The Benefits Of Wearing Hijab – For Men & Women

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The Benefits Of Wearing A Hijab – For Women And Men

Islam teaches us a comprehensive way of living a perfect life. Any restriction or prohibition that comes with Islam is for the benefit of Muslims.

If a person follows the teaching of Islam, they will surely succeed in this life and the life hereafter. Women hold a special place for Allah. Every Muslim woman is a queen and she deserves to be protected from the evil gazes of the world.

Islam has commanded Muslim women to wear a hijab before stepping out of their house. This shows the respect and dignity of every Muslim woman.

Anything precious must be kept in a veil to deter the stealers. Just like an open food attracts several roving flies, an uncovered head attracts the attention of strangers full of wicked intentions for you.

When you wear a hijab, you are obeying Allah and protecting yourself side by side. You will please Allah and get more close to Him. Hijab reflects purity, innocence, modesty, gratification, and compliance with your creator.

Significance of Wearing Hijab:

Islam grants you a complete code of life. It recommends a moral, ethical, and well-organized life. A hijab protects your honor and ensures your compliance.

Islam recommends that Muslim women wear hijab everywhere. When every aspect of Islam is for the well-being of humankind, how this instruction could be meaningless.

You don’t know what Allah knows. He is your creator and loves you more than anyone else. Why wearing a hijab is compulsory for Muslim women? What does Islam say about this? What kind of benefits does it entail? Scroll down to get all these answers.

Where is Hijab Mentioned in Holy Quran?

Head covering or veil is recommended in many religions. Islam considers the hijab a symbol of dignity and modesty, so every Muslim man and woman should follow the doctrine of Islam.

The word “Hijab” has Arabic roots and is mentioned seven times in the Holy Quran. In each place, it has the same meaning “curtain, wall, separation. But you can follow a modest dress code in which your hands and face can remain uncovered.

In Holy Quran, Allah says;

“………tell them (women) to lower their gaze and hide their private parts and their adornment should not be exposed except what is necessary, extend their head covers up to their chests…….” (24:31)

Hijab is a Fardh:

Before digging out the importance of wearing a hijab, the reason that it is a command from Allah is enough for Muslim women to follow it. Hijab is a divine instruction from your creator

We should understand that Allah knows everything and loves His creature more than anyone else. We follow the prescription of our doctor because we trust his knowledge and understand that the prescription is good for us, the same goes with the hijab.

Maybe wearing a hijab is a little uncomfortable for you, but the All-knowing entity has obligated hijab to protect you from a plethora of hassles. So even if we don’t know the reason, we should trust His instructions.

Just like hijab, Muslims have many other obligations that they must follow such as praying five times a day, fasting in the month of Ramadhan, and reciting Holy Quran. If you are too busy in your job, install a Muslim Pro app as it will keep reminding you of your daily tasks as a Muslim.  For instance, accurate prayer times, Ramadhan timings, audio Quranic verses, and the location of halal markets and restaurants.

Hijab Empowers Women:

Hijab is not just about protecting a Muslim Woman from the evil gazes of men. It is a source of power, light, and energy. Allah has mentioned hijab in Surah Al-Noor which means “the light”.

It gives spiritual light to every woman that nourishes her soul and enriches their faith. Women feel strong and empowered while wearing hijab.

Hijab gives a chance to prove their talent and intellect. When a Muslim woman hides her figure in a long cloak, people around can’t distract by her looks. Women can confidently work and focus on their careers.

A Muslim woman has a privilege to consult Allah before taking any life decision, such as a job or marriage. With His guidance, she will never fail in her life.

Hijab Is An Obligation Both For Men & Women:

Islam strongly obliged hijab for both men and women. If a Muslim woman is asked to cover her body, a Muslim man is obliged to lower his gaze.

The equation of hijab applied to both men and women; women on their bodies and men on their eyes. But it doesn’t mean a Muslim woman should dress immodestly considering it is men’s responsibility to control their gazes.

In the Holy Quran, Allah says;

“O believers! Lower your gazes and hide your private parts to ensure decency. Certainly, God knows what you do” (19:30)

Beauty And Comfort Of Hijab:

Apart from safety concerns, an uncovered head is an uphill battle for most women. Open hair irritates you when they come to your face, even if they are tied up.

Also, women have commonly long hair and they get messy in no time. Wearing a hijab can help you take out the hassle of worrying about your hair and your body. You will look sophisticated and professional by all means.

Wearing Hijab Indoor:

Cleanliness is an important part of our faith. There are strict rules and regulations related to hygiene and cleanliness in Islam. If you have a habit or covering your head outdoor, you will most likely cover it while cooking or eating.

In general, women have more hair on their heads than men and have more chances of hair loss. In one day, people shed almost 50 to 100 hair. Causes of hair loss are different, such as hormonal change, medical conditions, or scalp infection but the consequence is the same i-e food contamination.

There are obvious chances of any stray hair falling in the dish, contaminating the food, and spoiling your reputation. One hair in your dish can catch you off guard.

Women spend a lot of time in the kitchen and near hot stoves and ovens. It means they can possibly sweat profusely while making food. Hijab can absorb the dripping sweat and prevent it from falling into your food.

Put a headscarf on to save yourself from getting into trouble. Both Muslims and non-Muslims understand the importance of head covering while cooking. Special Chef Hats and suits have been prepared to prevent any unwanted occurrence.

But when Muslim women have the gift of hijab, why look for anything else? West has done plenty of research to make their food safety system foolproof but Islam has mentioned the importance of covering yourself some centuries ago.

Implications of Not Wearing Hijab:

Considering how much Islam stresses wearing hijab, not wearing hijab is a big sin. It means you are openly disobeying Allah and Holy Prophet (PBUH).

In Surah An-Nisa verse 14, Allah says that;

“Whosoever transgresses his or her limits and disobey Allah or His messenger, will be cast in fire……….” (4:14)

You must be old enough to understand what the intrinsic benefits of hijab obligation are. So wear a hijab, not in a fear of consequences but because it protects you and increases your modesty and dignity.


Hijab is the epitome of modesty, honesty, elegance, and decency. The benefit of the Hijab is not restricted to religious purposes; it saves us from a handful of problems. For instance, the habit of wearing a hijab can save us from the evil eyes of men.

A sense of comfort and safety is bound to feel in a hijab. There are many verses in Quran in which Allah commands women to wear Hijab.

The concept of the Hijab is quite controversial in both the West and the Muslim world. Different sects have different perspectives on the term “Hijab”. You must research and take guidance from Quran to understand the real meaning of the Hijab.

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