Most Played Anime Games On Roblox

Most Played Anime Games On Roblox
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Roblox is distinct from other games in that it encourages its players to create their own games as well as play games created by other players. Roblox more than 160 million active users per month in 2021. Anime games are very popular among players.


Best Roblox Anime Games 2022

Here are some of the most popular anime games on Roblox:

  • Demon Slayer RPG 2
  • Shindo Life
  • Dragon Blox Ultimate
  • Project Clover 2
  • Troublesome Battlegrounds 2
  • Hero Academy Tempest
  • Ro-Ghoul
  • My Hero Mania
  • Grand piece online
  • Heroes Online

Demon Slayer RPG 2

In the sequel to the popular anime and manga series Demon Slayer, the choice is between slaying demons and abandoning humanity. Exploring the game’s vast world is an important component, in addition to the exciting fighting mechanics. A satisfying progression system and well-designed mobs encourage players to keep grinding and unlocking new skills and powers as they progress through the game. There are several levels in the RPG anime game that unlock useful talents, as well as level-locked demons that provide valuable skills as a reward.

A great platform for playing games is Roblox. It is, however, difficult to complete some games. In order to overcome these challenges and enhance their gaming experience, some users have devised a method. Among Roblox exploits, Krnl has proven to be the most effective and reliable.

Shindo Life

Shindo Life is an anime game in which you can travel around and fight with your friends. Shindo Life is a Roblox experience that packs a little more punch than other options, thanks to its diverse set of abilities and stats. The visuals are adequate, and the color scheme is appealing. Players can run or fly over the area, which is well-stocked with loot. Shindo Life’s numerous exploration and battle options ensure that the game never becomes boring or monotonous.

Dragon Blox Ultimate

It would not be an anime collection if there was no mention of Dragon Ball. Dragon Blox Ultimate is the quintessential Dragon Ball Z and Roblox spinoff to play, with over 90 million visits. From its facial designs to its Saiyan animations, there is no difference between this and reality. Furthermore, there are many familiar faces on the giant map inside, which is very intimidating. The ten best anime games available on Roblox are discussed above. Any of the games on this list will provide you with a fantastic gaming experience. All of the games on the list are also well-known and unique. It is entirely up to you which game you intend to play first.

Project Clover 2

The Project Clover basically claims a lot of things that you’d only find in this game, and that’s completely true; you won’t find it anywhere else, so it’s regarded as one of the best anime titles on Roblox. There are many new personalization and combat elements here that you haven’t seen before. The layout, building design, and terrain itself are all visually appealing aspects of the game. The gloomy tone is reminiscent of the anime itself.

Troublesome Battlegrounds 2

There will always be informal play, in which one can access the standard mode. There are ten canon characters available for purchase in terms of heroes. Every protagonist possesses six distinct powers, five of which are primary sources of power and one of which is a blast or ultimate. Half of it you’ll probably never know existed, there are numerous abilities to learn, and you can always summon an overwhelming assault group to annihilate your opponents. There are also numerous spectacular missions, and the area is fairly large, so you’ll have a great time exploring it all.

Hero Academy Tempest

Hero Academy Tempest does not appear to age or shrink in terms of audience size. There are still many users on the database, but they aren’t the friendliest. The explanation, like the film, is that the game requires players to be in either the “Hero” or “Villain” party and to compete in quests. Some of these tasks are available in the RPG, as well as a detailed tree for unlocking a variety of assaults.

There are thousands of games to choose from and play on Roblox’s gaming engine. In contrast, some games are difficult to complete. Because of these challenges, some gamers have developed a method to overcome them. In order to do this, we can use the Krnl key in the system, as well as scripts.


Although based on Tokyo Ghoul, the game is more of a cops and robbers RPG. As Ghouls hunt for NPC humans to consume, the CCG faction must defend them. Players can join either of the two and completing these objectives will boost their reputation and give them the strength to become an elite player in their respective groups. It is without a doubt the darkest and possibly most unique Roblox anime game.

My Hero Mania

This is yet another magical RPG adventure competitive game on Roblox, as well as one of the best Roblox anime games. This is a hybrid subgenre because it has an amazing main menu scenario, hundreds of oddities, half of which you’ll never know existed, multiple talents to learn, and a powerful raid party that you can always build to smash the snot out of your opponents. There are also numerous epic missions to complete, and the area is fairly large, so you’ll have a great time exploring it all.

Grand piece online

All hands are on deck throughout the highly anticipated nautical action-adventure Grand Piece. The anime “One Piece” influenced the development of this anime exploration videogame. Essentially, you’ll be impersonating “Luffy” and the crew in pirate activities such as treasure hunting, searching for devil fruits, and confronting boss villains. This game has a lot of destinations, including 13 large sites that you can explore if you reach the required levels. This game also includes a variety of vessel variations.

Heroes Online

Heroes Online, influenced by My Hero Academia, focuses more on teamwork and nurturing your character to be the best fighter they can be. It’s a fairly sophisticated RPG with traditional features like upgradeable weapons and a complex leveling system. You can also form a party of up to five friends to participate in all of the game’s 35 main quests.

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The search for a good Roblox anime game can be arduous. There appear to be hundreds to choose from, but only a select few brilliantly spoof those they are themed after. So, to save you time, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most popular anime games on Roblox.


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