The former Ali Sami Yen Stadium

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The Ali Sami Yen Stadium was Galatasaray’s home for many decades. The platform 1xBet provides betting Pakistan on the best events that Turkish football can offer. Imagine a place that’s not just a stadium but a bubbling cauldron of passion and unforgettable moments. That was Ali Sami Yen.

This stadium was named after Ali Sami Yen, who is the founder of the Galatasaray Sports Club. It was nestled right in the heart of Istanbul’s Mecidiyeköy neighborhood. Now 1xBet Pakistan provides betting chances on all matches from Galatasaray too.

From 1964 till 2011, it was the home turf for Galatasaray S.K. The stadium might not have been a giant. It held about 24,000 people at its best. But the atmosphere could give goosebumps to anybody. The fans could be heard from kilometers away.

A traditional venue

The stadium itself was pretty traditional. Don’t forget to use 1xBet app for iPhone to wager on the best matches played across the best stadiums in the world.

It had 4 stands around the pitch, Initially, it could pack in around 16,000 fans, but after some tweaks in the 90s, they bumped that number up to the aforementioned 24,000.

Ali Sami Yen wasn’t just famous in Turkey, as it was feared all across Europe. And speaking of Europe, the 1xBet app for iPhone can also be used to wager on all kinds of matches from that part of the world too. This was because playing there as an away team was like walking into a lion’s den. Galatasaray had this knack for turning the heat up in European matches, making it super tough for the visiting teams. They weren’t just playing against 11 players, they were up against an entire stadium.

A place where Turkish football made history

Let’s talk about some great milestones that were witnessed by this facility. You can find the best virtual games betting from 1xBet, and here you will also discover an opportunity to wager on Turkish football too. Some tournaments that were played here include:

  • the UEFA Champions League;
  • the Turkish Süper Lig;
  • and even matches from the Turkish national side too.

Take the UEFA Champions League in the 2000-2001 season. Galatasaray was a beast at home. They didn’t lose a single match at Ali Sami Yen, which was huge in getting them to the quarter-finals. That season really showed the world what this stadium could do. It was seen as the 12th man of the squad. To start betting on the best virtual games from 1xBet is very easy, and the same can be said about its selection of football matches too.

Sadly, this legendary venue was demolished in 2011. However, it gave way to a new home, the Rams Park, which has a massive 52-thousand spectator facility.