Winter Makeup Ideas For Girls and Women in 2020

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Winter makeup ideas

winter makeup ideas

I will give you some creative and gorgeous ideas of makeup that you can use in winter parties or in daily life. As the winter starts you want a change in makeup. You have to focused on your skin more and more. For such a glam, cute and soft look some Makeup ideas will help you to get a perfect look. As “The eyes tell more than words could ever say “, so we should mainly focus on the eyes.

1. Moisturizer

Moisturizer is the most important item in winter. It helps to fight acne and protect your skin from the sun. In winter we should always moisturize our skin. In the case of skip moisturizer our base or foundation cannot hold on to the skin so, never stop moisturizing. We should avoid anything too powdery. Firstly apply moisturizer on your skin, After sometime apply a liquid cream base, use primer, and liquid highlighter. In winter, try to switch liquid items instead of matte, now apply a light pink creamy color on lips that give you smooth lips all day.


2. Black Smokey

Black Smokey gives a classy generous look and also in trend nowadays. Have you dreamed of a black Smokey eye shadow inspection, then this winter try this must Put kajal on the lash line, then blend it delicately with a makeup brush, add some brown color below the brow bone. Put a line with kajal on the waterline of the eye, now put lashes on the upper lash line.

black smokey eyes

3. Red Pout with Flushed

Classic red pout with flushed cheeks is a lovable and stylish combination. If you do not have time for full makeup and you want to go outside. A touch of lipstick is all you need to tie winter makeup look together, with a bold bright red pout .Try to choose a brush that made yourself comfortable. Create a cute rosy color with a cheerful blush, take blush on, and apply on your skin.



4. Berry Lips

Goldeyes and berry lips look incredible together. The contrasting of both is perfect that gives an enthusiastic demeanor. Situate a golden shade and blend it well on led to V line and cover the crease line of eye, then trace a line on the upper lash with eyeliner. Add a layer of red berry color on lips, As berry lips are bold color so you may need a different tone that complement your skin tincture.

Lips makeup


5. Maroon Eyes

Next in our list of winter makeup ideas and cosmetics is luscious maroon eye makeup is the only one that always not going out of the trend and our best way to rock is maroon makeup on eyes. Firstly, apply a light shade on eyes like brow light brown and blend it gently, cover the outer sidewall. Then apply Riche maroon shadow on the outer side. If you love glitters then add some glitters on eyeshade. Next trace a lash line with eyeliner than put a coat of black mascara.

maroon eye makeup


6. Navy-Makeup

Navy-makeup is a new trend. It actually so easy and classy too, it such a great choice over black, as it works pretty for all eye color. Select a brush and apply a cream or powder navy shadow and fills the top of the bottom waterline with a black pencil to add depth, Add curling the lashes, and taming brows. Apply soft highlighter along your brow bone above the arch and add eye-light to the inner corner of the eye. For an inspired look blurred the lipstick.

winter makeup ideas


7. Pink with Black Cat-eyeliner

Pink with black cat-line eyeliner gives a cute and natural touch as well. Pink is a girlish color, most girls love to wear pink and it will make you the best look this winter. Pick a light pink shade with brush and put on eye and blend the color led to V line, take light brown color on the outer side of the crease line and blend it well. Keep in mind, blending is the main task in Makeup so, main focused on blending, After that trace eyeliner on the upper lash line on the eye, put on a coat of mascara. Then add lashes, If you love heavy lashes otherwise mascara is enough.

pink eyes makeup

8. Dark Blue Eye shadow

If you wanna look outstanding from the crowd then try out this makeup from our list of top ideas for winter makeup. The dark blue eye shadow look is such exclusive, stunning, and adorable. It not only made eye instance as well as good-looking. Pick a dark blue color with the help of a brush and start to apply on the eye from the upper corner to the inner corner of the eye and cover the led then apply a small amount of highlighter on the led. Pick a small amount of black color and apply on the outer corner of the eye and blend with the blender.

Take black kajal and cover the waterline of the eye then trace black liner on the lash line. Put on a coat of mascara. Pick an eyebrow brush and add some color to eyebrows but, if your eyebrows are already perfect then do not apply black color to eyebrows. In the end, add a medium-size lash on the lash line that is a complete makeup look.

dark blue eyes

9. Silver with Gray

Silver with gray is a perfect amalgamation in parties or night functions. The beauty enhanced by the use of gray with silver. If skin tone is fair, it will look more attractive. Apply a small quantity of gray color on the eye, then spread it on the upper corner of the eye to the inner corner, Also add some quantity on the lower corner of the eye and blend it finely. Then put silver on the eye mix it well with the help of a brush. Trace a line with eyeliner on a leash line. Add a coat of mascara for the finishing touch.

gray with silver makeup

10. Use Of Foundation

Best winter makeup ideas for girls and women, because you can achieve this makeup in a very short time. Do not struggle with dryness, dull, and tone down looking skin. This winter try a luminous and sophisticated foundation which gives a silky, as flat as a pancake look. Pick a liquid foundation with a makeup blender or brush, put a small quantity of base on the blender, and start tapping on the skin gradually and cover each and every part of the face. If you have some kind of skin problem like rink Hals, do not forget to cover them with base or foundation. If you love eyeliner then apply blue eyeliner on the upper lash line to the outer corner.

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