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It is an understatement to say that Windows 10 has a lot of apps. Microsoft stated that the platform has over 35 million apps in a 2018 statement. It is difficult to determine which apps are worth downloading because of the sheer volume of apps available. Here’s a list of the top free Windows 10 apps, including those that play video, edit photos, and web browsers.

You will be able to choose whether you want the 32-bit or 64-bit version when you download these apps. You can find out which one to download by reading our guide.


List of Top 10 Apps for PC

  1. Google Chrome
  2. VLC
  3. Cinema HD
  4. Foobar 2000
  5. Malware Bytes
  6. Showbox video editor
  7. LibreOffice
  8. Microsoft Sticky Notes
  9. Flipboard
  10. Zoom

Google Chrome

Because of its intuitive and simple interface, Google Chrome is today’s most popular web browser on Windows 10. It is also the fastest browser available and offers tons of privacy-enhancing features.

You can sync your bookmarks and browsing history on Chrome. You can sign in to Chrome on any device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or computer. All your data and settings will be available to you. Chrome also allows you to customize it with more than 188,000 extensions. This is more than any other browser.


VLC is one of the most popular Windows 10 apps to play videos and other media. It is a free, open-source multimedia player. VLC can decode many video files including MPEG and MKV files. It supports streaming protocols and can play CDs and DVDs.

VLC allows you to view videos in any format you like. You can even watch portions of the video before it is downloaded. You can view a video as a ZIP file. The many hotkeys, skins, and extensions available in VLC make it one of the most customizable media players on the market.

Cinema HD

This app allows you to watch and download movies and web series for free. Cinema HD does not require any subscription. It has a vast library with over thousands of movies and TV shows. The app allows you to watch the content in 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K quality. You can also use the Cinema apk on android devices, Macs, and Xbox.

Foobar 2000

Foobar2000 is another app that has stood the test. It is a free Windows audio player that allows you to convert CDs into MP3s, and then organize them into a library. Foobar2000 was released in 2002. It can play nearly any audio file format. Foobar’s Component database supports more formats.

Foobar2000 makes managing your music library easy. You can copy, rename and remove files in batch mode. Audiophiles will appreciate the foobar equalizer’s 17 bars rather than the five or 10 that is standard. Foobar’s music conversion and playback capabilities make Foobar one of the most popular Windows 10 apps for music fans.


Malwarebytes is a free tool that will help you protect your privacy. This is a Windows 10 app that scans for malware and then removes it from your Windows 10 PC. Malwarebytes claims its app can detect threats on 39% of devices with an anti-virus.

Premium subscriptions are available for $39.99 per year if you want to protect yourself from real-time threats. The most expensive plan is $59.99 per year and allows you to run Malwarebytes simultaneously on up to five devices. It works on Mac computers as well as iOS and Android devices.

Showbox Video Editor

This app lets you customize or edit any video type with ease. The app is cloud-based and do not need to be installed on the computer. Showbox video editor has many features that allow you to customize your video and add various transitions, sound, and other effects to the video.


LibreOffice is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office if you are looking for a word processing app. The LibreOffice Windows 10 app is a powerful word processor with all the same features as Microsoft Word. You can also save and open documents with Microsoft Word.

You can also use the app to create PowerPoint and Excel templates.

It includes a Writer to do word processing, Calc to work on spreadsheets, and Impress for making presentations. The draw can be used for vector graphics editing, Math is for creating and editing mathematical equations, and Base is for managing databases.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

Microsoft Sticky Notes, a simple app that allows you to take notes on Windows 10, is the best choice. This app works just like traditional sticky notes. You can jot down notes, then “stick” them to your desktop.

This Windows 10 app is not only a great way to keep track of notes but also offers other cool features. You can attach photos to your notes and sync them across your devices. Additionally, you can transform them into reminders for Cortana (Microsoft’s virtual assistant). You can also tap on or click mobile numbers or addresses to open the app. The Maps app will open if you tap on an address in the note.


Flipboard, a Windows 10 app that aggregates all of your social media updates into one place is one you can download. It is a free app that gathers all the important information you consider to be important and creates a personal magazine. This means that you don’t need to switch between different apps or websites to keep up with the latest news and see what your friends have been up to.

Flipboard is simple to use and customizable. Flipboard allows you to add any topic or source you like, and you can flip through stories in beautiful magazine format. You can also connect to your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to stay up-to-date with your online social lives.


Zoom is one of the most popular Windows 10 apps to keep in touch with loved ones, colleagues, and friends. You can video chat with up 100 people for as long as 40 minutes. You can sign up for a paid subscription if you don’t mind being limited by time. This plan includes many other features that you can use for both personal and business purposes.

Zoom also has screen sharing, meeting recording, and automatic transcription, making it a great video conferencing app. You can also download plugins to the browser. Zoom also allows you to customize and add a background virtual so that you can video chat from the Bahamas as well as from other places.

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