Topcoat

Follow the step by Step Instructions

  • First, start by painting your nails yellow.
  • Then Paint the lower half of the nail with a peach nail polish, going diagonally across the nail.
  • Repeat the same with the purplish-pink nail polish, going diagonally across the other way.

easy nail designs

Water Marble Nail art For Girls 2020

Water marble nails are one of the most famous fingernail art technique involving dropping nail lacquers into clear water and creating a unique pattern and style on the water surface, the pattern is then transferred to the pretty nails. Water marble nails art is a nail art design that mimics the appearance of unique look marble. People may create this nail style on themselves or get it done professionally in order to achieve the perfect nail art style.

This water marble is still quite popular among nail enthusiasts years later friends. This type of water marble of nail art offers a unique look, you can rock the function no matter what sense of style you have. Today, we are going to fill you in on the details of new water marble art, how you can pull off this look all by yourself, so let’s get started dear friends. Water nail marble is a really cool and awesome technique, it can be tricky process friends. it is absolutely possible to achieve this neat art marble design. These water Marble Nail art are best dear friends.

Amazing cool Water Marble Nail Art

Today, we are going to describe the details of how to paint your nails with this neat polish style. At the end of our nail art marble, you will be able to achieve this unique look on your own. Let’s get started our work becoming a nail marbling pro.


Dear friends, there are some necessary materials to achieve a water marble nail art look. The tools that you will need and follow really depend on what type of nail art you are looking to achieve and applying. Through this, you may be able to find various types of tools. Having these tools on hand is very important to be able to pull off a water marble nail art design. Here is everything that you will need while applying water marble nail art

Necessary things that you will need

First fill a container of water: The water is important to create the fabulous marbled look of the nail polish, remember before applying onto the nail. Marble nails without water are possible friends. Water and nail polish do not bond together, and therefore water is the best solution to create the best marble nail polish effect. You will make sure that the water you use is as purified or not.

Nail polish remover

I think nail polish remover is the best solution that will help you clean up the nail after applying the nail polish on the nail. Always remember on thing friends the remover should be applied with cotton swabs, but with very carefully used as to not disturb the whole nail art design.

Nail polish remover

Tissues and towel

If you make a mistake while applying nail art, you must be having tissues on hand that can be really helpful for you. At the end tissues and towels will be used to dry each finger as it is dipped in the water before you apply the marbling polish.

easy nail designs

Nail polish

If you are Choosing two nail polish colors that are noticeably totally different. The two colors that you choose will be the colors that create marble art design. you will also want to get a base coat, a topcoat, and a solid white polish to enhance the beauty of your nail.easy nail designs

Sticky tape or petroleum jelly

The sticky tape ensures that the nail does not get onto the skin surrounding your nail friends. When the First, the tape is wrapped around the finger. Then, when you dip your pretty finger into the polish, it will look nice to your nail and not your skin. Keeping your entire skin covered will help you immensely.when you finish or done applying the marble nail designs. If you do not have sticky tape, then you can use Petroleum jelly instead. The Petroleum jelly can act as a nail polish remover on your skin once you dip your fingers.easy nail designs


This is the really critical and important component to achieving the perfect and best marble art look, you should be sure to have many kinds on hand. More on how it will work shortly, and how it will look on the nail.easy nail designs

How to Design

The first step is to get them ready and neat your nail. Use the remover and then shape up your nail in which shape you want. After preparing the then you should coat the nail, then wait to dry the nail coat. Take the first color nail polish and then dip the finger.

 Adding one drop will create a Once your base coat and white coat have dried, you are almost ready to dip. First, you will need to add the sticky tape or the petroleum jelly to the skin surrounding your nail. When you are doing this, it imperative that you make sure not to cover parts of the white nail polish, If you do, then that part of your nail will not allow the marble art to adhere.

Once your finger is ready and coated, you are ready to dip. Next, you should slowly dip your finger into the water with nail polish before pulling out slowly. Be sure that you dip just under the water surface. Keep your finger under the water surface until you are sure the whole nail is covered. As you pull it out, the nail polish should adhere to the nail and pull up with your finger.

Next, pull away from the tape and wipe away any excess nail polish on the skin with nail polish remover. In addition to the nail polish remover, you may want to use a cotton swab or tissue to help you keep the area clean. Just be sure not to allow your cotton swab to touch your art design.

Repeat This process for All Fingers Design

Once your all fingers are dipped and dried, you are ready to add a clear topcoat paint to seal your marble art so that it is further protected. The type of clear topcoat you use does not matter, however, you will want to paint your nails with one that offers ample coverage so that your marble art nail designs can last longer. Once your nail designs have completely dried, you can then apply some cuticle oil to help the future protect your artwork. Pair your beautiful marble art nails with some equally beautiful accessories, and you are ready to enjoy your new nails.

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