Use These Trendy Apps To Create Collages For Instagram

Use These Trendy Apps To Create Collages For Instagram
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If you are on Instagram, you probably know that organization is of primary importance to create an aesthetic appeal. Be it a photo or a video, a GIF, or just plain content, you need a perfect organization to give your profile a cool outlook. Some of the biggest trends on Instagram have been putting photos in the form of a collage to show multiple photos & videos at one time. 

Today with the new features, Instagram allows up to 10 separate photos to be posted in a single post. Instead of posting separate photos one by one, users find it easy to set multiple images in a collage. There are no current features to create a collage on Instagram directly; however, third-party editing applications can derive the collage benefit. Most of them even let you directly share the collage on Instagram. 

The trend probably began in 2019. It first started taking over stories, and Instagram feeds and has, by far, come a long way from where third-party organizations have developed unique applications to help you link your happenstances with Instagram collages.

Instagram is all about creativity. Brands, influencers, and all Instagram savvy users love to include fun background images and pop-ups to give their photo/video features to grab the audience’s attention. You can also upload the image to video collages and sync them one by one to reflect as a single picture altogether. 

To perform well on Instagram, here are some apps you can use to create trendy Instagram collages and share them directly on your profile.



Check out the minimal and elegant designs featured in this application. Create instant Instagram collages while unfolding with their beautiful film-inspired layouts. You get a collection of photographic and Vintage films, and a total of 150 different layouts are available. Choose the best ones to give your photos a glam look. However, it may seem that 150 layouts are probably less than what other applications offer, but the best part is they all have a unique and stand-out appearance, unlike other apps!

Collage Maker

Check out over 10,000 templates, photo editing options, stickers, and gifs to create your Instagram collages. This is one of the most fantastic collage makers available today. This application is filled with artistic filters and artworks by famous painters that can give your pictures a tremendous outlook.

You can also edit your collages so that it tells a compelling story that will help you engage with your audience better. Try tracing sheets with the cutout options just by using your finger. It also comes with another feature called the selfie editor. This application is filled with many more tools, which are all helpful for editing your Instagram pictures. 


Catch the scrollers’ eyes and bend them to a pause. 

With promising features, Storyluxe is loaded with dynamic collage templates and options like a polaroid, floral, neon, and instant film. The collage tool has preloaded editing options in convenient ratios, for example, a 4:5 ratio for Instagram portraits, and 9:16 for Insta stories. Collages created with this app are a perfect fit for your profile. You also get to enhance your stories and posts with background textures and create the ultimate Instagram aesthetic. 

Image To Video

Customize your Instagram collages with the broadly categorized Image To Video app. Along with college options, the application comes with several photo editing tools. You can also apply water effects, and mirror effects to enhance images. You can use the grid to arrange up to 100 photos in a single template. Add customized text, decorate your collages, and use the free features to give your Instagram profile the look it deserves. This application also has some paid features, which can cost up to $10 a month. Check which template is for your needs and purchase accordingly. 

A Design Kit

Like the classy name it has, this application gives you an entire kit and a caboodle of Instagram picture editing tools. You can design your pictures with cute, crafty, classy features and choose from multiple options of templates, stickers, and brushes. This application gives the user a bright and playful photo editing experience. With this tool, you can create amazing pictures for your stories and highlights. 


While using this application, users often forget that the primary purpose was to create a collage. That’s right!

This application brings you countless college options – create colleges with multiple layouts, mood boards, panoramas, and produce a great collection of photographs for your Instagram profile. The most popular template collections include paper, SCRL essentials, and film. The application has collaborated with artist Louis De Guzman of late and added templates personally designed by him. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind templates for your Instagram handle, there cannot be a better option than the SCRL application.

Story Art

This is the perfect application for Instagram stories. It has more than 8000 templates and lets you create beautiful Instagram stories in the form of collages. The photo editing tools of story art come with basic options. You can avail more than 60 themes, stickers, and over 120 icons to highlight your covers and create bright Instagram pictures. This application comes with an in-app purchase ranging from $1. 

Photo Blend

Typical collage makers are common. With a photo blend experience, explore the enigma of grid-type layout and find a purpose to create a collage. Photo Blend applications come with features of blending two photographs and creating a double exposure effect.

Interesting, isn’t it? Professional designers often turn to this application and create outstanding and incredible images that are otherwise only possible in Photoshop and Illustrator applications. Achieve the finest level of perfection without learning software like Photoshop. Choose among the greatest collections of frames and create unique Instagram pictures. 


These are some of the best picks for you to create amazing collages. While it’s time for you to make a purchase, choose wisely. Although most of them are available for free, the premium features are to die for. Try and pool the benefits of free features and create the coolest Instagram handle.