The Best Facebook Features you should know

Facebook Features
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The thing that cannot be denied about Facebook is its fabulous features. The best part is Facebook always comes up with the new releasing features that are fantastic to try. 

People can go for these changes whenever they want, and even they can start off their small business with a unique platform. The filters used on Facebook satiate all the desires of people they have ever planned. 

So many people work incredibly on the features of Facebook to Buy Fb Page Likes and maintain their website correctly. Then why not go for taking down the use of Facebook features that make you plan about things in a better way. 

It is the platform that keeps you entertained in all the ways possible. To start using those features, check out the comprehensive list given below – Some new features introduce by facebook for example lock facebook profile picture, Reel and etc.


1. Hosting Party

The first one is hosting a watch party. This feature was released on Facebook with the objective of to bringing the community together. This is a party where people can join by taking the good snacks to eat virtually. 

In the same video, people can spend quality time with their close ones through their personal profiles. By establishing the business page of Facebook, they can go for hosting the party, which is visible from the newsfeed. The sharing of the video can also be done with the minimal or selected people.

2. Facebook Stories

Posting the photos and videos on a regular basis is a challenging part to do. The best thing you can go for is Facebook stories. This is the appropriate way to keep the interaction with the users. The feature of the story is the post remains on your page for 24 hours. 

People can get to know about the thing till then, where you can include a lot of stuff like location, stickers, boomerang, and more. This is the best opportunity people can have with a single click. It gives the best expression to people without any doubt.

3. Creator Studio

Another feature is Creator studio. Most of the people or not into organizing the stuff like their files properly. But this feature will become their love because they can arrange the folders properly. The creators’ studios help people to read out the content on a single page without visiting most of them. 

The things that can be done with the creator Studio are publishing the content and managing it on a regular basis. People can track their performance, which is pretty helpful for them to increase their business with the sound effects. These effects can be put on photos and videos both.

4. Sneak Preview

A sneak preview of the video is another option you can experience on Facebook. It is a new feature that helps people to post their premade videos. This is the feature that allows you to upload any of your videos that you have recorded in the past but are scheduled to post in the future. 

This is the further announcement you can provide to your post. This is because so many options are there for the viewers that help you to update the video any time you want. So this is basically the announcement post that will automatically become your post one day.

5. Boost Ad Performance 

Ads are the other best option on the Facebook. Advertisement of the things helps you to gain the optimal customer at your place. That is why Facebook is an application that is well-known in the business field. People can prepare the advertisement in the size of a square and post it on the Facebook by giving it the best effects. 

It is all thanks to Facebook, which has developed this initiative that fits the mobile devices. Their experience will be fantastic if they’re making the best use of advertisements.

6. Facebook Pixel

There are the specific ways through which you can target your audience correctly. Measuring the convergence and optimizing the performance becomes easy with the Facebook pixels. The one thing is the target, and the other thing is really the target. 

Buying the products and then getting its services again can be done from the devices quickly. People can reach to you by looking at your products once they have the view from the websites. This gives them the knowledge about the specific product.

7. GIF Ads 

For starters, what are GIF ads? These are the short animations that can be a replay and give people the short notice to people. You can use most of the effects to express the content in your way. 

People get easily familiar with your services that will pop up to them once they are on the internet. For example, the GIFs will become one of the ways for people to express their emotions and Buy Fb Page Likes to get responses from customers.

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